Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday: BurgerTime

This game is a classic to me. I think my mother may have boughr this game for herself rather than us. We enjoyed this game because you got to make hamburgers while being chased be hotdogs, pickles, and eggs. What little kid did not enjoy hamburgers! The game was released in 1982. I didn't realize this game was so old. You play as Chef Peter Pepper. I am assuming that name came about since you can stun your enemies with the use of a pepper. I always personally thought the character another was interpretation of Mario but apparently not.

The object of the game is to walk over hamburger ingredients via a maze of ladders while avoiding the enemies. As you walk over the ingredients they all fall down and collect at the bottom to form the burger. Check out below for a video of the play through. 

What do you remember from playing this game?

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange

Hello Everyone,

I am sure that I am not the only one that is constantly waiting to hear about what Marvel has up its sleeve. We were just graced with a teaser trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron and now we are hearing new information about the Dr. Strange movie.

Benedict Cumberbatch is now in talks with Marvel to play Dr. Strange. Talks have started as a result of the talks with Joaquin Phoenix to play Strange fell through. I am sure Cumberbatch can bring that uniqueness that we need from our Strange. Scott Derrickson is directing Doctor Strange and Jon Spaihts is writing the script for the movie. Dr. Strange is neurosurgeon who becomes Sorcerer Supreme, protecting Earth against magical and mystical threats with powers of sorcery, mysticism, and martial arts. Cumberbatch has the acting chops to pull this character off. We have to wait and see if he will be the final choice for the role. 

What are your thoughts of Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange.

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Resurrection S2 Ep.5 "Will"

Recap: Lucille is ashamed of how she acted at dinner.  Margaret tells her that all she was doing was being honest.  Barbara tries to mend her relationship with Maggie by having drinks and sharing conversation.  They start to get along well.  Barbara makes up with Sheriff Langston and spends the night with him.  When Margaret finds her with him the next morning, she is very unhappy.  Margaret tries to manipulate Maggie into getting her father to stay away from Barbara.  Maggie is unable to change things and she realizes her father is happy. Agent Bellamy confronts Margaret concerning the "Returned" from her childhood and the factory fire.  He asks her why the two "Returned" finally stopped coming back.  Margaret reveals that they lost the will to live.

Maggie realizes that Agent Bellamy told the government about the bones.  He tries to get the government to step in to help fight the virus.  They do not send any help.  More and more of the "Returned" become ill with the virus.  Carl's brother slowly gets worse. At first, Carl finds joy in watching his brother suffer.  By the end, he feels remorse as his brother begs and pleads for his help.  Carl's brother disappears.  Margaret talks to Barbara and convinces her to lose the will to live.  Elaine witnesses Barbara disappear.  She tells Maggie.  Rachael and Agent Bellamy contract the virus.  

Review: The key to keeping the "Returned" from coming back is making them lose the will to live.  Margaret explains that living is a choice.  I never would have guessed that was the key to their existence.  I wonder if Agent Bellamy will understand the clue that Margaret gave him or will he just assume it is the virus that makes them disappear. 

I actually feel bad for Maggie and Sheriff Langston.  They were finally reconnecting with Barbara.  Margaret had to mess things up.  Margaret has a plan.  What's her next move?

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Flash: Why you should watch!

Once upon a time there was a very special show on the WB called Everwood.  It was created and run by a guy named Greg Berlanti.  Greg was so good at creating excellent characters, compelling stories and believable situations that pulled just enough on the heartstrings that a recapper from the once and famous TWoP renamed him Greg “Damn you!” Berlanti, because every time Greg made us cry we would lift our fists in the air and shout, “Damn you, Berlanti!”

Well, Greg had done it again, damn it.

The Flash premiered on the CW a few weeks ago as a spinoff of another Berlanti juggernaut, Arrow, and thus far I’ve been consistently shaking my fist in the air.  It’s another show with great characters, excellent storytelling and a lot of heart. The perpetually late Barry Allen is a just a nerdy guy working CSI for his local police department, kind of obsessed with science in general and with the very cool particle accelerator at Star Labs in particular.  There’s a storm the night of the accelerator’s unveiling and the whole building explodes sending waves of light and lightening into the air for miles.  Barry is stuck at his lab across town and, looking out the window, actually sees the building explode. He can’t believe his eyes and as he races across the room lightening from the explosion crashes through his office and hits him.

Barry is literally struck by lightning.

Not just any lightning, though. This lighting was fueled by the particle accelerator and nine months later, when Barry finally wakes up from the lighting-induced coma, he discovers that he is the fastest man alive.

Unfortunately, lots of other people were also affected by the explosion that night and the police quickly discover that these Meta-Humans, people like Barry who now have powers, aren’t all as good and decent as Barry. These baddies serve as our Villains-of-the-Week, but there’s always a heaping side-dish of character-angst.  For instance, Barry’s mother was murdered when he was just a kid and his father was framed for it and is still sitting in Iron Heights Prison.  Barry’s not too happy about that. Barry was subsequently adopted by Joe West, the officer on the scene that night, which was good, but now Joe is Barry’s boss on the police force and not super excited that the kid he fostered and loves keeps putting himself in danger just because he has this crazy new speed.  Crazy speed doesn’t make you bullet-proof, as Joe sadly notes in episode three.

Oh, and of course there’s a girl.  Who, of course, is totally digging on another guy. Iris West is Barry’s bestie and foster-sister (which is kind of weird, I know, but they do a good job with it).  Barry’s unrequited more-than-sibling/friend affection for Iris is both adorable and painful.  You’re rooting for him right from the start.

The most interesting man in the room, though, is the guy who started it all.  Former Star Labs man about town and particle accelerator inventor, Dr. Harrison Wells, played by former Ed star Tom Cavanaugh, is the man to watch.  While Barry was in his coma, Dr. Wells and his team kept a close eye on him and when he woke up, they tried to take care of him and help figure out the strange new reality of having super-speed. Unfortunately, something is just not quite right with Dr. Wells.  He does a lot of brooding and secret-keeping.  He’s good at protecting Barry and defending him, but I’m not sure I trust him.  He’s got too many characteristics in common with Super Villains. Wells and his team work as Barry’s back-office, monitoring his whereabouts via satellite and offering helpful hints and advice (and sometimes directions) via ear piece. 

Everything about the special effects is well-done but really, what keeps me tuning in every week, especially as a non-comic book person, is the heart of the show.  In Grant Gustin, the producers have found a Barry Allen whose unashamed, un-ironic “aww shucks” face makes you want to root for the good guy, not because he’s tortured (Arrow) or angry (Batman), but because he’s an honest-to-goodness decent kid who just wants to do the right thing.

Also? Abs.  He’s got some fabulous abs.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Movie Review: Dear White People

AMC Storyline: The unexpected election of activist Samantha White (Tessa Thompson) as head of a traditionally black residence hall sets up a college campus culture war that challenges conventional notions of what it means to be black. While Sam leverages her notoriety as host of the provocative and polarizing radio show 'Dear White People' to try to prevent the college from diversifying Armstrong Parker House, outgoing head-of-house Troy Fairbanks (Brandon P. Bell), son of the university's dean (Dennis Haysbert), defies his father's lofty expectations by applying to join the staff of Pastiche, the college's influential humor magazine. Lionel Higgins (Tyler James Williams), an Afro-sporting sci-fi geek, is recruited by the otherwise all-white student newspaper to go undercover and write about black culture--a subject he knows little about--while the aggressively assimilated Coco Conners (Teyonah Parris) tries to use the controversy on campus to carve out a career in reality TV. But no one at Winchester University is prepared for Pastiche's outrageous, ill-conceived annual Halloween party, with its 'unleash your inner Negro' theme throwing oil on an already smoldering fire of resentment and misunderstanding. When the party descends into riotous mayhem, everyone must choose a side.

My Thoughts: Just wow. This movie touched on a lot of topics that many Blacks are faced with. One line that really brought it home for me is when the character Reggie (Marque Richardson) says to Sam that she is so redbone that at first he thought she was Puerto Rican. As a redbone that is often mistaken as someone of Latin descent, I could identify with that. Williams's character Lionel has a halo of hair that he refers to as a black hole for White people's fingers. This is something that anyone with natural hair can identify with. This movie has all the characters interconnected so well. You find yourself saying whoa at certain moments when you learn about people's background and how they are connected. Overall the movie makes you think. If that is not your type of movie then this is not the game for you. 

The movie was so well done. The laughs were evenly spaced and the real issues dealing with race were not overshadowed by the laughs. Director and writer Justin Simien did a wonderful job with pointing out the stereotypes that plague society in a well thought out movie that did not leave you offended. I would highly recommend this movie. It is nice to see a movie that does not have Madea in it or Denzel. I hope to see more movies like this hopefully. If you checked it out what did you think?

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Walking Dead S5, Ep. 3 "Four Walls and a Roof" Recap

Show starts with Bob winning. He yells that he is tainted meat since he is infected from the zombie bite on his shoulder. Well done Bob, I tip my hat off to you. Anyone who has read the comic remembers when a similar story like this occurred. Sasha is out in the woods looking for Bob and sees a mark on the tree. She also notices that someone is watching her. Rick lets everyone know that Daryl and Carol are missing too. Sasha confronts Gabriel about what is going on. Rick wants to know what he did. Gabriel admits that he locked the doors and when his congregation showed up. He admits that he watched and heard his congregation being killed by the walkers. He buried them. 

Gareth dumps Bob at the church. They bring him in. Rick notices the letter A in blood on the side of church. Bob tells them of being eaten by Gareth's crew. He shows Sasha and the others his bite. Gabriel is able to tell Rick that it sounds like Bob was at an elementary school. Abraham and Rick start fighting once Abraham says he is leaving with Eugene and others should come with him. Rick tells him he is not taking the bus. Glen stops them from fighting. They are able to compromise. Abraham will stay for half a day and then everyone will go with him. The group plan to go face Gareth and his crew. We then see Gareth and his crew headed towards the church now that Rick left. They break in. Gareth lists everyone he knows is in the church. He was going to shoot through the door. Rick shows up and shoots Gareth. They are able to round up the crew. 

Gareth claims that Rick does not have to kill them. He will just walk away but Rick points out that they will come across someone else if they let them go. Rick begins to hack at Gareth which sets the rest of the crew to hack at Gareth's crew. It gets down right bloody and cold. Michonne is reunited with her sword. The church is soaked in blood. Gabriel is in disbelief and says it is the lord's house. Maggie says no it is just four walls and a roof. I like when shows tie in the name of episode. Bob says his goodbye. He says thank you to Rick for letting him in. Sasha and Bob have a moment as dies. Sasha starts to cry and cannot bring herself to kill Bob. Tyrese comes in and takes the knife from her. Tyrese is able to end Bob.  Abraham gives the route they plan to take to DC to Rick. Maggie, Glen, and Abraham's crew leave in the bus. Michonne, Carl, Rick, Sasha, Tyrese, and Gabriel stay back at the church. Rick goes over to help Tyrese dig the graves. Night falls and Michonne is sitting on the steps of church with her sword. Gabriel walks out to join her they talk. Michonne hears a rustling and goes to check it out. She is faced with Daryl who is by himself. Michonne asks where is Carol. He turns and says come out to someone in the woods. 

My Thoughts: I love the bloody fun. They are finally stepping it up! Rick being cutthroat is good to see. I enjoy that. I hope we will see more of the journey that Daryl and Carol went on. I wonder if the person in the woods is Morgan. He is tracking them so he is bound to show up at some point. I really enjoy when we get storyline that is close to comics. That is what I enjoy personally. I hope to have more moments like that. I vote for an appearance of Neegan and Lucille! Who is with me?

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Once Upon a Time S4, Ep. 5 "Breaking Glass" Recap

Important Moments: Show starts with the Snow Queen creating an ice person. Elsa, Emma, and Hook are at the jail. Will is harassing them from his cell. Hook is really affectionate with Emma. Elsa finds pictures of Emma that Regina had. Emma is seen talking to the Snow Queen but she cannot remember. Regina asks her mirror to find the Snow Queen so she can unfreeze Marian. Charming is trying to convince Snow that it is okay to leave the baby with Belle while they go on a date.

Past 1998 - Young Emma is in the grocery store where she shoplifts. A girl helps her and covers for her. The girl has a stolen credit card and they end up being chased down in the street but get away. The girl's name is Lily. Present - Emma shows up to talk to Regina about the pictures. Elsa is alone in the car and hears her name. She thinks she can see Anna telling her to help her. She chases after her in the crypt. Regina speaks to the mirror who says he has found the Snow Queen. Snow and Charming are on their date but Charming stops by the police station and notices Will is gone. Regina is out in the forest looking for her. She finds Emma instead. She offers to help Regina. Past - Young Emma is with Lily talking about her home life. Lily claims she is from a home just like Emma. 

Elsa makes a bridge to the Anna that she think she sees. She watches Anna disappear. Snow and Charming are out walking around town. Charming tells Snow to head home as he handles the Will situation. Snow notices Will digging. Regina and Emma are walking through the forest. Emma is trying to have a heart to heart and Regina goes off on her and how she ruined her life and tells to just deal with it. Emma and Lily break into a house and play a video game and hang out. The girl has a start mark on her wrist and she draws one on Emma so they can be just alike. The girl makes Emma promise that they will be friends forever. 

Elsa is running through the forest and sees Anna. She turns and sees the Snow Queen. Anna turns out to be a fake. the Snow Queen shackles Elsa and says she wants to be her friend and teach her. Why are they both wearing a sparkly dress. If you have ice powers you must wear sparkles? Will is digging looking for something. Snow believes the whole Will thing is a charade and pardons his crime. Emma and Regina walk across the snow bridge. They realize that they are trapped on the bridge and Regina questions Sidney's part in it. Past - Emma and her friend Lily are woken up in the house. Emma finds out that Lily has a father and mother. Emma is hurt that Lily lied. Present - Regina and Emma run to get off the bridge as it collapses. Sidney admits to working for the Snow Queen. Elsa is able to break free of the trap by the Snow Queen. Regina and Emma realize that they now have to face a snow knight created by the Snow Queen. 

Past - Lily tells Emma not to be upset with her. She gives Emma her contact information. Emma is very hurt and walks away from the girl. Present - Regina and Emma work together to fight the Snow knight. They sends some pretty awesome magic together and are able to defeat it. Snow Queen shows up. She takes the mirror and begins choking them. Elsa shows up and knocks down the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen is happy that Elsa got over her fear. She disappears. Regina takes off as well. The Snow Queen releases Sidney. She wanted the mirror itself. She wants the dark magic that Regina placed in there. She releases Sidney. The Snow Queen breaks the mirror and places it in a mirror that is shattered and becomes whole and she claims wants a family that loves her. Elsa tells Emma to never give up and keep trying with Regina. Emma shows up and says that they understand rejection and abandonment. She wants to be friends with Emma. Snow and Charming are talking and she realizes that Charming did not let Will out. Emma and Hook are at the police station. She is going through an old box of childhood memories. She shows the video of the girl she knew Lily. The video keeps playing and it was from her next foster home. She realizes that the foster mom is the Snow Queen. 

My Thoughts: Wow so Emma was in the care of the Snow Queen. She was in the real world. I wonder how the whole story will present itself once it is out. Plus I still think we will see Lily again. The fact that we saw the star mark on her wrist was for a purpose. We can identify her now as an adult. I believe there is more to the whole story. I wonder who let Will out and what is his plan. Great show as always. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Vampire Diaries S6, Ep. 4 "Black Hole Sun" Recap

Show starts with Kai constantly talking and annoying Damon. Kai wants to know what Damon did on May 10th, 1994. Flashback to Damon visiting Stefan at the boarding house. Remember when there was a human Salvatore living in the home. Present - Elena calls Stefan about her compulsion not working on Sara. Elena stops Stefan from leaving. Alaric is with Jeremy. Jeremy is sick and puking while Matt is going to meet with Tripp about Sara. Matt overhears Tripp on the phone and is questioned by Tripp. Matt works as a double agent getting close to Tripp. Damon, Bonnie, and Kai take a trip to Damon's past. He is hanging out with Stefan and we see that the human Zack Salvatore who also has a pregnant woman living in the boarding house with him. Kai lets them know that they will harness the power of the eclipse to get out. They are still questioning what Damon did on that day that makes it his own personal hell.

Elena is with Stefan at his job at the garage. He plans to show her how he is able to move on with his life. He says the key is to do normal things. He proposes to her as a joke thing and the whole bar claps and just like that they have new identities. Bonnie is trying to locate the focus for harnessing. Past - Damon is actually talking to Caroline's mother who shows a picture of the baby Caroline. Stefan notices bite marks on the Gail (pregnant lady). Stefan yells at Damon for feeding on the people in the boarding house. Stefan snaps Damon's neck. Present - turns out Kai had the focus the entire time as he was testing Bonnie's power. Past - Damon wakes up and Stefan interrogates him on why he came back. Stefan believes Damon is trying to destroy everything he has built. He says some pretty mean things to Damon.

Present - Elena and Stefan are still in the bar. He is telling her about how he reinvents himself. Stefan almost slips up about Damon to Elena but he is able to get the conversation back on track. Damon, Bonnie, and Kai wait for the eclipse. Bonnie notices a family massacre in the paper. They believed Kai killed his family. He literally explains to them how he killed them. They were his family of witches. Bonnie realizes the place is a prison and Kai was banished there for killing his family. Alaric and Jeremy are practice fighting in the woods. Jeremy is pissed that Bonnie saved everyone but herself. Alaric lays into him by laying out all his own gripes and he wins hands down. Elena truly believes Stefan is happy and she leaves. Stefan talks to the guy at the bar. He purposely gets in a fight and lets the guy beat the crap out of him. Elena comes back and compels the guy away. Past - Stefan talks to Zack and they see everyone dead in the boarding house. Damon has Gail by the neck and he believes Stefan owes him. He feeds off the pregnant lady and leaves. 

Damon shares how he killed the pregnant lady. Kai was about to force Bonnie to use her magic and Damon protects Bonnie. Matt is getting Tripp to trust him. Elena confronts Stefan about him not really being happy. Stefan gets annoyed with Elena for telling him to get over Damon. He tells her that she was in love with Damon. Stefan admits that he cannot live without Damon but he will try to make a new life and Elena can do it her way. Tripp takes Matt to a building. Apparently Tripp was compelled to forget about his wife being killed. He lost that compulsion by coming back and he now has Enzo locked up. Sara is the daughter of the pregnant chick that Damon killed. She is Zack Salvatores's daughter. Damon's actions in the past caused the counsel to be reactivated. Elena confronts Alaric about erasing her life. He gives her the journal she wrote about Damon. She has a Damon box filled with all the past memories. Stefan was at the garage restoring Damon's car. Elena asks Alaric to hold on to the box. Bonnie asks Damon about how he feels remorse about killing the pregnant lady. She thinks there is hope for him. Kai can consume magic from others but does not have magic himself. He threatens to kill her but wants to work with them. Stefan is confronted by Ivy who is transformed into a vampire by Enzo. 

My Thoughts: I cannot wait to see how it works out that there is a living Salvatore out there. They have a great great great niece. How will Damon explain that one. He killed both her parents. Next you have killer Kai. He is completely evil. If he can just consume Bonnie's powers and then leave then why doesn't he. There is no need to keep them unless he truly does need them for a reason. 

Ivy is a vampire. Tripp is crazy and out for vengeance. I wonder if Damon killed the wife as well. This was a great episode with a lot of story happening. I wonder if Damon will become protective of his niece or just kill her too. Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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Throwback Thursday: Battletoads

During all the craziness that was TMNT, Battletoads were born in 1991. Its a classic beat 'em up game starring three toads named Pimple, Rash, and Zitz. The plot of the game is that the Dark Queen has kidnapped two of the battletoads, Rash and Pimple. You take the role of Zitz and it is up to you to save your friends from the Dark Queen.

This game was fun to play as you got to just kick and beat up the creatures. It also was difficult but that is what made it so much fun.  I loved the way the game looked. I thought the colors were bold and beautiful. Plus anytime you kicked or punch that limb would become bigger and made the hit look even better.

I personally hated those stupid snakes which you can see in the video below. Those snakes were the bane of my existence. Plus anytime you had to get on some type of racing vehicle and have to randomly jump and what not cause my brothers and I to get frustrated quickly.

What do you remember about this game?

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Resurrection S2 Ep.4 "Old Scars"

Recap: Rachael’s baby is growing double time.  Pastor Tom’s wife says she can stay with them through the duration of the pregnancy.  Margaret and Jacob get Lucille and Henry to agree to a family dinner with the guests they want to invite.  It is the anniversary of the original Jacob’s death and Margaret convinces Lucille that it will make her feel better.  The dinner starts out uncomfortable because Henry invites Barbara at Jacob’s request.  Lucille and Margaret are not happy about her showing up.  Jacob apologizes to Barbara for not being able to save her.  The dinner turns into disaster when Margaret uses Lucille to get Barbara out of there.  She gets Lucille thinking about how all of the family’s problems are Barbara’s fault.  Mixed with a lot of wine, this pushes Lucille over the edge.  She blames Barbara for Jacob’s death.  

Sheriff Langston realizes that Margaret lied to him about not knowing who Arthur Holmes was.  He and Agent Bellamy are starting to piece together the mystery of the bones.  They think they belong to some workers from the Langston Factory.  They both meet at the factory to investigate.  They find the deputy’s brother outside of the factory and he is very ill.  They get him to Maggie who is trying to treat a bunch of other “Returned” who have just come in very ill. Margaret tells Jacob a story that is a metaphor for when there were people that returned when she was a young girl.  She knows how to kill the “Returned” because she helped do it before.

Review: Like I said before, Margaret has some explaining to do.  This whole ordeal with the “Returned” happened before.  She helped kill them several times until they figured out how to keep them dead for good. She has been lying to everyone about how much she knows.  She only tells Jacob the truth through her metaphoric bedtime story.  What will she do with her knowledge of the “Returned?”  Will she ever come clean about what she knows and what she did?

Well, at least we have an idea about the bones.  Can’t wait to see what Margaret’s next move is.  She is very manipulative and deceptive.  She has become the show’s most interesting character this season. 

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

Veronica Fitzpatrick
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Game Review: Chariot

Is now available as part of the October Gold free game for Xbox Live. I thought the pictures looked bold and colorful so I wanted to check it out. The game is by Fima Studio and is an Action & Adventure,/Platformer. It is a 2 player Co-op. 

Game Description: Chariot is a humorous, physics-based couch co-op platformer in which a brave Princess and her FiancĂ© carry a funeral wagon through ancient caves, fending off swarms of looters while amassing riches, to bury the King's remains in a worthy, gold-filled tomb. If only his majesty would keep quiet... The chariot's large wheels and long tethers allow the heroes to reach higher ground, swing across chasms and perform all sorts of impressive maneuvers. Extract riches from the very walls of the caves in multiple environments, and make your way to the exit by avoiding – or beating back – greedy looters as they attempt to steal your hard-earned loot! With skill-testing coordination mechanics and thrilling physics-based stunts required, Chariot will definitely please couch co-op enthusiasts as teamwork and cooperation unlock new possibilities.

My Thoughts: This game is so much fun! I was surprised how quick I enjoyed this game. Even when I could not figure something out I still enjoyed the game. The only thing that concerned me is that there is no actual chariot but rather you are pushing the remains of the King in a coffin on wheels. That just makes it weird but once you get past that you have no problem with riding on that thing like a skateboard. Check this game out and let me know your thoughts.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

NYCC: Killing Floor 2 Information

At NYCC I had the chance to check out some gameplay of Killing Floor 2. Killing Floor 2 will be available on Windows PC and SteamOS. It is a Sci-Fi Horror/First Person Shooter created by Tripwire Interveractive. The game should be available at the beginning of 2015. The price will be announced.

The game picks up where the original left off. Players find themselves in continental Europe where the outbreak occurred. A month after the events in Killing Floor a group of civilians and mercenaries banded together. The game has a 6 player co-op or solo play option. Killing Floor 2 also has persistent blood meaning if you kill it, the blood stays! No disappearing blood folks! New Zeds and Old Zeds are here and have even smarter artificial intelligence so be prepared.

This game looks like so much fun and I cannot wait for its release. Check out the audio and more pics from the demo play below. Also check out more information at Official Website.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Walking Dead S5, Ep.2 "Strangers" Recap and Review

Show starts with everyone walking. Slow motion walking with serious music for a moment. Tyrese is talking to Carol and letting her know that he is talking to the group and he does not plan to tell them about the girls. Okay I am sorry but this slow motion walking with music is a bit much! Carol tells Daryl that she does not want to talk about it and she just wants to forget. Daryl hears something and stands up but says it is nothing. The viewer sees a shadow. The gang hears a man screaming for help. He is on a rock with walkers all around. The group kills them and the man is saved. They demand answers from him. He pukes and the group just rolls their eyes at his weakness. His name is Gabriel. Rick searches the man and asks his three questions. 

The gang follows Gabriel to his church. They search the place. Abraham wants the bus to continue his mission. Rick wants to take a moment to breathe and gather supplies. The gang plans to make a run for more supplies and drag Gabriel along. Rick lets Carl know that he is never safe and to never let his guard down. Bob is talking about Rick and he says that the cure will happen and Rick needs to be prepared for it. Daryl and Carol are walking with water jugs. Daryl says they can start over. Carol says she wants to. Gabriel takes the group to the food bank. There's a hole in the floor that's filled with walkers and water. They make a plan on how to get down there to the food. 

Michonne, Rick, Gabriel, Bob, and Sasha are in the water fighting the zombies. They are using the shelves to block them. Gabriel makes a run for it. Gabriel is afraid and the group has to save them. A hand shoots out and pulls Bob under but they are able to kill it. The group gets out and has a lot of food. Rick asks Michonne if she misses her sword. She claims she got good by just killing. (In the book she got good because she already had fencing experience. Carl finds scratches and a message saying "You will burn for this." Carl says that it does not mean Gabriel is a bad guy. 

Everyone is sitting down to the feast. Abraham makes a toast to being survivors. Then he takes a step further and says they should be working to get Eugene to DC. The group agrees to go. Tara admits to Maggie that she was with the Governor and just like that she is forgiven. Rick tells Gabriel he knows he is hiding something. Carol is out by the car she found earlier and is giving it a jump. Daryl shows up and a car goes by with the cross on the back. He thinks it is the car that took Beth so he goes and drives off with Carol to chase the car. Bob is walking into the forest. He begins crying. He gets knocked in the back of the head by a man wearing a hoodie. Bob finally wakes up and sees that it is Gareth talking to him. Gareth is mad and he admits that in order to survive they have to hunt. Bob realizes that he is already missing his leg and that Gareth is eating it. 

My Thoughts: Interesting ending. Gareth's group is following Rick's group and plans to stalk and eat them. Spoiler - This is following a storyline loosely that was in the comic. Based off of Bob crying I am guessing he was bit and infected. He was too happy so you know his storyline was going to end. I a sure Gareth did not realize that he was already bit which is what happens in the comics. They did not realize the guy was infected and started eating him. I wonder how this will work out. Spoiler end. 

Hopefully we will see what happened to Beth next story. What did you think of this week's episode?

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Once Upon a Time S4, Ep. 4 "The Apprentice"

Episode starts with the notation of a long time ago. A man is sweeping and we meet the sorcerers apprentice he meets with The Dark One. He has the knife that controls The Dark One. He is protecting a box. The hooded man reveals his face he looks like Rumple but is not. him The box repells the man. The apprentice says how every dark one has tried but will not posses what is in the box. Present day we see Rumple with the box and the box transforms into a blue hat like the one Mickey know what I am talking about. Emma asks Hook out and he agrees if she lets him plan the date. Hook shows up to Rumple's store asking for his hand. Rumple tells him that the hand could have a bad influence on him as that hand was from a different man. 

Emma is dressed up for a date. Snow and Charming are happy. Elsa is there as well. Hook shows up for his date. Past - Anna shows up to Rumple's asking for answers. Her parent's actually came to Rumple. Rumple has Anna make a deal to put a potion in a man's tea. Anna goes to see the man and it is the Apprentice from the beginning of the episode. The man is sweeping again. I am waiting for the broom to start dancing. Anna cannot poison the man. Emma and Hook go out to a nice restaurant. Hook's anger gets to him after Will causes a scene. Hook cannot help but stare at his hand is concerned that maybe Rumple was right. Regina is with Henry and she is stressed that she cannot find a cure for Marian. Hook walks Emma home and they have a great kiss. 

Will shows up to the library to break in. Hook shows up and starts a fight with Will. Hook realizes what he is doing and walks away. Past - Anna lied to Rumple but it turns out that it was an antidote that she was supposed to give him. The man is turned into a mouse. Anna runs to the man's home but it was all a test by Rumple. Rumple uses Anna's love for Elsa to get the box. Present - Rumple gets in his car. Hook gets into his car and asks for his hand to be taken again. Rumple says he will do if he makes a deal; Hook agrees as he has no choice and control of himself anymore. 

Emma loses control of her car as she hits an ice patch. She finds the snow queen and chases her down but loses her. Belle finds Will in the library drunk and holding a book. Hook meets Rumple at the docks. He brings a broom that transforms and starts walking. Past - Anna demands to know about her parents. Rumple says her parents were looking for a way to take away the power of Elsa. The box contains a hat that can take away powers. The mouse apprentice knocks the knife and box out of Rumple's hands. Anna has the dagger and demands the box. She asks to be returned back to Arindale, Rumple is mad he lost. Present Day - the broom takes Rumple and Hook to the house of the Apprentice. Rumple brings out the box and makes it into a hat. He uses that hat to suck the man into it.

Past - Anna reunites with Christof. She doesn't know if she will tell her sister that he parents were scared of her. Present - Hook gets his hand taken off. Turns out the hand was not cursed and Hook was doing all those actions by his own choice. Hook now realizes he is trapped in a life long deal with Rumple. Will is now in jail and Emma wants to know what is going on. She found that he grabbed the book of Alice in Wonderland. He had the picture of the Queen of Hearts in his pocket. The gang realizes that the Snow Queen did not appear by the curse. Henry plans on finding out who wrote the book for Regina. He will go under cover by working for Rumple. He says that Henry can be his apprentice. He gives him the broom to sweep. 

My Thoughts: Emma cannot be that involved with everything can she? I understand that she is the savior but that was like two curses ago. It is time for another character to be front and center. I do hope that Regina gets her happy ending. I want her to control the writers of the book. I do feel bad for Will holding on to The Queen of Hearts. Hook should have known better than to make a deal with Rumple. 

I like that they incorporated the Apprentice story and seeing the broom walk made my day. I look forward to whatever twists and turns they add. 

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Friday, October 17, 2014

NYCC: Constantine Pilot and Panel

Hello Everyone,

NBC's Constantine is set to air on October 24th, 2014 at 10pm. I had the chance to sit down and talk with the stars of Constantine Matt Ryan and Angelica Celaya. They both appeared passionate about their roles and hope for the best from the series. Matt Ryan was very nice and appeared knowledgeable about his character which is a plus. I am sure many fans are always nervous when they see their favorite comic book hero or in this case anti-hero translated to television.

I was able to secure a golden ticket to the Constantine Pilot and Panel. I had an awesome seat and was able settle in and enjoy the pilot.

Pilot Important Moments: The pilot starts with Constantine (Matt Ryan) in an insane asylum. He is bored out of his mind during a group session and notice huge roaches leading a trail to another floor and room. He goes in an notices one of the patients who is possessed by a spirit. He has to speak to the spirit but realizes that the patient was writing a message about someone named Liv is going to die. We then met Liv who is almost killed by her car and electricity. Constantine shows up and tries to talk her into coming with him but she freaks out and runs away. She has a friend from her apartment complex pick her up. She leaves her apartment the next morning to realize her friend has been killed. Plus she finds the symbol of Horus on her door as well as salt on the floor outside the door. She arrives to work to find Constantine and his friend Chas (Charles Halford). Chas place the protection on her apartment. 

It turns out that Liv is the daughter of a recently deceased friend of Constantine. She has the ability to see souls just like her father. Constantine takes her to her father's home and we see Doctor Fate's helmet in the house. Constantine is being followed by an angel named Manny (Harold Perrineau) who wants Constantine to hunt this higher level demon and whatever is coming next. Constantine sets up a trap for the demon and saves the girl. Liv takes off to California to get away from it all. Constantine is now set on the path to save his soul from damnation and to protect others. 

Overall the panel, pilot, and press table were great. I think I will commit to this show and I hope it lasts for sometime. I think fans of the comic will be satisfied with the series. 

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