Sunday, October 6, 2013

Once Upon a Time: Season 3, Ep. 2 “Lost Girl”

Important Moments:

Starts with Mr. Gold by a fire speaking to his shadow. He pulls a knife and cuts off his shadow and gives it to his shadow to hide the knife. The group is walking through the crowd and Mary Margaret inquires why Emma does not call her Mom. Hook asks Emma what he was like in the stories about him. It’s really cute.

Flashback time: Snow White in the glass coffin being kissed by Prince Charming. The mirror tells Regina that Snow White is awake. Snow is rallying the people or at least trying to until Regina shows up. She offers Snow a deal that if she gives up her throne and she will let her live. The Dwarves side with Snow, they are like 7 big brothers that will protect her from everyone including Charming. Charming asks for Mr. Gold’s help. Adventure time - to a magical weapon which is the sword in the stone. Snow pulls the blade right out as the true ruler. Snow denies the deal and Snow slices Regina’s cheek with a sword. 

Flashback continued: Snow tries to give the sword back to Mr. Gold but she finds out that it is a fake. Charming essentially gave her Dumbo's magic feather. 

Emma meets Pan and he gives her a map that will lead her to Henry. The map is blank and will be until Emma admits who she truly is. Belle shows up or not really and believes she is a vision from Pan. Mr. Gold charmed Belle’s vision to show up to basically talk him out of being evil. He tries to let go of the past by getting rid of the doll, it comes back, 

Regina charms the map to have a locator spell. Pan says they cheated and the lost boys surround them. Fight sequence time! Pan reminds them that Emma must stop denying who she is. 

Emotional moment. Emma talks about her time in foster care and crying about her parents. The map reveals itself once Emma admits to being an orphan. Pan tells Emma that she will not just feel like an orphan but she will be one and Henry will want to stay in Neverland. Charming has been cut and infected by the poison! Oh no! 

My Thoughts: Mr. Gold is the ultimate! He knows to cut off his shadow and hides a knife. I wonder what the knife can do and why he needs to hide it from himself. Is that to make sure Pan does not get the knife.

I enjoy these flashbacks. It gives you a chance to see the characters and how they were shaped today. Seeing Snow stand up to Regina was great. I do not like that Charming went behind Snow’s back to try to use magic to make her on his side. The “s” word apparently is savior which is quite foolish, but okay we all know Emma is still denying herself. Frankly I think the group deserves to be duped because they decided to cheat. Did they really think it would be that easy to find Henry? Has Hook not been trying to tell them that it will not be easy.

They are fighting little boys, this is just wrong. They are orphans or those who are lost. I think Emma heard the voices because she is an orphan like a lost boy. I like that they chose this route as a way to reveal the map versus Emma admitting that she is magical. I wonder how long they are going to keep this weird attraction between her and Hook going. I am sure Charming will be fine so I am not that worried about the cut. Again a great episode. 

As a dear friends says, this is like Kingdown Hearts the tv show. HA!

Next Week: Tinkerbell!!! 

S/N Sorry I refer to Rumplestilskin as Mr. Gold in the past and present because I am too lazy to constantly type his name.

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