Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gaming Moving Way Too Fast

     Looking back at the negative response Microsoft received when they announced its digital rights management which Sony was originally going to do as well, but reversed their decision before the announcement of the PS4 has me thinking, “Is the gaming world moving a little too fast for our liking?” Even though Microsoft got rid of that plan, it’s still in the back of our minds because we now know that this could be implemented on the next go around, and despite the negative reaction Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo may stick with it. Even though used games is very beneficial for us because we can get the games cheaper, it hurts the developers because it doesn’t count as a sale, and I can understand why this is an issue because the more advance games look the more expensive it is to make, and with the big 3 breathing down their necks telling them that they have to sell this many units in order for the game to be a success it makes sense as to why this idea was brought to light. This also includes pirated games on PC.

     Now we have Sony and Facebook entering into the VR world, and sure it’s something to geek out about but I feel like we just shelled out 400/500 hundred bucks (games not included) on a new console with tons of games being released this year it’s going to be tough year financially to keep up. I know what you’re thinking, “Rich, wait a while see how this plays out” but my brain isn’t built like that. If you revert to last week’s article I went through 3 different phones in a 5 month time period and 2 phones within weeks of each other. I’m one of those “need to have it right now” guys and I know it’s a curse, but what can you do? I honestly think they should slow down a little bit especially with developer layoffs, and execs stepping down and being replaced they should recollect rather than move to the next project. Sound off in the comment section, and let me know what you guys think.

Post by Rich
Twitter: HailKingRich


  1. I agree that they do need to slow down. The amount of layoffs and studios closing their doors is a sign that they need to get back to making games more creative and fun for everyone. There needs to be more variety and its something that's not happening right now.

  2. Exactly, and I worry about the games that has already been announced, then out of nowhere directors, and developers are stepping down. What does that mean about the game?

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