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True Blood Season 6 Ep. 9 “Life Matters” Recap

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True Blood Recap time!

Sookie opens a vein to feed an injured Warlow. Bill is extra crazy and does not care that Warlow is injured. Sookie zaps Bill back into the cemetery. Then she holds her arm back out for Warlow to feed. It was pretty weird. I remember when Sookie was more concerned about keeping her blood to herself. I am not sure how true the actions are to the character. 

Eric is running around in the sun. 
Arlene is in all black at the funeral. Tara’s mom is there and just as weird and crazy. 

Sookie and Warlow in fairy land. Sookie mentions how she has to go to the funeral. She says she will keep her promise to become a vampire. 

Funeral time. Sookie pays her respects to Arlene. Alcide shows up to the funeral. Sookie thanks him for coming. The older ladies say he smells like a man. 
Body parts are strewn all about when Bill arrives. Eric kicks in the door of the facility. He rips off the manly bits of the scientist. Eric lets out the male vamps. 
Back to the funeral. Preacher mentions how Terry believed in family.

Bill walks into the facility. Bill stomps in the scientist face when he learns that he has hurt Jessica. Eww! When did the show get this bloody? 
Funeral again. Andy is talking about Terry serving and he was affected so deeply from the war. Flashback – Andy going to the tree fort and trying to reach out to Terry. 

Facility again. Vampires are torturing the scientists. Eric let’s the general population females go. Jason is there to tell him how the vampires were taking away. Eric heals Jason. Mrs. Newlin is still alive hiding among the bodies. 
Funeral. Sam is now speaking. He admits how Terry was the best employee and best friend. Flashback – Andy takes Sam out to the tree fort. He goes fishing with the guys. Terry is worried it won’t work out. Guy moment! Awe! 
Facility. Eric talks to the weird shrink. Eric tells the doc that he forgot to ask him how he will die. The doc says he will die happy because he had sex with Pam. Eric rips out his contacts. Eric does not kill the doc and tells him he will live until Pam kills him. 

Funeral. Lafayette is speaking. He is looking fabulous with the hat, matching tie, and eye shadow. He looks too sharp. Wait, I think he has a pocket watch. He has the most perfect eye lashes happening! Flashback – Terry is burning the fries and admits he wants to be good at the job. Lafayette lets him know that he will help him to get better at the job. 

Funeral. Portia is talking. Ehhh…. Preacher asks if anyone else wants to say a word. Sookie “hears” Arlene saying she is not ready to speak and volunteers herself to speak. Sookie admits that she is different and outs herself about being a telepath. She admits to listening to Terry on his first day. Sookie hears Terry say how beautiful Arlene is and Sookie says he loved Arlene from the beginning. Alcide sits next to Sookie.

Facility. Bill comes in looking for Eric. Mrs. Newlin is quoting the bible as she climbs to the top of the facility and she opens the lid to let the sun into the White Room of Death. They are all drinking Bill as it opens so they are saved. Newlin does not get a taste. Eric lets him burn as Newlin screams he loves Jason.

Funeral. Arlene is speaking. Flashback. Arlene is trying to take care of Mikey. Terry is trying to be loving and supportive of Arlene. He helps calm her down. 
Facility. All the vampires are high on Bill’s blood. Bill is laying there drained and half dead. Jason catches Mrs. Newlin. 
Funeral. Big John Dixon is speaking. He decides to sing a song. While song is playing Jason is holding down Mrs. Newlin as she begs for her life. Jason doesn’t kill her and let’s her go. 

Facility. All vampires are outside frolicking. Eric destroys the tainted True Blood. 
True Blood is being destroyed across the US.
Naked bloody chicks are talking to Bill. They say his time on Earth is over. He says he is not gong anywhere. Bill calls for Jessica. Jessica tries to save Bill but is at a loss of what to do. 
Eric tears apart the room where his sister was killed. 
Funeral is ending and Taps is being played. 

Vampires are strolling in the daylight. Jessica walks out followed by Bill. Pam stops and looks at Eric who is standing off to the side. Pam says for him not to leave. Eric flies off.


My Thoughts: Throughout the whole episode it feels like they just through Alcide into the episode so his fans would have someone to look at. He just didn’t fit in at the funeral. I would have preferred Warlow. I am slightly bummed that Jason let Sarah go. I feel like she is just going to comeback and try to kill them again.

The funeral was beautiful. It was well done as everyone was doing flashbacks. They were all appropriate and Lafayette was looking too beautiful for words. Those lashes were giving me life!

It is sad to see Eric fly away but I understand his need to leave. I am still weary of Bill with the powers. Maybe he loses them because he refuses to leave?

Who do you think saves Sookie from being turned?

S/N - Bill stomping in the scientist's head was way more bloodier than I expected. Who had the better bloody scene Bill or Mrs. Newlin?

The final episode should be interesting since the vampires are running amok. 

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