Graphic Artist: Julian


Born in the Caribbean, raised in Brooklyn, and currently living in Scranton, (yes, same as "The Office"), I've bounced around quite a bit. I've always looked forward to the texturing influence that the exposure to new experiences and people provide.

From driving a bus in Florida, to a stint as a line cook at an Amish restaurant in Ohio, and a summer as Girl Scout Camp Counselor, they all helped cultivate a desire for the eclectic that is reflected in my personality, my art, and my fandom.

Game of Thrones and Adventure Time characters live on adjacent pages of my sketchbook. I control my TV with a Sonic Screwdriver universal remote. I wear Superman socks to my adult kickball league games, and until a house fire purged a geek demon inside me, a relentless, Vader-like pursuit of recreating my favorite Star Wars scenes (and shooting new ones!) with toys drained my bank account for years.

Though I have less and less time for it nowadays, I also love playing all kinds of video games: Halo, CoD Zombies, Grand Theft Auto, dancing games, puzzle games, strategy games, you name it. My housemates and I were recently on an 8-bit kick; Q*Bert, Marble Madness, Super Mario Bros, Pac Man, and Zelda, all made a huge comeback.

Issue me a pencil and paper or boot up a PC (that's right, a PC! I said it. I don't have an iPhone either!) and let me play across the entire Adobe Creative Suite. I love creating images and video that (a) didn't exist before, and (b) elicit a genuine emotional response, 'good' or 'bad.' As a professional artist, my job is to pull the ideas seen only by my client's mind's eye, find a way to make it real, and then put it in front of their actual eyes.

What can I make real for you?



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