Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Ep. 3 “Original Sin”

Important Moments: 

Show starts with Elena having a dream of Stefan feeding in a bar and then baking in the sun. Catherine had the same dream. Silas is working with a gypsy. Silas wants Matt dead and tells the gypsy to handle it. Stefan wakes up and the chick from True Blood provides a blood bag for Stefan. She knows he is the doppelganger. Katsia is back for Stefan. 

The road trip of Elena, Catherine, and Damon is torture for everyone. The gypsy, Gregor, is still alive in Matt’s body. The gypsy girl is playing both sides. Katsia is going by the name of Tessa. The explanation of the doppelganger all started with Silas’s need for immortality and his betrayal. Tessa is making a new daylight ring for Stefan or that is what she claims she is doing. Bounty Hunter gypsy meets up with them and Elena plans on protecting Catherine. Tessa is not making a ring and she is crazy and plans on keeping Stefan captive. 

Flashback: Silas was in love with a woman. Silas was a traveler in the past and used Katsia to make a spell for immortality. Silas left Katsia at the alter and stole the immortality elixir. Silas’s true love was Katsia’s handmaiden who is apparently another doppelganger ie. Catherine/Elena. Katsia shows up at Silas’s love nest. She used the cure on Silas’s love and she killed her. Frankly I am not mad at her. 

The gypsy lady snaps Elena’s neck and takes Catherine. Damon finds Stefan. Apparently Tessa has been planting the dreams and needs Catherine. Tessa will link Stefan to Silas thereby neutralizing Silas’s mental ability. Tessa informs Damon that generation and generation of Stefan's and Elena's have been trying to get together for two thousand years. Elena runs in screaming Stefan's name while Damon watches. Silas lets Catherine know that her blood is the cure. 

Matt wakes up with no recollection of the conversation with Elena. Stefan wakes up after Tessa's spell and he forgets who he is. This is after Damon does a beautiful love speech to Elena.

My Thoughts: 

Okay so it is nice to Janina Gavankar back in action in a paranormal role. Wow okay so the story of Katsia and Silas was a little twisted. Silas really lied to Katsia and made her believe they were in love but all along he was with the help who turned out to be the original doppelganger of Elena.

How the heck did gypsy lady get all those extra powerful moves. It looks like she is not human. Also Katsia is scary powerful. Now that we know that Catherine's blood is the cure, I wonder if she will use her blood to make Elena human again and whoever else's life she wants to make difficult. 

Great twist of Stefan forgetting who he is. Talk about the problems that will occur as he tries to make moves on Elena. I look forward to seeing how this plays out next week. 

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