Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 ep. 2 "One One Six" Recap

The show starts out with Jax on his bike. He is so hot. Our dear friend Bobby is ridding to Vegas, looks like he will start a Nomad chapter after all. Arcadio lets it be known that it is the club’s gun that the child used at school. Frankly I do not like any story line that has kids being shot at school. It also appears as though Clay will actually flip on SAMCRO. The US Marshall is pressing hard in a way to get retribution for his sister. I like that Clay is trying to play hardball and demands to see Jax and Gemma before he signs. Tara is on her way home. It was funny seeing her with a busted up hand from a fight in jail. She is the epitome of an old lady. I like that Jax is there to pick her up but he still cheated so I do not respect him for his actions. 

I feel bad that Tara’s home coming is disrupted. Jax first has Niro talking about the school shooting and Clay requesting visitation. In my opinion Tara appears to be a little bit out of it. I think she has some other plan going on. Poor Jax has to clean up the mess of the mother of the kid that shot up the school. Sadly she is a junkie and the potential risk to the club needs to be neutralized. Dave Navarro plays a great role on this show and I look forward to seeing how he develops as a character. Well I was looking forward to his character development until he just took a bullet to the head protecting his junkie girlfriend. Juice sadly must kill the junkie. I think Juice is on the edge especially after killing that woman. I think he might have a problem in the future. I do not like that Jax ran a game behind Niro and killed the junkie. 

Interesting enough Tara asks her boss to do a pregnancy test for her. Tara speaks to her lawyer. It appears as though she is trying to file for divorce and make Jax listed as an unfit parent and make Wendy a guardian. Talk about destruction when that motion is filed. Tara is a smart woman and it should be interesting to see how this works out. Clay flips and signs the order but the DA does not trust the US Marshall but is willing to work with him to make her career and help his vendetta against SAMCRO. 

Final Scenes: Jax finally makes it home and just gives Tara a hug and lets her know he is happy to be home. Tara and Jax are both lying to each other. The US Marshall picks up a girl at Niro’s place. Bobby is marking his map and looking for people. Arcadio and his girlfriend are placed in the ground and buried. Great show this week. I wonder what will happen when all the lies Tara and Jax are spinning to each other come to light. It looks like it will be a face off between Jax and the Marshall.

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