Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sleepy Hollow ep. 3 "For the Triumph of Evil"

Abby is called in and realizes Crane is interrogating a suspect. It turns out that the suspect is her younger self being interrogated but it is all a dream. Quite freaky I must say. Crane is creeping around with the whole all white eyes. Abby wakes up. They are called in to find a woman on a ledge who says she has been talking to Abby’s sister. The woman falls but turns out she is the doctor from Abby’s freaky dream. Crane, Abby, and the Chief check out the body and the all white eyes explode. Ewww…

Crane and Abby are watching the video of Jenny’s interview. Turns out the doctor that took the header treated Jenny and it may all be connected. I enjoy that Abby is always trying to question if things are real. Crane lets her know that the monster must be afraid of her and her sister and that it is time that she speaks to her sister. Jenny refuses to see her sister. Crane is however able to get in to see her. Crane comes out swinging about seeing the demon and that the doctor killed herself. Jenny starts to question some things when Crane tells her everything. Apparently something major went down between Abby and her sister. I guess Abby kept to herself her crazy and let her sister take the fall.

Crane is really trying hard to get Abby to open up about the fall out with her sister. Apparently Jenny talked about everything that happened in the woods and Abby refused to speak about it. Jenny ends up being taken away. It comes out that Abby and Jenny were in a foster home. I bet you there is a whole story behind her parents that may help explain her supernatural abilities.

Crane and Abby are on their way to see the man that found them in the woods but looks like he is about to be killed. The rancher has his wife at gun point and asks to speak with Abby. She actually goes into the home by herself. I feel this is breaking all kinds of protocol. The rancher has the all white eyes. The monster causes the rancher to shoot and he informs her that the sandman is coming for her the next time she falls asleep, she is dead. He then takes his life with his gun. Crane points out that Abby is standing removed from everyone.

They constantly hang out in the archive. I guess this is their watch tower. They find a book about a dream demon and Crane again knows about this mysterious monster. He heard of a fairy tale from Native Americans basically saying to take care of thy neighbor. Essentially Abby did not help her sister and is now going to pay for it. Crane is very upset to hear that Native Americans were all bur killed off. They visit a used car salesmen and says he is unable to help them. Crane is able to guilt trip the man about how he has to help or he will be next. Abby has to drink a magical blue juice that looks like Koolaid Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade. Abby has to fight in the dream world and can die in it. Crane takes a swig and plans on taking the psychedelic ride with Abby but they must be stung by scorpions first.

They are both in the dream world and Abby meets the demon quickly and Crane finds a red door. Abby has to relive the moment she betrayed her sister. Abby finally admits to seeing the monster in the woods and betraying her sister. She is able to defeat the sandman by being honest and turning him to glass.

The chief shows up to see them in the archive. He says as long as everything is over he does not need to hear the details. Crane further motivates Abby to see her sister. Abby shows up to see her sister and of coarse she is gone through a passage in the ceiling. I still question what side the chief is on but I guess we will find out in the end. 

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