Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gamer Corner: Ivan

Welcome to this week's installment of Gamer Corner, where Fangirl Review interviews a gamer and gets his thoughts on the gaming world and learn what he is enjoying at the moment.

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself? 

I'm a Giant Nintendo Fan, LOZ FTW! Also, I really like Anime. 

2. What rig do you currently game on? 

Wii U and Android mostly 

3. What game are you currently playing right now? 

Black Rock Shooter for PSP

4. Do you enjoy that game, why? How’s the overall game play? 

Yes, it's from my favorite Anime and the game play is unique. 

5. Would you recommend it? 


6. Are there any games coming out that you are looking forward to?

Wind Waker HD, SSBU, MK8, Arkham Origins, and Watchdogs

7. What kind of gamer do you classify yourself to be? ie. PC, Console, Tabletop, LARP as well as Hardcore, RPG, etc. 


8. So with the new consoles coming out, which way are you leaning One or 4? (Ignore if you are a PC gamer) 
PS4, but I'm happy with my Wii U 

9. What are your thoughts on the gaming industry? 

All games are slowly becoming the same especially with Shooter's. 

10. If you had the power, what direction would you have the gaming industry go? 

Towards innovative, long, and beautifully designed games, with Great Music and Intensive story lines

11. 10 years from now, where do you see the industry? Are you happy with that direction? 

Mobile Gaming shall rule the World! Sure, I guess you would say I'm happy with that. 

12. Favorite Game (can include tabletop) of all time and why? 

Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword 
Beautiful art style, music, storyline, and controls were great. 

13. Additional Thoughts and Comments? 

Uncharted is pretty amazing. 

14. Would you like to share your gamer tag and the system so others may add you? 
I'm known on Nintendo Network as Pwntatochip

Thank you to Ivan for a fantastic interview. If you would to be interviewed for Gamer Corner please contact me at 

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