Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season 5, Ep. 4 “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

Important Moments:

Stefan is riding with Damon with his erased memories. It is interesting to see Stefan with a modified personality. Damon purposely crashes the car to prove that he is the fun brother. Caroline is friends with Jessie from college. Jeremy is working out with no shirt on! Jeremy is still urging Bonnie to let people know she is dead. Matt is freaking out because he is losing time and is possessed. Damon stops Stefan from eating the waitress.

Stefan is learning from Elena and appears to be putting the moves on her. Elena takes Stefan to school to help him remember. Jessie makes a move and kisses Caroline. Jeremy lets Damon know about Bonnie. Damon is mad at Jeremy for telling him and he hugs Jeremy. Elena tells Stefan that she is with Damon as he is about to kiss her. Stefan of coarse flees. Matt watches a video of himself and realizes that his is inhabited by someone else.

Caroline meets Stefan as he is drunk and walking around a crowd of blood bags. Jessie gets eaten by Stefan. Caroline heals Jessie. Stefan leaves and says he will check in with Caroline. Damon tells Elena about Bonnie’s death. Even though Stefan does not remember Bonnie, Caroline lets him know anyway about her death. Stefan says he will be there for Caroline. Elena has a melt down about not having funeral clothes. 

The gang shares memories at a tree stump in the woods. Bonnie says thank you to Jeremy as she needed it. Bonnie speaks through Jeremy and tries to motivate them. It is a total "Ghost" moment. Tyler shows up to the funeral. Jessie and Dr. Maxfield are talking and talks about Jessie has vampire blood in his system. Maxfield kills Jessie and makes him a vampire. 

 My Thoughts:

Jessie is so hot! I wonder what Dr. Maxfield is hiding. I still hold the belief that Elena's step-father is still alive. Stefan is more Damon like with his memories gone. Also if the doppelgangers have been trying to get together then Stefan has already met his with Katherine.

Elena showing Stefan around the town shows how great they used to be together. You can feel the emotions that they had for each other. However, Stefan still has a funny shaped head so I am Team Damon. My heart was breaking a little or maybe a lot because when Jeremy admitted that Bonnie was dead and Damon hugged him, I couldn’t help but to tear up. Despite all that Stefan has done for Elena, I always feel like Damon gives from his soul.

I understand Elena wants Stefan back to himself but she is giving too much. Stefan has some nerve saying that his hunger returns because of Elena. He needs to learn control at some point.  Is it just me but at some point in time can we have a season where someone important in Elena's life does not die? That girl cannot catch a break. The group keeps getting smaller and the only 100% human is Matt but he is possessed by a gypsy. 

They are really pulling the tears out of me during this episode. It was nice to see Tyler! Until next week. 

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