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Teen Wolf S5, Ep. 6 "Orphaned" Recap

Important Moments: Show starts with a flashback to 4 weeks earlier. Kate is in a car and there is a tape in the deck. The tape talks about learning how to control the change. Kate remembers walking through a blood bath and asking one of the guys who the benefactor is. Kate loses control and changes and finishes her killing rampage. Present Day: Scott is talking to his dad who is upset that he missed the game. Mr. McCall hears about the murder weapon and talks to the killer, Violet. Garret is still on the run. McCall mentions that they are The Orphans and are linked to 12 other murders. I guess we know the basics of the name of this episode. 

Stiles and Derek help Deaton to get the wolfsbane out of Brett but Peter shows up and knocks out Brett to assist. Brett whispers some Buddhist saying and Derek remembers the werewolf from Kira's mother story. Scott searches the Orphans lockers and find money. Scott is home and over hears his mother struggling with bills. He took the money from the locker. Liam is on a run and gets hit by a car by Garrett. He is snatched by Garrett. Malia hears her name being whispered. Derek asks her to track Brett so he can warn that pack. Stiles and Lydia sit down talking to Deputy Parrish. They show him his name. He freaks out but makes a good joke about not being worth 5 million. Garrett calls Scott from Liam's phone Scott meets with Garrett who wants Scott to help him break out Violet. Turns out the car was already flipped. Kate's creatures are at the car and Garrett is dumb enough to take one on. He is quickly killed. 

Parrish, Stiles, and Lydia try to talk to Merdeith about the third key. She says the benefactor will not let her say the third key. Scott is at Deaton's. He had to have a claw ripped out of him. Malia and Derek are unable to find the werewolves. Poor Liam is trapped in a well. I feel like this is the beginning of a bad joke. Meredith does a freak out and screams which results in Lydia's ears bleeding. Scott  and Argent are able to track the Bersekers to a warehouse that Argent used to own. Fight Sequence!!! Scott finds that Violet has already been killed. Malia and Derek find the werewolves finally but they are all dead. Malia says its time to run from Beacon Hills. They find that one person is barely alive and it is Braeden. 

Liam is fighting to get out of the well. He howls as he is climbing and Scott is able to hear him from the warehouse! Yay! Scott is able to save Liam. Great bro moment! Lydia and Stiles are trying to brainstorm how to figure out the key. Stiles figures that the third death may be someone that is not dead yet. Lydia focuses and types in the name of Derek which unlocks the rest of the list. Merdith is on the list. Lydia calls Parrish and hears that she hung herself. Scott makes a promise to himself that no one else on that list will die.
Mrs. McCall is sitting with her bills and appears stressed out. Scott is upstairs with Stiles and the money. They decide to count it but find a tape in the bag. Kate is in the sewer and is confronted by Peter. Peter wants to make a deal with Kate for power.

My Thoughts: 

What is Deputy Parrish? He tried to play it off that he does not know why he is worth money but maybe his power has not manifested yet. Then you have poor Derek being the key to unlock the rest of the list. Derek cannot die. I want to know why he is losing his powers. Poor Meredith is dead which is sad. I love it every time Argent shows up and helps guide Scott. It is almost like he is the father that Scott never had. I find it cool to see Scott really take Liam under his wing. He is being a guide like Argent was to him. 

How did Mrs. McCall all of a sudden have all these money problems? If Mr. McCall is living there why isn't he helping with the bills? Also Mr. McCall just got knocked out by some supernatural crap again, I think he may start asking questions! 

Can we all admit that Peter is evil and Peter with Kate is just down right scary. 

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Gamer Corner: Ken

Welcome to this week's installment of Gamer Corner, where Fangirl Review interviews a gamer and gets his thoughts on the gaming world and learning what he is enjoying at the moment.

Tell me a little bit about yourself? What rig do you currently game on? What kind of gamer do you classify yourself to be? ie. PC, Console, Tabletop, LARP as well as Hardcore, RPG, etc.

Well. Lets see. Lol. I will be 32 in a couple of weeks. I also engaged and getting married later this year. I have been gaming since I was 3 years old. It started with the NES mostly and a little bit of Atari.
I currently play the Wii U mostly. However, I own almost all consoles dating back to the NES. I think of myself as a true gamer. To me that means games come before the consoles. I do NOT align myself to just one console. I always purchase them all...eventually.

What is your first memory of gaming?
My first memory of gaming that I can recall is playing Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt on the NES. I remember my Dad always forcing me to die so my sister could play. I mean I would literally make it through about half the game before I died.

What game are you currently playing right now? Do you enjoy that game, why? How’s the overall game play and graphics?

Right now, I'm playing catch in catching up to my fiancee. Lol. She was a serious mobile gamer. I got her into the 3DS and she has beaten games before me. But in all seriousness, I'm finishing up Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon on the 3DS. Easily the best looking game on the system. It really takes advantage of the 3D. The whole game is in 3D. The game is plenty of fun. Everything from Luigi's cowardly reactions to him humming along with the scary theme music. Play it and you will see what I mean.

Would you recommend it, why?
I would definitely recommend it. I would even go so far as to say it is a MUST HAVE on the system. I hope Nintendo brings it to the Wii U. I mean the game is the embodiment of Nintendo's attention to detail. Nothing feels out of place. Nothing feels too realistic either. I mean...its a game. Luigi's personality and reactions given his circumstance is something we can all understand. The game challenges you to think, but it does not make it impossible to figure out the next step.

Are there any games coming out that you are looking forward to?
You bet your ass there are! Where should I begin? In all honesty, I should not even start because of my huge backlog. But anyway, the games I am looking forward to are: SSB4 for 3DS and Wii U (Yes both), Devils Third, Splatoon, Captain Toad, Watch Dogs (Wii U), Hyrule Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Affordable Space Adventures, Road Redemption, Bayonetta 2, Zelda U, Project STEAM, Sunset Overdrive, No Mans Sky, Kirby's Rainbow Curse, Yoshi's Wolly World, Project Guard, Kindom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 15....Just to name a few.

If you could design your own game what would it be like?

Honestly, I have came up with my own ideas for games more than a few times. I still have one for a balanced Marvel vs Capcom. The one I have been toying around with lately I still have to discuss with +GVGINU. It is a Nintendo title. Very ambitious.

Thoughts on this new generation of consoles – Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One?

First of all, I am a fan of all consoles because I follow the games I love and want to play. With that said, I prefer the Wii U. To be honest, I do not see ANY reason to purchase the Xbox One or PS4. Why is that? Because I do not see any worthwhile games on their respective systems. Most of the games released for them are also available on their predecessors...which I already own do NOT require mandatory installs. Even before they launched, I knew I did not and would not purchase them no earlier than holiday 2015. The reason behind that is last generation's burned fans. Lack of good games, hardware issues, etc. I personally was not burned, but I am a patient gamer. Another reason is because I want give both companies to work out the OS bugs, become more energy efficient (read no overheating), give developers time to become acclimated to the hardware, decrease the form factor, offer larger standard harddrives, etc.
However, after watching E3 2014, I am seriously considering purchasing an Xbox One this holiday because it actually has a few games I really want to play releasing later this year. And yes, I'm buying the Kinect version. Sunset Overdrive, Halo Master Chief Collection, and Forza Horizons 2 are all games I really want to play.
Going back to the Wii U, my fiance and I have so much fun with it. The catalog of games is not 80% shooters and zombie games. Also, Nintendo Land is very addictive when played with large groups. Just ask my family. They all want a Wii U now. Why? Luigi's Ghost Mansion and Sweet Day. If you have played that with a group of people, you know the volume level dramatically increases in your home. Lol.
As for the PS4, do NOT get me started. It is a hype machine at best. It has virtually no games. Their E3 was garbage in my opinion. They practically pulled an Xbox One from 2013 with their focus on services rather than games. In short, check out +Mizzah Tee's  Playroom video.

What are your thoughts on the gaming industry?

To be, the gaming industry has crashed already. I actually did my very first podcast about this. Warning, it is very long. Lets just say that all the panelists had something on their chest. Looking at the PS4, it is basically selling on hype alone. Most people basically use it to watch Netflix or mess around in Playroom. Pun intended. The Xbox One has basically backtracked on almost every policy. I would argue that its for the better. Overall, Nintendo is the only console developer on track to do better over the years. They are creating more jobs rather than cutting them as well as generating a profit. The Wii U may not be selling at the same pace as the Wii, but it will become just as popular. In regards to the publishers/developers, they have become EXTREMELY lazy. When smaller indie studios create better and more unique gameplay experiences than billion dollar studios, the industry has already crashed. I truly believe we are in the rebirth. I think the crash started with the Wii. After playing games the same way over 20 years, it brought something new to the table. Everyone wanted in, but most only put in lackluster effort. However, this is a deeper topic for a different day.

10 years from now, where do you see the industry? Are you happy with that direction? If you had the power, what direction would you have the gaming industry go?
I see the boom of the 80s and 90s again. I see Nintendo being the favorite among the people and the envy of the competitors. I still see them holding true to their ways while others spend billions trying to please a customer that truly cannot be pleased and truly does not know what they need in gaming. I would take the industry in the immersive direction like Nintendo is doing. I want games to be completely immersive. That's the way to enjoy a fantasy. You have to believe in the experience.

Favorite Game (can include tabletop) of all time and why?  

There are so many. Honestly, it will be hard to choose. For an RPG, it would be Xenosaga Episode 1 on PS2. For sports, NFL Blitz on N64. For the most fun I have ever had, Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64. Battle mode saw hundreds if not thousands of hours.

Additional Thoughts and Comments?

No matter you preference, in the end its all about the game. Consoles are nothing without the games you love. So KEEP IT GAMING.

Would you like to share your gamer tag and the system so others may add you? 
Wii U---DrFeelGood
Xbox Live----DJSNK

Thank you to Ken for a fantastic interview. If you would like to be interviewed for Gamer Corner please contact me at

Manifest Destiny Volume 1: Flora and Fauna

Earlier this month our beloved country celebrated its 238th birthday.  Our country has grown a great deal since back then, and there once was a time where the Western frontier was unknown territory. That was until Thomas Jefferson commissioned Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to travel west and study everything they saw. From May 1804 until September 1806 Lewis and Clark traveled from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean, in what is now Oregon, and back. Now anyone that has ever played the computer game Oregon Trail in Elementary School knows that this was a dangerous trip,(whoever has died in Oregon Trail from Dysentery raise your hand, there’s no shame)  with unknown trials and tribulations. Manifest Destiny by Chris Dingess and Matthew Roberts asks the question; “What if there were unknown horrors added to the trials and tribulations of this expedition?” The answer is you get a freaking good comic.

This Volume of the book started out with our heroes Lewis and Clark and the rest of their expedition traveling to a fort to rendezvous with their guide, Sacagawea, who seems to be more than meets the eye. But on the way to this meeting the group is first attacked by large buffalo headed monsters and once they escape that danger by the skin of their teeth they stumble onto a fort that has lost the majority of their population to a disease that turns its victims into plant zombies. That’s right this book first hits you with buffalo headed monsters and then follows that up with a solid dose of plant zombies, if you need more than that to rope you in to this series I don’t know what to tell you.

 Matthew Roberts’s artwork is amazing and he paints a lush scene of the country’s woodlands and the beauty of the frontier. There is plenty of intrigue and questions that this initial volume introduces and I am patiently waiting for the next volume.

Now I came across this comic in an interesting way, it was recommended to me by the owner of my local comic shop, StormWatch Comics. I cannot stress enough the importance of your local comic shop. The people in there can point you to some very interesting reading material if you ask them, stuff you might not have given a second look at otherwise. The people at my comic shop have never steered me wrong and have introduced me to some great books and series so if the people at your shop are pretty cool let them point you to something, you might find a new series to love.

I’m also always looking for new graphic novels to pick up so leave me your suggestions in the comments. We also have a contest going on for our one year anniversary so head on over to the post right here: and enter to win.

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True Blood S7 Ep.6 “Karma”

Recap: Eric and Pam are captured by the Yakuza.  They make a deal with the North American president of the company that makes Tru Blood to kill Sarah Newlin.  Sarah goes to her sister’s house and realizes she is sick with Hep-V.  Sarah asks her to let her hide her house.  She tells her that there is a Hep-V antidote and she drank it.  Eric, Pam, and the Yakuza show up at Sarah’s sister’s house and realize she is healed.  

Bill goes to see an attorney to get his affairs in order.  His virus is progressing very quickly.  Bill finds out that he is unable to change his will to leave his estate to Jessica because he is technically dead.  The attorney tells him that his only option is go through a long adoption process or pay her $10 million to speed up the process. Angered by her attempt to extort money from him, he kills her by stabbing her with a letter opener. 

Andy and Holly try to deal with catching Wade and Adilyn having sex.  Nicole tells Sam she is going back home and she asks him to go with her.  Jessica finds out that Bill is has Hep-V.  She tells Sookie and Jason.  Sookie realizes that she was exposed to Hep-V and may have given it to Bill when he drank from her.  Sookie goes to the clinic to get tested and finds out that she does in fact have Hep-V.  Jason admits to Sookie that he doesn't love Violet.  Sookie tells Jessica that she infected Bill.  Jason goes home with plans to break it off with Violet.  Violet is gone and his basement is wrecked.  He finds a a break up note from Violet.  Violet finds Adilyn and Wade.  She convinces them to go with her without their cell phones.  

Lafayette takes Lettie Mae home with him to keep an eye on her.  He finds James there.  Lettie Mae and Lafayette drink James’s blood to try to communicate with Tara.  During their V trip, Tara leads them to Lettie Mae’s old house.  
When Bill returns home, he finds Jessica and Sookie crying. 

Review: Very interesting that Sarah Newlin is the cure to Hep-V.  I can’t wait to see how this will play out with so many vampires needing a cure.  I wonder why Bill’s virus is progressing so quickly.  Will he get the cure in time?  Will Eric and Pam catch up with Sarah?  Hopefully, Sarah will get killed somewhere in this whole plot. 

This week’s episode wasn’t that bad.  I’m waiting to see what happens when Violet’s plan for revenge is revealed.

My question this week is: Did Jason really think he could betray Violet and get off the hook that easy?  Karma is a B.

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

Veronica Fitzpatrick

Twitter: @RonnieLauren

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SDCC 2014 - San Diego Comic Con

First and foremost SDCC 2014 was AMAZING! Some hiccups here and there, but overall a fun time! I got a few photos with celebrities along with some autographs. For the most part I was also able to pickup the exclusives I had my eyes on. (My little Pony Manehym figures, and the Frozen POP! set).  After my general intro of prepping for SDCC, ill post my day by day events, and of course some awesome pictures!

If you plan on attending SDCC 2015, there are some things to keep in mind. IT GETS CROWDED!!!!! The dealers exhibit is massive, and you still have to fight/bump your way through. Although you never know who you will run into! If you want an exclusive get there EARLY! You normally have to obtain a pass to get back IN line to purchase at a specified time, or get a preview night pass. Many items sell out with in the first hour of the con opening. Many vendors will stamp your badge after purchase so you cant go back and buy again, as many popular items have limits.

If there is anything special you would like to see in the magical HALL H......good luck! :) I personally have never been lucky enough to get into Hall H yet. Most people have to camp out over night to get in, even with the wristbands.

PLAN PLAN PLAN your days out. There is so much to do and see, you just wont get it all done, no matter how hard you try! If you cannot obtain a badge at pre-sale, you can still go as there is plenty of free activities across the street and in the Gaslamp district. Petco Park is home of The NerdHQ, where they have special photo-ops, signings and panels! These do cost money, but it goes to a charity. They also have parties, video games and so much more to check out!  The trolley gets VERY packed, so expect delays and longer wait times!

Friday's Events

Honestly Friday.....all I did was wait in lines to purchase items. HASBRO, Entertainment Earth (ToysRUs), etc. By the time I was done with all my allowed time slots, it was close to 3pm. As we were walking out we saw a Hello Kitty booth, and her creator was there signing/drawing autographs! KAWAIII! I was also able to pick up a medal from CN/Adventure Time from LSP (Lumpy Space Princess). Each year they hold a treasure hunt via txt where you have to answer riddles and visit certain booths for answers. When they txt you that you're completed, you are able to pickup your hero medal! VICTORY! I then decided to go home and pick up my minions, I mean kids and bring the goodies home and grab some foods!

Headed back downtown later that night and attended "The Walking Dead Escape" at Petco Park. Luckily our wave had Batman to keep us safe from all those Zombies! whew! On our way out, we decided to take some pics with the props they had available. As I turn around, who do I see? Walter, the original Black Power Ranger!  He also did the event that night! SCORE! :) He was nice enough to take a few photos before heading out.

 Saturday's Events

Saturday was pretty crowded with lots of Cosplayers. My daughter and I went as the My Little Pony Rainbow Rocks (Rarity and AppleJack), and it was a big hit. HASBRO staff took some pictures, so hoping I can hunt those down soon! We even got into the John Barrowman "Anything Goes" panel. If you're a fan, I recommend attending one of his panels, you will not regret it!  

I had purchased tickets to get a photo-op with Matt Smith, but due to massive mayhem and the vendors employees giving out wrong information we missed this event. All of the photo-ops and autographs are located in the dealers exhibit, and due to fire codes and massive people, they do not allow many lines. This happened to cause the vendors to give people ticket stubs and a time to go back. Of course caused more confusion and people missing their events. SDCC really needs to plan photo-ops better, and out of the dealers area where they can line people up so this doesn't happen again. Ive done photo-ops at other cons, and they went very smoothly with no issues. I do not understand how they didn't plan this out better. All I can say is I had 1 very sad 4 yo boy.

A bit later the kiddos were able to meet a few of their Power Rangers! Another going as a guest showed up as well and even preformed a flip for the boys! It's always refreshing to see celebrities do things for the kids and be genuine about it!

Saturdays major event is the Masquerade Ball/Cosplay Contest. We got to watch it from another room with giant TVs. The line for that event fills quickly, and you have to obtain a ticket to enter. Saturday night is also the major HALL H event. This years was Marvel. I have not seen any footage yet, but heard AMAZING spoilers about trailers shown there.

 Sunday's Events

Sunday turned out to be a much better day. Things had slowed down a bit and there weren't as many people as previous days. Today was our Adventure Time Cosplays! We had: Finn, Jake, Marecline and PB.

JDF (orginal Green Ranger) was also at SDCC signing items and photo-ops. I was lucky enough to also get to meet him and snag a picture!

I was able to go back to the vendor from yesterday and get into a different Photo-Op Session! I was lucky enough to get a photo (and autograph) with John Barrowman (Torchwood, Doctor Who, Arrow)! While getting his autograph a memeber in my party mentioned they missed the photo-op, as the line went quickly and I was rushed in and out (with kids in tow!) He was oh so very kind to welcome us back after his autograph sessions to re-do the photo! When we went back to see him, is where magic happened. We had joked about costumes and speedos, and John acutally put on our Jake the Dog costume for a photo! I;m 90% sure I almost died laughing over this whole event. This totally made up for Saturdays massacre in so many ways! This will be a picture I treasure forever! Not sure if John will or not! 

Sadly that was the end of SDCC, and I cannot wait to come back next year!



Important Links:

    Don't forget to download there app for your Andriod or iPhone.
    Keep an eye out with their app as well. They will alert you when they have panels and photo-ops! 

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Movie Review: Hercules

IMDB: Fourteen hundred years BCE, a tormented soul walked the earth that was neither man nor god. Hercules was the powerful son of the god king Zeus, for this he received nothing but suffering his entire life. After twelve arduous labours and the loss of his family, this dark, world-weary soul turned his back on the gods finding his only solace in bloody battle. Over the years he warmed to the company of six similar souls, their only bond being their love of fighting and presence of death. These men and women never question where they go to fight or why or whom, just how much they will be paid. Now the King of Thrace has hired these mercenaries to train his men to become the greatest army of all time. It is time for this bunch of lost souls to finally have their eyes opened to how far they have fallen when they must train an army to become as ruthless and blood thirsty as their reputation has become.

My Thoughts: I was truly surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. While watching this movie I was able to let go of Kevin Sorbo being Hercules and truly embrace Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson as the new Hercules. Johnson played the role so well. I know that we all saw pictures of Rock preparing for the role. He appeared extra freaky big but on screen he came off as a normal big. I was happy with the overall vision of this Hercules. 

This movie aimed to make Hercules more human. They aimed to show us the man behind all the myths. In making him human, they made him more of a money hungry mercenary. They did redeem him. There were a few great speeches of motivation that were reminiscent of Brave Heart. 

Best Moment: Sitacles is able to see the future and has seen his own death. There are a couple of times that he was faced with death and actually stood to embrace it. It was quite funny to watch.

Overall check out the movie, it was fun and had great fight sequences. Let me know you thoughts in the comments.

Post by Vikki
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The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

Hey Everyone,

I know you are excited to see the new full trailer for season 5 of the Walking Dead. This season is set to premiere on 10/12/2014. Check out the trailer below.


So what did you think? Any death predictions for Season 5? Leave your thoughts in the comments. 

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50 Shades of Grey Official Trailer

I know that many people were very excited that the offical trailer was released. There were actor shake ups in the beginning and production delays but now we finally got to see some footage from the movie. The movie is starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Check out the trailer below. 

What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to this movie? It is set to be released on 02/14/2015. 

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A Shiver of Light (Merry Gentry Book 9) Review

by Laurell K. Hamilton

Amazon Storyline: I am Princess Meredith NicEssus. Legal name Meredith Gentry, because “Princess” looks so pretentious on a driver’s license. I was the first faerie princess born on American soil, but I wouldn’t be the only one for much longer...Merry Gentry, ex–private detective, now full-time princess, knew she was descended from fertility goddesses, but when she learned she was about to have triplets, she began to understand what that might mean. Infertility has plagued the high ranks of faerie for centuries. Now nobles of both courts of faerie are coming to court Merry and her men, at their home in exile in the Western Lands of Los Angeles, because they will do anything to have babies of their own. Taranis, King of Light and Illusion, is a more dangerous problem. He tried to seduce Merry and, failing that, raped her. He’s using the human courts to sue for visitation rights, claiming that one of the babies is his. And though Merry knows she was already pregnant when he took her, she can’t prove it. To save herself and her babies from Taranis she will use the most dangerous powers in all of faerie: a god of death, a warrior known as the Darkness, the Killing Frost, and a king of nightmares. They are her lovers, and her dearest loves, and they will face down the might of the high courts of faerie—while trying to keep the war from spreading to innocent humans in Los Angeles, who are in danger of becoming collateral damage.

My Thoughts: Hamilton finally continued to story of Merry Genty. The last book was released in 2009 so many of the fans were excited to hear that we would get a new installment to the series. I think a few of the fans may have given up on the series but I must say that you need to come back. Hamilton draws you back into the world that she has created quite well and you will find yourself quickly reinvested in the series.

The Good: Hamilton finally moves the story along and the babies are born, named, and father's revealed. Great forward movement of the story and a shocking tragedy occurs.

The Bad: Hamilton constantly repeats herself with the descriptions of Sholto, Darkness, Frost, and Rhys. I find myself skipping over the purple darkness and little Jackie Frost descriptions. It can get to be a bit annoying and feels like unnecessary filler.

Overall: Pick up the book. You will be happy with it. I look forward to seeing where the story goes. Hopefully it will not be another five years before we get another book.

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Gamer Corner: Vikki

Welcome to this week's installment of Gamer Corner, where Fangirl Review interviews a gamer and gets her thoughts on the gaming world and learning what she is enjoying at the moment. Hi Everyone, I decided to make myself the gamer for Gamer Corner starting the next year of Fangirl Review.

Tell me a little bit about yourself? What rig do you currently game on? What kind of gamer do you classify yourself to be? ie. PC, Console, Tabletop, LARP as well as Hardcore, RPG, etc.

I'm Vikki (yes that is how I spell my name). Born and raised in NJ. I have been gaming since I was a kid and have always found it to be fun and love it when I finally beat a game. I consider myself a fun gamer. I am not sure how to classify myself other than I play. I do like to play on consoles and handhelds. I would love to get into gaming on a PC but I do not have the money to invest right now.

What is your first memory of gaming? 

It would have to be playing Atari at my grandmother's house. My Aunt and Uncle had it and we got to play it! Plus my parents would my brothers and I roller skating and bowling. We had to do the activity first before we were allowed to play arcade games. To this day I still love arcade games and I have an addiction to pinball games.

What game are you currently playing right now? Do you enjoy that game, why? How’s the overall game play and graphics?

I am currently playing Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies. I am playing it on my breaks at work. I want to have it done before the Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton makes it to the US. I have always enjoyed the game and I love the extras of the new game that were not present in the earlier ones.

Would you recommend it, why?

If you like games that make you think, then you will like this one.

Are there any games coming out that you are looking forward to?

I am looking forward to Splatoon, Smash Bros, and Dance Central; oh and of coarse Zelda in 2015. Just had the chance to play the Destiny Beta so I am interested in that as well.

If you could design your own game what would it be like?

I mentioned this on a podcast. I would like to combine Dance Central with Rockband. Basically you will have the lead singer, back up dancers, and the full band working together to play through the whole song. There will be times that the lead singer will have to jump into the dance moves just like any singer with back up dancers. I think it would be fun to have all my friends working together to play though Living on a Prayer (yes, that is my Jersey coming through, #dontjudgeme)

Thoughts on this new generation of consoles – Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One?

Okay I am going to share my thoughts and I am sure some people will think I am crazy. I think Wii U was the only console that actually moved forward this generation. The gamepad is a sign of forward thinking. Xbox One decided to do a much needed upgrade to the Kinect. A major issue with Xbox and PS is that they are still too invested in their previous consoles and the new consoles are not backwards compatible. It is hard to jump to a new console when you have so many games you cannot play on the new one.

What are your thoughts on the gaming industry?

I am so over DLCs. Give me a full game not a half game that I paid 60 bucks for and still need to pay more to get the whole game. The industry has become so focused on money that innovation overall has left the building.

10 years from now, where do you see the industry? Are you happy with that direction? If you had the power, what direction would you have the gaming industry go?

10 years from now I see some of the consoles having died out. The PC industry is booming and why pay 60 bucks for a game when you can pay less for a better version on a PC? Or the industry can truly move forward and bring innovation back and people become invested in quality. That is where I hope the industry would go. I guess we shall see.

Favorite Game (can include tabletop) of all time and why?

This is a hard question. Do I say Resident Evil which is a game I love or Ocarina of Time which brought me back to my love of video games after taking a break? Or the classic Mario Bros 3 that wowed me as a kid? I just don't know. I will pick these three for now.

Would you like to share your gamer tag and the system so others may add you? 

Nintendo ID: ProfessorWhite
Xbox Live: ProfessorWhite

That's me in a nutshell. If you would like to be interviewed for Gamer Corner, please send me an email to

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True Blood S7 Ep.5 “Lost Cause”

Recap: Eric releases Willa.  Eric and Pam head to Dallas to look for Sarah Newlin.  They get some information from Sarah’s secret vampire sister, who is infected with the Hep-V virus.  Eric and Pam sneak into a political social event.  The Yakuza crash the party and kill many, including Sarah’s parents.  Eric catches Sarah.  Sookie ends up being the unexpected hostess for a party at her house.  Lettie Mae sneaks out to go to the party.  She stabs Willa to get some vampire blood.  She does not succeed.  

Andy proposes to Holly with the Stackhouse family ring.  Bill has flashbacks of Civil War time while he is at the party.  Jessica catches Lafayette and James having sex.  Jessica storms off and Jason tries to talk to her about it.  Lafayette explains to Jessica that she really doesn't know James at all. Violet hears Jason having sex with Jessica, but does not confront them.  After the party is over, Sookie is left alone in her empty house to think about Alcide.  Bill realizes he is infected with Hep-V.   

Review: So what do you do after a bunch of people die?  You throw a party!  I get the whole celebrate life idea, but the party was just awkward.  Violet is probably going to get her revenge on Jason and Jessica next week.  I knew Jason would mess things up with her somehow.  I don’t know why he thought he could be faithful to her.  The Lafayette and James encounter was bound to happen.

I am waiting to see if anyone gets killed next week.  That’s the only thing to look forward to each week.

My question this week is: Why would you throw a party at someone’s house without telling them?

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

Veronica Fitzpatrick
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Teen Wolf S4, Ep. 5 "I.E.D." Review

Show starts with a blonde running from the school. She is bleeding and has had her hand cut off. She is being hunted by Violet and Garrett is able to kill her. Stiles starts his board of death. Stiles and Scott tell Mr. Stilinski about the hit list. They believe there are two more keys and Lydia is working to decipher the rest of the list. They believe that the numbers will add up to 117 million dollars. Liam has to play against his old school. Derek meets with Liam in the locker room. It was a test in which Liam failed because he becomes angry quite easily. Derek lets Scott know that he will be good at being an Alpha. Lydia is still not able to figure out the list. Malia suggests calling on Meredith who is another banshee. 

Stiles tries to persuade Kira and Scott to stop the game but they decide to go forward. Violet and Garrett are going after Liam during the game. Liam reveals that he was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder aka IED. There they go revealing why they named an episode. Liam is able to tell Scott and Stiles who paid for the keg. Meredith shows up at the police station she was heading to the high school to find Lydia. Great moment between Liam and Mason. It made me smile. Derek takes Mr. Argent to their underground vault. Argent plans to take Kate to a werewolf jail. Derek has been losing his powers and wants to figure out why. 

Game time! Liam loses it and the other team scores a point. Lydia and Malia show up to the police station to talk to Lydia. Kira gets to play in the game for the first time and scores. Meredith gives the number 2436. They yell at her that it is not a phone number but she stays firm that is the number they need for help. Argent is prepping his weapons when Araya Calavera shows up. She is able to break him down and have him do the chant "We hunt those that hunt us".

Malia believes the numbers are actually letters. Lydia deciphers it and types in the name Aiden and comes up with more of the list. The guy that Liam was going up against, Brett, was a werewolf and ends up being confronted by Violet after being infected by Garrett's Blade. Scott rushes to the locker room and sees Brett still alive. Violet makes a try for Scott but finds herself overpowered and knocked out. Lydia notices that Deputy Parrish is on the list as well. 

My Thoughts: So the key to break the codes have been Allison and Aiden so far. They are two that have died tragically due to supernatural crap. That makes you stop to think who the last name will be. It has be someone who has died on the show. Who do you think the last name will be? I think based on the names that the Benefactor may not be a human but in fact supernatural. Is he clearing the area of supernaturals to make way for himself?

I do not think Argent has gone back over to the not caring hunter side. I think he may have a plan in order to get Kate. Derek is losing his powers. OMG! What did Kate do to him. Is he going to become human? He was a born werewolf so will he just die? So many questions.

S/N: What do you think Parrish is? Is that why he is so accepting of Lydia and her powers?

Post by Vikki
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Teen Wolf S4, Ep.4 "The Benefactor" Review

Derek and Mr. Stilinski are at the crime scene. Derek notes that he can smell the blood and fear of a young male. Scott has Liam in his bathroom duct taped. Stiles realizes that Scott bit and kidnapped Liam. They sit down to tell Liam what the bite might mean. Liam makes a run for it and they pull a three stooges moment by falling down the stairs. Liam gets away. Peter walks into the loft and takes an axe to the chest from the Mute. Stiles is fitting the chains on Malia and Mr. Stilinski walks in. Awkward moment. He decides to just walk away. Scooby Gang is going to the Lake House and will be inviting Liam to a party at the house. Peter is okay but Derek must use fire on him to heal up the wound in his chest. 

Scooby Gang finds out Liam was kicked out of his last school for destroying his teacher's car. Apparently he has anger issues. Deputy lets Mr. Stilinski know that the glove on the mute was military and modified. They hack into the computer and see a message from the Benefactor and realize that the Mute is an assasin. Lydia now has to host a party while everyone else is off managing their change. Kira and Scott work on handling Liam which results in Kira having to knock him out. Stiles is locking up Malia. Turns out the guy who brought the keg to the party is a werewolf he is able to calm himself and then gets beheaded by some chick. She takes a pic and walks away to join the party. She goes to hook up with some guy at the party who has a text from the Benefactor saying the money has been transferred. WTF! 

Lydia sees a freshmen gong upstaris. All you hear is music but you cannot hear them speak. She drops a glass of wine. When the door shuts she realizes she cannot hear the noise downstairs. It is a sound proof room. She appears to be having a weird banshee moment. She starts to play a record and sees weird faces start to come out the wall. Kira and Scott slow dance and kiss at the boat house while they babysit Liam. Liam breaks the chains and takes off. Malia's chains start to break and she tells him to run. Stiles is able to talk Malia into control and she hugs him in thanks. 

Mr. Stilinski and Derek are in the school and they realize it was a trap for Derek by the Mute. Derek and Mr. Stilinski fight and subdue the Mute but Peter comes out of nowhere and attacks the Mute. Peter turns him into meat. Scott is chasing after Liam. Scott is caught by Liam but is saved by Mr. Argent. Great music! Great moment. I had to smile! 

The sound that Liam was hearing were hunter traps. Liam is trapped. Mr. Argent points out that Liam is his Beta and he needs to take care of it. Kira finds Lydia. She can hear the key to break the code. Lydia uses her computer and the key is Allison's. It lists all the supernaturals in Beacon Hills. It is a deadpool and they are all on it. Liam talks to Scott. He begins to pour his heart out. Scott stands up and tells Liam he is not a monster but a werewolf. Epic music! Great motivation moment.

My Thoughts: 

Okay wow! I really think we have not met the Benefactor to date and I do not believe they are tied to Kate. I looked over the list and I wonder who some of these other names especially with the larger numbers next to their names. Okay, theory time - I think Argent will be upset that Kate alive but will try to be there for her. I think he does not want to lose any more of his family. 

I think Scott working with Liam will really be helpful. I think he can finally help Liam to learn control. I like that Scott did not use his Alpha power to control Liam but rather stood up as a man to talk to Liam. He wants Liam to know that he is a human first. I really need for Lydia to start to learn all her Banshee powers. I am tired of them learning things after the fact. It is time for her to learn about herself. 

S/N When is someone going to tell Malia about Peter being her father?

Post by Vikki 
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Fangirl's 1 Year Anniversary Contest

Hi Everyone,

One year ago today I decided to start a blog. I started a blog previously, Morbid Moments, but it was scoped too small and I could not expand. I decided to write about all the things I enjoy like graphic novels, graphic tees, video games, movies, books, television shows, etc. I thought it would be something small to do but I was surprised at how big it became. I understood the basics of promoting via Social Media but then I started to really push and understand the large community on Google Plus. I made the Google Plus page for Fangirl Review a few months later. I purchased the domain name in September and I was on my way.

I met a lot of great people on Google Plus who have truly supported and uplifted me. I want to say thank you to my Google Plus family especially +Jay Flemming  and +KrisTen Slevin. The two of you truly embraced me on Google and continue to uplift me. I want to say thank you to my friends and family who have helped make Fangirl such a success. I have been awarded my first Press badge which happens to be for NY Comic Con and I believe it is a beginning to more successes in my second year.

A special humble thanks to the contributors to Fangirl! Thank you to Andre, Veronica, Sam, Jasmine, Ivan, Rich, Tara, and Curtis. Without you I would have quit. You guys really have helped and made this website better. Special thanks to +james crittenden  and Jac, the two of you really made this website fun and an extra thank you to Jac who was the first Lil' Gamer Corner. I also want to say thank you to Julian, my awesome graphic artist. Thank you for making the website look so great.

I wanted to show appreciation for everyone's support. There will be a contest for a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card. All you have to do to enter is comment on this post with what was you favorite post on Fangirl Review and why. It is that simple. I look forward to seeing what you guys enjoyed. Winner will be chosen on 08/01/2014 at 8pm EST. I will reply on your comment that you are the winner so make sure you check back.

Again a humble thanks,