Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sherlock Fandom Gone Wrong

Welcome Sherlock Peeps! 

This week we are delving into a place where Fandom and Crafting collide. Yes I speak of Etsy.

I went through all 129 pages of items that popped up when you type in Sherlock. The number one thing I learned for this endeavor is that the phrase, "I AM SHER LOCKED" is no longer original. Please find another quote I beg of you!!! Also that while there are fans doing some amazing things out there in Etsy-Land there are also people doing....other things. 

So this week I bring you the other things. (In my opinion) 

So First we have....

1. Underwear

Now many people have told me this is not weird. I am ok with the Violin and I guess I can buy into the weird chastity belt locked thing, but I really don't need to have a tiny little face on my thong looking at me...and possibly judging me for wearing him.

2. Fake Painted Finger Nails

I have been told this is not odd. I am not sure how painting the torsos of men and then sticking them to your fingers is not odd.

3. Dolls

So yeah these exist. I am not saying I could do better. But I am also not trying and then trying to sell it on Etsy. The eyes on the top and bottom dolls haunt me in my sleep. I mean nightmares by the way...sweating, screaming, crying nightmares.

4. My Little Pony

Oh my God!!! Do you know how may times I wished that Sherlock would be turned into a messy haired shiny purple pony? If you guessed why would you ever wish for that you win!!! 

6. Greeting Card

Really, this is Sherlock? I got into a minor argument over lunch over the arm/wing/appendages this is sporting.

7. Drawings

I will preface this with the fact that I can barely draw stick figures. I understand that shading is hard and that getting the right dimensions for faces can be hard. And I imagine when you are breathing life into a beloved fictional character you see in your head onto paper it must be amazing. But here is the issue, we know what the people you are drawing are supposed to look like. 

8. Puppet

I don't have an innate fear of puppets, but looking at this one makes me want to re-think that. Why is this puppet so angry/grumpy? Why does an Art Card of Sherlock falling to his 'death' come with the puppet. Unless I was wrong....and the puppet was there and pushed him. Which I fully believe this puppet is capable of doing.

9. 1/3 Heads of Benedict and Martin with and without wigs and make up

Wondering what to get the Sherlock fan in your life that already has everything? Have you thought about the detached heads of their beloved characters? Well here they are!!! To be honest I am kind of creeped out by these, I mean, what do you do with them? Do you put them on your bookshelf, attach them to skewers and wave them around...give them bodies? They are super life like, the artist did an amazing job, i just know if they were in my home they would be watching me. 

Thanks for joining me on my Etsy week the things I thought were AWESOME!!!!

For now enjoy this video of Benedict on Top Gear!!

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