Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Revolution Season 2, Ep. 6 “Dead Man Walking”

Show starts with Monroe and Miles setting up the patriots for the death of the Texas Ranger. Charlie and Rachel are overly sweet to each other which drives Rachel’s father crazy. He knows something is wrong but they will not speak of it. Miles and Monroe have to work together. Patriot lady tries not to take Tom all the way to the camp but he kindly reminds her that it is in her best interest. They find some bodies all torn up and the cadet from the center are guilty of it. Tom is shot at and he finds himself face to face with his son who has been programmed against him.

The patriots find Monroe and capture him. Texas and Patriots are together and have Monroe in a cage. Aaron runs into a Texan who works with the press. Neville is determined to get his son back so he refuses to listen to the patriot lady who says there is no hope. Monroe is moved to the bank vault. Miles confronts Rachel about letting the patriots know about them breaking him out. Charlie lays into her mother for always thinking she is right and never listening to anyone.  

Flashback – 3 years after blackout. Miles wants to scout a nearby camp and steal their food. Monroe is against the theft. Monroe has a woman who is pregnant. Monroe’s woman is giving birth and tells Miles run to get water and towels. Miles enlists Neville’s help. This is before they know who Neville is. The woman and child die. Miles has gone off the deep end and slaughtered the other group and took their supplies. 

Monroe asks to see Miles before he dies. The bromance is strong! Monroe confesses his love child with Emma. Monroe asks Miles to find him but Miles says his son is fine and he knew about him the whole time. Miles hid the child from Monroe. Monroe gets upset. Rachel’s father is happy to assist in execution. Miles apologized for his actions to Rachel and is given the lethal injection and is pronounced dead. Neville has his son tied up but he is still very violent. Rachel’s father is feeding information to the Patriots. Aaron sees a carriage with a triangle and circle on it and realizes that he has been doodling it. He is confused. Rachel digs up Monroe’s body. The press lady lets Aaron know that Texas signed a treaty with the Patriots. 

 My Thoughts: Serious therapy session is needed for Rachel and Charlie. That is a messed up relationship. Also I think that Aaron would be very smart to give a nice interview to the press lady to put her on the right track about what is going on. Wow, so Monroe had another chick pregnant. We are able to see how much loss Monroe has had in his life. He never had any hope.

How dare Monroe get upset about Miles hiding the child when Monroe broke guy code by hooking up with Miles’s woman. I really think Monroe is not dead or maybe will come back to life otherwise why would Rachel dig him up? The fact that Rachel’s Dad has been a mole this whole time is horrible and it will be a shame to see.