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Hey Everyone,

I figured I should write a little blurb about myself so you can understand the Chief Editor and Writer behind Fangirl Review. I have always enjoyed movies, video games, and the such. I love reading and frankly read everyday whether it is a book or fanfiction. I especially have to read a series as soon as I hear that a movie or tv show will be coming out about it. I game on Xbox and Wii U as ProfessorWhite and I also have a 3DS and I am just too lazy to look up my friend code at this time.

My favorite type of games are survival horror. Real survivor horror not these first-person shooter with zombies, those type of games just piss me off. The first Resident Evil will always be my favorite and I look forward to the day that the series becomes what it used to be. I love Zombies and Rubber Duckies. Yes I said that in the same sentence. My cubicle at work is filled with both and it keeps me from pulling an Office Space moment and destroying the copy machine that always needs toner.

S/N - I own at least 100 unique Rubber Duckies!

Okay technical info I have a BA and MA in Psychology and work as a case manager as well as an adjunct professor for two schools. No pets, after my hamster died I just could not handle the pressure of another pet.

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