Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ep. 2 “0-8-4”

The episode starts out with a hole in the plane then goes to 19 hours before this occurs. I always enjoy when they back track. Skye has officially joined the team. Ward apparently is against Skye and truly believes she is a risk. After being called in for an 0-8-4; they are not sure what it means just that is an object of unknown origin. Apparently the last one was a hammer…..Thor’s hammer.  May and Ward see Fitz, Skye, and Simmons as dead weight because they are not trained. It is a shame they do not see the benefits of others. Coulson is very flippant about his death, it will be interesting to see when he realizes that he has been cloned and that he really did die.

Team is off to Peru to check out the object. Apparently an old ruin has an object that is not of the appropriate origin. It apparently has been there for 1500 years. It looks pretty cool, all blue and glowy. Ward and May are outside guarding the ruins. It is fun to see them kicking butt but they are quickly surrounded. Turns out Coulson knows the military lady, Camilla Reyes. Simmons and Fitz speak their cute science talk leaving Skye out. I like that Skye has the knowledge of the land about the rebels. Ward just loves attacking Skye but I am sure they will end up together. Rebels attack and Ward rips the item out of the wall as they make a run for it. Coulson and Reyes look good together fighting. They all make a run for it and it is a pretty impressive fight overall especially for just a tv show. Apparently the object is giving off gamma radiation. Coulson apologizes to May for putting her in a combat situation. I wonder if we will ever get her full story.

The scientists are handling the object very carefully. Ward has the nerve to talk down to Fritz. He iis coming of as a jerk. Ward throws around his specialist credentials and Coulson lists everyone’s credentials and how they are essential on the team. Fitz and Simmons find out that the object is a weapon or more clearly a laser that can melt through anything. Skye is trying to smooth things with Ward via drinks and convo. She really believes in the rebel uprising and this gives Ward a chance to see her as more. See....love connection just waiting to happen.

In my opinion Coulson is talking to Reyes too much. A pretty lady can get a man to talk very easily. Coulson does see through the act quickly. Ward sees that the other military guys are acting and can tell something is off. Fight time! May is knocked out by gas and they are all quickly taken over. Apparently they made the weapon and they want to use it to crush the rebel uprising. May dislocates her wrist to get untied. It was pretty badass! Reyes is doing the typical bad guy move of talking Coulson to death. This is a little trite and boring to be honest and feels too super hero cliche. 

The team comes together to take out Reyes. Fitz releases a drone and makes the object detonate causing the huge hole in the plane. Coulson is hanging from the beam and Ward comes though for more fight sequence. The others try to find the object while May gets control of the plane. Coulson again pulls the typical hero by trying to save the girl. *deep eye roll* May has her fight and gets control of the plane. Skye sees the flight safety pamphlet directions, grabs the raft, inflates it, and it flies up blocking the hole and saving Ward. Another *deep eye roll*. The object will be slingshotted to the sun. Ward is talking positive about Skye and May says she will need a supervising agent to help train her.  Everyone steps up to say it was all their ideas for blasting the hole into the plane. 

The team is all together watching the blast off. Skye receives a text message from her crew and states she is in. Is she working as a double agent? Uh oh! I hope with future episodes they will dial back the level of cliches but overall a fun episode. Yay Nick Fury! Samuel L. Jackson is there and he is on the plane complaining about the destruction! He is so awesome. I am waiting for him to say snakes on the plane. Fury points out that Skye is a risk and asks about the car. Jackson makes the episode worth it.  

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