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Wonder Woman Vol. 3: Iron Graphic Novel Review

So do you like mixing your contemporary comic book mythology with some old Greek mythology? You know kind of like a mythological Mimosa of some sort? If you answered yes then the new 52 Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang is what you’re looking for. In my personal opinion this is the 2nd strongest series in the new 52. In this volume we have Wonder Woman dealing with her newly discovered family, which just happens to be the Greek gods and the other children of Zeus, as she tries to retrieve the most recent child of Zeus from Hermes, yes the guy with the wings on his feet. If that weren’t enough the New 52 finally gets its first glimpse of the New Gods as Orion is the baby that Wonder Woman is searching for and also draws the attention of the remodeled Jack Kirby. If you don’t know who Jack Kirby is I would tell you but that’s what Google is for. 

This volume also contains the Wonder Woman #0 issue that delves into the Amazon's relationship with Ares and how he helped shape her into the hero she is today. Cliff Chiang’s art does an awesome job with the characters. The Greek Gods are the most dysfunctional of families and the dirty looks and sneers that Chiang portrays the characters throwing at each other is worth the price of admission alone. If your fan of the Percy Jackson series and other amalgamations of modern tales with old mythology or a fan of good stories in general I suggest you pick up the Wonder Woman trades and get in on the action.

Now for some Quickies:

Infinity # 3

Marvels big event is at its halfway point. I liked this issue because Captain America is doing Captain America things despite half the Avengers being captured and our heroes constantly losing to the invading forces.

Rat Queens #1

This is a new book about an all-female adventuring group. If you play games with dice that have more than 6 sides than you will definitely enjoy this one.

Sex Criminals

This is a hilarious book about 2 people who are capable of stopping time when they have orgasms. Yes that last sentences is really the description. No I didn't buy this at one of those skeevy stores that you have to be 21 to enter. Yes this book is written by Matt Fraction, one of the best writers out now. No it is not Porn. Yes this book is funny, not titillating.

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