Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sherlock Music Time

This week we are looking at music!!!! I am a huge music fan, I mean huge.  I feel that a lot of TV shows do not understand how to incorporate amazing music to make for an over all experience.  Sherlock does not have that problem.

So without further delay here are 5 covers of the Music from Sherlock that I really enjoy.

First we start with a Music Box.

I think this is pretty clever.  It's short sweet and awesome! DIY Music Boxes are the bomb!!

The instrument shown below is called a Guzheng. It is a very old Chinese instrument similar to the Dulcimer.

The video quality isn't great but I really enjoy it and the sound is great. I think that the sound of a traditional Chinese instrument playing a very Western style composition piece makes for a very unique cover. 

Next we move on to A Violin Cover (It's Sherlock I have to post a Violin Cover)

This cover is great as it shows the music of both parts she is playing.  With a bar to help you see where she is in the music. The melody is nice and clean because it is only her playing. 

Tango/Sherlock...I'm in let's hear it!!!

So the video is a bit odd and the volume mixing for this was not amazing but this is still very very cool. They have combined Moulin Rouge's Roxanne Tango with Sherlock's Theme.  It sounds like it should not go together but, they make this mesh beautifully.


Ok this is a little over 8 minutes long but it is worth it.  The video is fantastic as scenes from the show playing different themes and songs from the show.  It is pretty to watch and amazing to listen to! 

Hope you enjoyed and see you next week.

I love Anime don't you?

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