Wednesday, October 30, 2013

American Horror Story: Season 3, Ep. 4 “Fearful Pranks Ensue”

Important Moments: 

Shows starts with a flashback with a young African American boy on a bike being chased by Caucasian adult males in New Orleans 1961. They end up hanging the boy and Marie is there and works a spell. Marie drinks fire at the end and raises the dead from their graves to go after the killers. They tear the killers apart.

The butler is having tea with his dolls. There are over a hundred of them. It is quite scary. He hears yelling of Fiona telling Madison to kill her and she ends up killing Madison instead. The butler must hide the body and Fiona hears a crash and goes to save Queenie. Fiona and Delia fight over Queenie’s body about seeing Marie. Queenie stops breathing and Fiona literally breathes life back into her. LaLaurie is hiding in a closet and points out how Queenie saved her.

Marie gets a delivery and it is the head of the Matador. Kyle is covered in blood and banging his head. He is totally disconnected from himself. Zoe makes Kyle some tuna with rat poison but he takes off. LaLaurie fears about the lack of tradition and warding off spirits. Another flashback with a treaty between witches and Marie. Present day Marie is riled up about the head and plans to start a war. Delia’s husband is cheating on her. Queenie wakes up. LaLaurie thanks her for saving her life.

The Council visits! Fiona keeps confessing sins that they are not concerned about. Nan summoned the council because she cannot hear Madison and believes she is dead. They begin to interview everyone and realize that Madison was developing extra powers. Delia's husband kills his little chippy.

Flashback of 1971 when Fiona killed the previous of Supreme. She is nominated as the next Supreme.  Bert performed a spell for the truth to be spoken by the butler. The butler is attacked and his tongue is cut off. Turns out the butler cut off his own tongue. Delia says that Madison was not the next Supreme as Madison had a heart murmur. The Supreme is supposed to be in perfect health. Marie does the same spell again and calls forth the dead.

The butler is playing dress up with the body of Madison. Eww that guy is creepy! Delia and Fiona are at a bar and they are answering questions honestly. Fiona worries about being replaced and her questions are about who Delia thinks is the next supreme. Delia is puking in the bathroom. Someone in a black robe throws something on her face, blinding her. The neighbor brings cookies over and a knock at the door brings the Zombies starting with LaLaurie's daughters.

My Thoughts: 

Why are there always snakes when they are working spells. OMG! I would rather have some type of insect than some damn snakes. Not to self do not mess with a voodoo priestess, she will actually bring zombies to your door. Poor Queenie, I have no idea what she was thinking. She must have been crazy to offer herself to the beast. Luckily she is still alive.

Did you ever see the movie the Witches? The council reminds me of them. When Queenie said that Madison was probably killed by the Reaper when she was drunk and offered him a hand job was hilarious. I totally did not think Madison was the next supreme last week. I am happy that they did not make it that simple.We still need to know where Kyle has wandered off to. The fact that the neighbor keeps coming around means something, but it remains to be seen what exactly. I do not believe that the person who maimed Delia had anything to do with Marie.

Who do you think is the next Supreme?

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