Monday, October 7, 2013

Sleepy Hollow Season 1, ep. 4 “The Lesser Key of Solomon”

Important Moments:

The show starts with a flashback to Boston Harbor with our friend Crane who is tasked to secure a crate. Present day Crane is speaking eloquently of Katrina and apparently is talking to the On Star lady to unlock the car. Ha! Abbie asks for time to find her escaped sister. Jenny picks up her bug out gear from a bar and later the bar keep is tortured for information. 

Abbie and Crane visit an old foster home of Jenny’s and realize that the home was a very crappy place. Sisters finally meet up at the old sheriff’s cabin and turns out that Jenny was close to the sheriff as well. Crane has to play peace keeper between the sisters. 

Apparently Jenny worked with Sheriff Corbin on the weird things. Everything comes full circle, rare artifact Jenny has to protect for Corbin turns out to be connected to the same item that Crane was looking for during Boston Tea Party. The guys that tortured the bar keep ambush the cabin and steal the map to the mystery item. They are shadow hunters and in the box is a doorway to hell. Apparently shadow hunters are throughout Sleepy Hollow. The captured shadow hunter kills himself with a cyanide pill. 

Crane uses his photographic memory to recreate the map and are on their way to find the mystery item before the shadow hunters. The mystery item is a book of spells and rituals written by King Solomon which allows the release of 72 demons and Moloch. Shadow Hunters beat them there and start the ball rolling by bleeding on the book and chanting for Moloch. 

Fight Time. Crane, Jenny, and Abbie take on the shadow hunters all the while there are demons raising up. Visually it looks great and appropriately creepy. Abbie throws the book into the fire with the demons and one of the shadow hunter follows. 

The sisters quote scriptures to each other which seems a little bit odd. Jenny fully admits that she will continue to punish Abbie and Abbie tries to apologize. Abbie says she will take legal guardianship of Jenny and work together to get the answers they both have. 

Big Reveal: Moloch is the goat demon thing that they keep seeing. 

My Thoughts:

It was a great opening moment of Crane using On Star and showing how he is trying to adapt into the present day. I am sorry I still believe that the Captain is suspect of something. Either he is a bad guy, part of the good witch coven, or directly related to Abbie and knows her real parents. It will be interesting when it is revealed. Jenny has been in and out of mental institutions and I wonder why she has such a military feel to her. It feels like she can handle anyone or anything. The relationship between Abbie and Crane continues to grow and he is able to get her to open up and share herself. He also pulls her back from the edge of her guilt in reference to her sister. They even have a cute mash up name “Ichabbie”.

Now Jenny is just like Crane sprouting all these details and historical information like it is nothing. Turns out Jenny travels the world kicking butt and making things right, that is why she has a military feel. At least they explained it because I was going to keep wondering but now I wonder where she learned all this historical information. I think the final fight sequence was wrapped up too easily. There should have been more to it or the resolution should not have been so easy. I do like that Abbie is finally stepping up for her sister. I look forward to next week's episode. 

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