Friday, August 23, 2013

Smash Bros. Wii U Speculations

Hey Everyone, 

Okay so we have the following characters that have been officially announced Pit, Bowser, Pikachu,

Kirby, Fox, Samus, Link,

 Donkey Kong, Mario, Wii Fit Trainer,

 Mega Man, Villager, Pikman & Olimar, 

and the latest character announced is Luigi. 

That is a great line up but small line up so far. There are over 40 past characters so the question is who will be in the newest installment. 

I personally would like to see the Ice Climbers make a return. I game with these guys and like to change their outfit to all white. When I win I do a dance and have a chant. #dontjudgeme

I am sure other people would like to see Ganandorf, Zelda/Sheik, as well as Yoshi and Sonic. 

I wonder if we will have a couple of other surprise characters. I thought it was interesting that they have Wii Fit Trainer. 

It would be cool to see Phoenix Wright but seeing that he was recently in Marvel vs Capcom maybe not. However Mega Man was in that franchise as well so maybe there is a chance. 

They could add Darunia. He can have similar movements to Bowser and Donkey Kong since he is a big guy. 

I think Rygar would be a great addition. He can throw his diskarmor and have similar flip movements as Samus. 

Any characters that you would like to see or believe would be a great addition?


  1. Personally I am hoping Sonic or Roy can make a come back. If I could add someone it would probably be Cloud just because a. I think Square Enix could use a little good news and b. to finally be able to put to rest the whole Link vs Cloud debate.

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