Sunday, October 13, 2013

Once Upon a Time Season 3. Ep. 3 “Quite a Common Fairy”

Important Moments:

Show starts with Emma and crew trying to go through the overgrown foliage of Neverland. Pan meets with Henry and greets him with a crow. Crew decides to seek out Tinkerbell. Pan makes Henry shoot an apple off a lost boys head but instead he shoots the arrow at Pan. Pan appears happy by this.

Flashback: Regina is talking with Mr. Gold about quitting her lessons in magic. Mr. Gold lets her know that she cannot escape her fate of being consumed by darkness.  While in a fit of rage, Regina falls from the balcony and is saved by Tinkerbell.

Regina and Tinkerbell share a drink as Regina shares her stories of woe with Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell says she needs to find love and she can help Regina do it. Tinkerbell is told by the blue fairy that she cannot help Regina. She of coarse decides to help her anyway. Tinkerbell stole some pixie dust and flies away with Regina to help her find her happy ending. Regina sadly runs away from her happy ending. Regina lied to Tinkerbell saying that she met him and he was all wrong. She blames Tinkerbell for being a bad fairy. Regina says she is not friends with Tinkerbell and is quite mean when she tells her to fly away. 

Neal asks for Robin Hood’s help to open a portal to Neverland. Apparently Robin’s son can assist by calling the shadow. Regina admits that she has a bad history with Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell finds Regina in the woods and knocks her out with some dust. Tinkerbell kidnapped Regina. It appears as though Tinkerbell lost her magic. Regina rips out her heart tells her to go ahead and kill her. Regina refused to be weak and that is why she did not go for happy ending. Tinkerbell refuses to kill her ans says it is too late for Henry because he has been with Pan too long. 

Pan tells Henry that he is the one that needs to bring magic back. He has to save magic essentially. He refuses to believe. Neal's plan works and he is able to catch a ride on the shadow. Mulan is informed that Sleeping Beauty and Phillip are expecting a baby. Mulan while heartbroken admits that she is going to join Robin Hood. Tinkerbell agrees to take the crew to Pan's camp. Tinkerbell informs Regina that she ruined her life and her true love by being selfish and turns out that he is Robin Hood. 

Flashback cont. Blue Fairy is upset about the theft and strips Tinerkbell of her wings by saying she does not believe in her. 

My Thoughts:

It was good that Pan finally crowed. I was waiting for that. I worried that it would not happen. I would love to see Rufio! Who is with me!

The fairy land is visually beautiful. All the flowers are amazing and its sad to see Tinkerbell told to stop helping a person. When you see Tinkerbell slink out of the woods, you think she is some crazy bag lady. While she is still in green it is a dark green which might mean something. It is sad to see such a powerful fairy without magic. I really think Regina needs serious therapy, a lot more than she had with Jiminy Cricket. She constantly destroys herself and her happiness. 

The concept of Henry being the one to save magic makes sense. I wonder what he will have to do to save it across all the lands. I honestly do not believe that Charming will die. He may be hiding his pending death but I do not believe it will come to that. 

Wow, so Regina was supposed to end up with Robin Hood. I would love to see how this plays out. 

S/N: Be honest you want to stand a kid by the window and make them say "I believe" to see if a shadow will come and take them away. 

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