Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Ep. 2 “Blood Moon” Recap

Opening scene is of Crane running and being chased by the four horseman and being pulled underground by a tree. Crane’s wife speaks to him about how there will be an army of evil that rises before the apocalypse. Geez, she has great news. Of course it was a dream but still, if your dead wife comes back to you and brings you that type of news, I would leave Sleepy Hollow. 

Crane is stuck in a hotel room trying to learn the new world. It is funny to watch him learn about all the things we take for granted. I like that despite the fact that the captain does not believe in the supernatural he still lets Abbie and Crane go forward and investigate. 

I am enjoying this growing relationship between Abbie and Crane. The dynamic is good and I hope that it continues to grow. A body crawls out of the body bag in the morgue. Oh well the cop, Andy, with the snapped neck is back and so is his goat friend. He is in charge of releasing the first evil. The whole snapped back head is very wrong visually and it’s even more wrong when they just snap it back! 

Abbie is tearing apart how Crane did not know his wife was a witch. Abbie tells him to stop playing crazy and try to be normal. Great banter scene.

Creepy Andy is I guess considered a zombie. He uses a necklace that goat man gave him and brings to life a woman who is all burned up and is going to go all Mummy like and claim other people’s flesh. I guess she will take the flesh of the descendants that killed her. First kill in a car and she apparently ripped out his heart. Apparently Crane has an idea of who it is. I hope they do not set it up that Crane is all knowing, let’s have a little bit more of a mystery happening here. 

Crane talks of strange murders in regards to a dark coven. The sheriff may have known about the good and evil covens. Of course the sheriff’s files have been moved and Crane uncovers an underground tunnel into the building where the files are hidden. I enjoy that Crane took control and started smashing the wall in order to gain access. We get to meet the guy that Abbie was going to leave behind. He plays the typical ex role and is throwing around his weight with Crane. I wonder if this is their way of hinting that Abbie and Crane will become more than just partners. Also we learn that witches are buried in the hidden tunnel down there as well. I wonder where they buried Katrina’s remains. 

Creepy Andy talks to a little boy, gets his name, and you now know that he is on the chopping block. Sarilda (sp) flashback. Of coarse she speaks her curse right before being burned to death and she is now on a mission to kill descendants. Luckily she just takes the ashes of the Dad so the boy is alive and apparently adopted. 

Abbie does a bad impersonation of Crane and it is quite funny. I wonder how Creepy Andy feels being the henchmen for the bad guys. Sarilda is putting together her body and I must admit the concept is done well. 

A great explosion using old black powder killed her. Frankly how did the walls not come down? C’mon that is not realistic. Katrina is imprisoned in the world between worlds. Abbie dreams about the sheriff and gives her Zen advice about faith and fear. He tells her not to be afraid of number 49. We go to a hospital with a room 49 and see Jenny, Abbie’s sister. She is listed as being delusional. 

Okay so Abbie and her sister have some special powers. I think they were descendants of witches or something. Either way they have a connection to the supernatural that will be explained in further detail later. The writers did a great job further developing Crane and Abbie’s relationship. Last I wonder if when they do attempt to bring Katrina back into the real world if Crane is going to have to choose between Abbie and his wife in terms of who gets to live in the real world?

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