Sunday, August 4, 2013

CW Flash Ahead

Hey Everyone! 

The DC Comic superhero, Flash, will be fast tracked to get his on tv show on the CW. 

“We plan to introduce… the origin story of Dr. Barry Allen” — one of Flash’s multiple alter egos across DC lore, network boss Mark Pedowitz explained. Pedowitz also explained it is an origin story and Flash will not start with his powers.

Sadly Wonder Woman has been backburnered (is that a word?) The prequel series Amazon is on pause do to the "script not being ready". 

C'mon man, first Superman, then Arrow, now the Flash, but Wonder Woman just does not get her show. Geez! 

S/N - There are talks of a Supernatural spinoff that will be based in Chicago. 


  1. I have read a couple of the New 52 Wonder Woman graphic novels, I think they are really good. I don't know how well that will transfer to TV. Knowing WB they probably would go in some other direction. I hope that one day someone can write a decent story for Wonder Woman because she is long overdue for a TV/Film.

    1. I think your psychic, I have the Wonder Woman graphic novel sitting here and I am planning to read and review.