Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Walking Dead Vol 18

The Walking Dead Vol. 18 Review

Hello Everyone, 

As you will come to learn, I love reading and I love graphic novels. I will provide a review and an overview of each graphic novel I read. It will contain spoilers so be prepared. 

Now that disclaimer is out the way I can now share my thoughts on the latest TWD. I am a huge fan of Robert Kirkman. I do watch the show but I truly prefer the graphic novel over the show. The latest volume again kept me on the edge of my seat. 

Vol 17 left us mourning the death of our friend Glen and again Kirkman reinforced to us that no character is safe as we saw with Rick's hand and Carl's eye. Frankly if Kirkman keeps it up on the Grimes boys they will not have many limbs left, but I digress. 

Vol 18 allows us to continue to understand that Carl is truly the little psychopath that Negan claims him to be. I truly enjoyed Carl striking back and killing a good amount of Negan's goons and his ability to infiltrate Negan's stronghold. Carl learns a lot and in the end has again helped his father. 

Hands down the best moment in the novel is when Rick meets with the tiger. Yes a Tiger!!!

Pick it up and read this. Kirkman does not let us down! 

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