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True Blood Season 6 ep. 7 "In the Evening" Recap

True Blood Season 6 Episode 7: “In the Evening”

Recap: First thing you must know about me is that I am a fan of the books. Well the earlier ones. I read them so therefore I come from the point of view of a fan of the books.

We open with Nora, Willa, and Eric discussing Hep V being placed into all the True Bloods. Nora is infected and you can really see how that upsets Eric. He climbs under the True Blood truck and makes an escape with Nora. Frankly I have seen this escape route too many times. It gets annoying, lets be a little bit more creative here!

Eric takes Nora to Bill for help. The fact that he was willing to give up his pride and ask for help from Bill shows the quality of his character. Bill refuses of coarse. I am not a Bill fan. I was never a fan of his whether in the book or tv.

Mrs. Newlin comes upon the decapitated head of the governor and the bodies of his guards. She kissing him. Ewwww! How can you touch the head let alone kiss it. This chick is crazy on a whole other level. She goes super crazy with the religion driven need to kill. Mrs. Newlin calls a senator for a clean up crew and make it seem like the governor is still alive until the tainted True Blood can wipe out the vamps.

Now we move on to Sookie post-coital with Warlow. Geez she is just as foolish in the book as she is on the tv show. Sookie hears Arlene upset in the cemetery about Terry and crosses over to her. True friends hear a friend’s cry of pain even across dimensions.

I guess Sam decides to check in on his business. Geez, great business owner. Layfette fills him in on Terry’s death. Sam plans on making the trip back to Bon Temps and tells Nicole to hit the road.

Jason arranges a meet with Jessica and claims he is going to save her somehow. Yeah, lets see how that works out.

Nicole decides to take a peak of Sam in the shower. Strips and hops in for a little shower fun. *Rolls Eyes* Yeah what was the point of that.

Lafayette and Sookie go to the bank and check out the box that Terry gave Lafayette. “What’s in the box!!!” – Turns out it is an envelope addressed to Arlene with information about life insurance he bought just a few days before his death that he arranged.

Just so you know I liked Alcide at the beginning of the books and then he became a jerk. Well look he became Alpha on the show and has lost his mind. I just want the Alphas from Teen Wolf to come and teach him some things. Alcide has a hear-to-heart talk with his dad but Alcide still puts the pack first.

Nicole’s mom shows up and she takes off. Sam is once again alone. Awe!

I mean really Jessica, you get Jason to bring in the other Vamp and then you have sex with him. Are you serious!

Bill attempts to recruit Eric. Eric agrees only if Bill helps Nora. Poor Nora is force fed Bill’s crazy Lilith blood but it doesn’t help.

Arlene is a little drunk when Sookie returns. Bill just strolls into the Bellefleur house during daytime. Does a Jedi mind trick and Lafayette is out when Bill pulls Sookie aside. Lafayette is a great character despite his early death in the books. He really brings light to the series.

I’m over the double meanings between Pam and the therapist. I do not like Pam’s past as a Madame. I enjoyed her as more of a proper lady as she was in the book.

Mrs. Newlin all dressed in red, has Jason stabbed and thrown into female gen-pop. Poor Jason with just Tara to defend him.

Alcide returns to the pack claiming Nicole and Sam are dead. However this is not true and the pack brings out Nicole and her mother. Effectively calling the Alpha a liar.

Flashback: Eric meets Nora as she is on her deathbed from the Black Death. Eric makes Nora an offer she cannot refuse. It was a very Interview with the Vampire moment. Nora dies and melts away as Eric holds her crying. It was very nasty. – End.

My Thoughts: Okay so the extra sex scenes just weren’t necessary. They did not move along the storyline or relationships but I guess people wanted it so oh well. I still wanted to shake Sookie for getting caught up in it all. Just walk away and say to hell with everyone else. She should stay in her little fairy world and keep it moving. Alcide needs to get it together and be a lone wolf with his dad. He needs to see how the pack is not good for him. I guess with Nora dead Eric is going to go on a mass killing spree with Bill as his back up. I guess we shall see how this unfolds.

Only 3 episodes left.

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