Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Ep. 5 “Girl in the Flower Dress”

Important Moments

Show starts with a street performer who uses fire. He meets a woman in a flower dress who is interested in his fire power. Of coarse she uses her feminine wiles to distract and kidnap him. Ward and Skye are playing Battleship and Coulson and May say how well Skye is fitting in. Foreshadowing anyone? Shield is contacted because he was taken. They are told that the Rising Tide has hacked into the system.

The lady in the dress wants to rename the magician as “Scorch” and claims she is a friend. The hacker pulls a special move and stops the team from following them. Skye is apparently working with the hacker. She does the horizontal limbo with the guy.  May shows up and she is cold busted! Skye claims she was working Miles to get the information out of him. Fitz cannot believe that Skye betrayed them.

The Lady in the dress and her team experiment on Scorch and make him stronger. The power quickly goes to his head. Coulson questions his gut decisions. Skye finds out that Miles sold information to the centipede people. It is the same fire experiment that they were pulling in Iron Man 3. Centipede is removing the platelets from Scorch to help make their serum stable. Chen has become power hungry and wants to destroy Centipede and Shield. They hackers work to help shield and Chen is given extra serum which makes him explode.

Miles is given freedom and Skye is given a second chance. Coulson demands for Skye to tell what she is hiding. She shares all the information she has on herself hoping to find information on her parents. Skye only was able to find one document that was blocked by Shield. She is given a bracelet that will stop her ability to hack and is able to stay. Coulson says she will help her find her parents. Centipede is determined to make the serum work. The woman in the dress is speaking to a man in prison and says they need information from the clairvoyant. 

My Thoughts:

Poor street performer, he did not think with his big brain when he decided to show off his fire tricks. Obviously the aspect of having the Rising Tide hacking Shield means that Skye is not behind it. It is just too obvious. They needed to set that up better. Skye is working with the hacker. I still think that in the end Skye will pick the team. I enjoy that they are still pulling aspects from the movies. By using a guy with fire power they are able to neutralize the explosive nature of their experiment.

More exploding people. Coulson still believes Skye is worth saving. I enjoy the twist of her missing parents. It should be interesting to see why her parents were erased by Shield. So who is with me in thinking that Coulson either has a direct connection to Skye's parents or is Skye's father?

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