Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Revolution Season 2, Ep. 9 “Everyone Says I love You” Review

Important Moments:

Charlie, Miles, and Rachel plan to storm the bunker to get Aaron and the grandfather. Just as they are about to storm it they see all the patriots, dogs, and birds knocked out in the street. Now they can just walk into the front door. Charlie tracks Aaron’s boots. They find a tunnel and go through as the patriots are waking up. Neville and son are on their way to the white house. The tunnel leads the gang outside of the town. Rachel wants to go back to get her father but Miles says they need to find Aaron first.

Aaron wakes up with Cynthia in a library. Aaron is happy to see that Cynthia is healed. Aaron finds a creepy little boy. The little boy says Aaron carried Cynthia in but he does not remember. The patriots are looking hard for Aaron and Monroe is hanging out in the mist. He meets up with the group. Neville is on the train and sees his wife! Wow!!! Aaron says the boy looks familiar to him. Patriot spies Aaron through the windows. Dr. Horn is getting sicker and finding it hard to concentrate. Monroe is only sticking around for his son. Miles has a blood infection. Miles uses the kid as leverage to keep Monroe helping them.

Neville is searching through the train cars for his wife and finds her. They meet in a luggage car and start making out. At least the love is still there. Cynthia does not see the kid that Aaron has been talking to this whole time. The little kid is the speaker for the nannytes. Flashback – Rachel sees Miles off to the army. Rachel’s hair looks awesome. He tells her to be happy with his brother and that they need to stop what they are doing.

Cynthia tells Aaron to talk to the little boy. Mrs. Neville explains how she was out of Atlanta when the bombs fell. Mrs. Neville remarried in order to survive. Mrs. Neville is now plotting with Tom to get what they want. Aaron realizes the little boy looks like his friend from childhood. The boy tells him that Aaron woke them up. Flashback of Aaron turning back on the lights. He demands answers. He tells them to go away and to stop killing people. Patriots show up.

Tom brings Mrs. Neville to see her son. It's a special moment. Everyone is storming the library while Aaron and Cynthia hide. Miles passes out and Rachel refuses to leave him. Miles admits that he should not have let Rachel go. Aaron and Cynthia run into Dr. Horn. Monroe and Charlie work together to survive. I enjoy the gun fire. Dr. Horn shoots Cynthia in the chest. She says I love you right before she is shot and killed. The little boy shows up and Aaron is pissed and tells the little boy to kill Dr. Horn and all the patriots. They are all set on fire. He asks the little boy to heal her but he leaves instead like Aaron wanted.

My Thoughts:

I love the group of Charlie, Miles, and Rachel. They work well together when they are on the same page and Rachel isn’t being crazy. There Rachel goes again trying to break off and do her own thing. I am happy that Miles brought her back from the edge. So Mrs. Neville is alive. She is a tricky one. That whole family is filled with devious planners.

The nannytes pick the representation of a little boy in order to talk to Aaron. That is the perfect choice because any adult will speak to a child especially one that is alone and abandoned. I thought that Aaron was hallucinating and the kid was not really there but they took it further and made it the nannytes. Well done! I thought it was foolish of him to tell the nannytes to leave him alone. I would keep them close and happy. They can heal and kill. They are the perfect weapon.

Wow seeing Aaron say kill them all is deep. He watched the love of his life be killed by a greedy man and because he did not treat the nannytes like a person. He now loses Cynthia because he spoke too soon.

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