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TV Show Weekly Wrap-up (11/16/2013)

Witches of East End Season 1, Ep. 6 “Potentia Noctis”

Show starts with Freya taking a swim in the pool at Dash’s mansion and then Killian shows up. Mrs. Gardner shows up to see Ingrid. She brings a picture that has Ingrid it. Yeah, so I do not trust the mother. She might be behind the plot to take down Joanna. Ingrid asks about her past life and Joanna does not want to tell her the past. Dash is checking his brother at the hospital. It seems like they are patching things up. Ingrid does research to find a spell to help her remember her life from 1906. There she goes again messing with magic. You would figure she would understand not to do that seeing how the Adam situation turned out.  Flashback to an orgy with Ingrid and the man who built Fair Haven. Dash and Amy, specialist at the hospital, are checking on the weird object pulled out of Thatcher’s throat. Flashback to Wendy, Joanna, and Ingrid working in a shop that helps with ailments. Archibald shows up asking for a particular herb and is turned down. Freya touches the weird thing pulled out of the throat and apparently can lead to death. Wendy helps her to make a potion. Flashback – Ingrid has been seeing Archibald behind her mother and Aunt’s back. A spell is casted on an old lady to be young again. She dies. Archibald then kills the old lady’s brother. Ingrid finally sees Archibald for who he is.

Okay I see the connection; Freya is able to make potions the best as she makes the best drinks at the bar. Dash says to Freya that they should just get married over the weekend. The group heads back to Fair Haven and decide to go to some new uncovered catacombs. Flashback – Ingrid goes back to the shop and gets into a fight with Wendy. She says Archibald is bad and Ingrid should not marry him. Ingrid is wearing the wedding dress that Wendy later on burns. Archibald shows up and tells Ingrid to kill Wendy. Wendy tries to kill Archibald and messes up and Ingrid dies instead. Joanna had to kill Archibald as he tries to kill Wendy while his daughter watches. Apparently if one of them dies then the other girl dies. Joanna tells Wendy to get out and never see her again. Present Day – Dash tells Freya that the first time he met her, he knew he would marry her. In the catacombs there is a wall of the same thing pulled from the woman’s throat. Dash grabs one to continue his research. Dash’s mother has a scar on her back. She must be Archibald’s little girl! Wow! I knew there was something more to that woman.

The Originals Season 1, Ep. 7 “Bloodletting”

Marcel is holding a fight night. The vampires get a chance at a daylight ring if they win. Klaus and Elijah show up demanding Haley from Marcel. Marcel claims that he does not have her. Haley wakes up in the back seat of a truck with her arms zip tied. The truck stops and turns out it is Tyler that took her. Marcel brings Klaus and Elijah a witch to find Haley. Tyler takes her to other werewolves that have the same birthmark. Elijah and Klaus are in the bayou and find Tyler’s truck. Marcel finds Josh who is Klaus’s spy. He brings him to Davina to take away Klaus’s compulsion. Haley asks Tyler about the wolf that has been following her around which he has no idea about. Tyler takes the blood from the baby via a needle then injects a werewolf and kills him. Uh oh. Rebekah shows up and beats up Marcel asking him where Haley is. The werewolf wakes up and makes the werewolf feed on Haley. New hybrid! Davina is working with Josh who is in a lot of pain during the magic. We are able to see who Josh is and Davina relates to Josh wanting a normal life. Tyler walks in and is going to kill Haley. The werewolf is sired to Haley and the baby and Haley is able to tell the hybrid to stop Tyler. Tyler wins the fight. Haley makes a run for it and Elijah finds her. She tells Elijah about the hybrid aspect of the baby. Klaus shows up and finds Tyler. Fight Time!

Marcel takes Rebekah to the garden. Marcel shows Rebekah a drawing of a beautiful house that was supposed to be for them. Marcel asks Rebekah to choose him but she is afraid that Klaus will kill Marcel. Marcel says they should just kill him first. Klaus and Tyler keep stabbing each other. Klaus decides not to rip out Tyler’s heart. He basically says Tyler will live with all his pain and that death will be too easy. Rebekah lets Marcel know that he can’t kill Klaus without killing himself. Marcel claims he wants to fight for Rebekah. Klaus has the nerve to act hurt and offended when Elijah asks if he knows what the baby’s blood can do. Klaus bites Elijah infecting him. I didn’t know a werewolf bite can mess with an Original. Whew, the bite will not kill just mess with him for a bit. Davina is able to break Klaus’s compulsion on Josh. Josh sweet talks Davina into not making him forget about her. Haley steps outside the wolf cabin and finds a bible with a family tree. Haley finds a list of a girl that has the same date as her birth. Klaus tells Rebekah that he needs her in his plot to take down Marcel. I really think this is the time that Rebekah tries to get back at Klaus. Tyler shows up and tells Marcel about Klaus, Haley, and the baby. Wow I loved Tyler on The Vampire Diaries but I do not like him on the Originals. He had a chance to be happy with Caroline but he throws it away to chase after Klaus. Then because of his hatred of Klaus, he puts Haley and the baby at risk. He is a despicable man.

Supernatural Season 9, Ep. 6 “Heaven Can’t Wait”

The show starts with a man in Idaho who called the suicide help line. He is about to kill himself but is stopped and killed by an Angel instead. Castiel is working at a convenience store and his name is Steve. Kevin has translated the heaven stone into a dead language and they need to try to translate the language. Cass’s coworker asks him out on a date. Awe shoot! Cass is the man! Dean finds the man in Idaho was essentially blown apart causing a pink film over the whole house. The Angel shows up at a school and kills a girl who says she could just die since her boyfriend dumped her publicly. Dean goes to see Cass at his job. Cass is proud of his job and enjoys it but he does agree to help Dean. Cass sees the pink splatter and says he has seen this before. There is a class of Angels that can smite people completely and not cause pain.

He sees pain and believes he is helping by killing these people. Crowley is able to translate the text but refuses to unless he can make one phone call first. Cass shows up for his date and realizes that he has to babysit instead. Of coarse the baby starts to cry right away. I enjoy watching Cass being placed into very human situations and not knowing how to handle them. The first couple that was believed to be killed turns out that it was only the wife. The husband has been taken over by an Angel. He actually took Nora out on a date to get to Cass. The Angel shows up and says he want to rid the world of all suffering and plans to help Cass. Crowley talks to the evil chick who apparently is going around voiding contracts. Crowley translates and lets Sam and Kevin know that the spell cannot be undone. Dean shows up in time to help Cass defeat the Angel. Sam sees Cass inject himself with Kevin’s blood. He might be trying to complete the final trial by himself? Cass feels guilty about the Angels but Dean tells him that he will take care of the problem. I respect Dean for not telling him about the spell not being reversible. You can truly see that Cass is in pain and can understand why the Angel was attracted to his pain.

Sons of Anarchy Season 6, Ep. 10 “Huang Wu”

Tara wakes up and is frantic to find her kids and sees that Jax is taking care of them. Jax lets her know that there will be someone watching her. Jax packs his stuff and leaves. Opening sequence of all the different characters. The saddest one is seeing Wendy back on that stuff. She was doing so well and the mess with Tara helped her fall of the wagon. Clay’s trial has been moved up and now they need to move him during transport sooner. Tara and Margaret talk. Margaret is scared and plans to take some vacation time. Frankly I am disgusted with Tara for pulling so many people into her lies. I appreciate Jax getting out of the house but he does not need to be laid up with Collette. Jax sits down with the club and tells the truth about Tara. You can tell Jax is truly hurting. Juice volunteers to watch her. This is a good idea in theory but lately Juice has been off so I wonder if he will do what he wants to “motivate” Tara. I just think Collette is skanky and Jax does not need to be dealing with her. Jax meets with the Irish trying to hammer out the deals. Tara shows up to visit Wendy. She starts by threatening her and realizes that Wendy was doing drugs. Tara sees Juice and backs up and runs over his bike. Ha! The deal with the Italian goes bad when the Irish show up and shoot and kill some of the Chinese.

Gemma shows up to see Tara at the house. They exchanged words and lets her know that the boys will not be leaving Charming. Gemma leaves on a threat and you can tell that Tara is rattled. Wayne and Niro are funny together. There are little jabs but they do eventually find common ground. The crew is on the road and find themselves being chased and gunned down by the Chinese. The Chinese have the guys surrounded. They let them know that they need to shut down the Irish pipeline. The Chinese keep one of the guys as insurance. Jax’s back is truly against the wall. Juice and Tara exchange words and he sends her to Collette’s claiming Jax is there. Uh oh! Wayne and Niro find Wendy passed out. Gemma goes to see Clay. They are pretty civil and you can tell that there was love there. Jax ends up back at Collette’s. Tara shows up. She walks in on Jax having sex with Collette. She beats up Collette and hits Jax. She yells at him, “Look what you have done to me”. It is true, this life did destroy a huge part of her. Tara shows up to the DA office saying that she wants to deal and she is ready to talk. The DA tells her the deal is no longer on the table. She walks out feeling defeated. She did set herself up. She should have understood what she had to lose. 

The Tomorrow People Season 1, Ep. 12 “Sitting Ducks”

Show starts with a Russ playing piano for an audition. His father dresses him down for not being good enough despite him getting in. Present day, Russell and Stephen meet with Piper at the pool hall. They realize that Piper is one of them. She beats them up and makes a run for it. Russ finds out that his father passed away. Cara and John are still having problems. Russ is going to go home to his father’s funeral. John agrees to go with Russ. Stephen states that he will go find Piper and help her now that he knows she is on Ultra’s radar. Flashback – Russ is in a high stakes poker game. He is kicked out for cheating and is threatened. He teleports away. Stephen finds himself kissing Cara to avoid being spotted by Ultra after Piper takes a runner again. Jedikah is seen stalking a superhuman. Russ is missing from the bunker. John finds Russ at the local bar drunk and causing problems. Bar fight ensues. John finds himself assaulting a police officer. Stephen and Cara find Piper and help her to evade Ultra.

Flashback – The men show up to the house and his father tells him to hide. The money is taken from them. The father is willing to pay for his son’s actions. The men torture the Dad by smashing his hands with a hammer. Piper turns out to be Darcy’s sister. Darcy called in Ultra on her sister. Darcy in the end agrees that it is not the right thing to do and decides to protect her sister instead. Darcy ends up having a stand off with Ultra and is shot dead while his sister and Stephen watch. Wow! I knew it was coming but this is a shame. Piper is devastated and frankly Ultra just created a huge enemy. Russ and John finally arrive in Portland. He quickly embraced by his mother and as a goodbye to his father he plays the piano. Wow, heart strings officially are being pulled here. Flashback = Russ playing his last performance with his father watching with his broken hand. He waves him goodbye and teleports away, shocking his father. Jedikah shows up to the woman he was stalking, Morgan. Turns out Jedikah has a little chippy with powers. Cara tries to make Stephen feel better about how everything turned out with Piper and Darcy. Stephen kisses Cara again and they are opening a can of worms. Uh oh, John will be upset.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1, Ep. 5 “Heart of Stone”

Flashback of Anastasia and Will being interrupted by her mother. She does not like Will because he is not a nobleman. Her mother is honest by telling her she cannot live on love. The woman is very mean but she believes her daughter is throwing away her life. Present time has the Red Queen standing on the edge of a cliff. Alice is apologizing to the statue of Will. The Red Queen offers Alice a deal she will show her where the genie is if she procures dust that can protect from dark magic. Sirus is talking to the other man in a cage and tells of his escape. I really want to know who the other guy is and what does Jafar want from him. Flashback of Anastasia and Will trying to survive. They decide to go to the ball. Jafar has kidnapped the rabbit. He wants to know all of Alice’s weaknesses. Sirus begins his escape now that he carved a hole in the cage. He fights the guard and grabs the keys. Frankly he shouldn’t trust the other guy just yet. The Red Queen and Alice are at the cliff. There is a sign that says the pure of heart will make the leap. Flashback of Anastasia and Will at the ball. Anastasia meets the king and shares a drink. Will is caught as a thief and Anastasia is listed as an impostor. You can tell that she is not happy with her situation. 

Present day – Alice is trying to figure out how. Alice makes her first step and finds that she is walking on air but then falls. Alice has fallen down but is still alive. Sirus tries to help the old man but he tells him to go on without him. Jafar is threatening the rabbit who is stalling with information. He tries to stall but he cuts off his foot. Alice is in a cave and finds herself faced with her child self. Little Alice causes the Red Queen to fall and wants her to kill the Red Queen. Apparently it was a test and Alice is pure of heart. Flashback of Anastasia and Will working together to steal the crown jewels. Present Day – The Queen steals the dust and does not tell her where Sirus is. Alice did keep a little bit of the dust for herself. The rabbit makes a run for it and runs into Sirus who he tells to run. Jafar wants the rabbit to dig a hole to another land. Flashback – Anastasia is caught by the king who demands to know why she is stealing the jewels. He offers her the jewels if she marries him. Will watches from outside as Anastasia is announced as the queen. He is truly heartbroken. Present Day – The Queen says sorry to the statue Will and uses the dust to free him. Alice uses the dust to see where Jafar’s castle is. Sirus is finally free of the castle and says he will find Alice. We shall see. 

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