Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S.1, Ep. 10 “The Bridge” Review

Important Moments: 

Show starts with the man, Poe, in jail being broken out by a centipede guy. Skye is looking into her mother and Coulson has enlisted May to look into it. A Sparring session between Ward and May that is intense. They enlist Peterson, former centipede experiment, to help combat the centipede problem. May and Coulson talk about keeping the truth from Skye about the orphanage. Peterson is determined to have his second chance. Fitz and Simmons work on studying Peterson to ensure he is stable. Simmons and Fitz find out that it was their work that stabilized Peterson.

Skye corners May about her parents but May quickly reminds her they are on a mission. The man in jail says the clairvoyant does not like to be touched to the lady in the flower dress. The woman’s name is Rayna and she originally recruited Peterson. Poe and Rayna are talking about the clairvoyant and they plan to take out the Shield team. 

 Peterson is finally getting his chance in the field. Ward, May, Coulson, and Peterson arrive at the warehouse and find themselves face to face with the super soldiers. They are able to capture one of the soldiers but the centipede group kills him before they have a chance to interrogate him. Centipede are intrigued to realize that Peterson has his powers and is not dependent on their serum to keep him alive. 

May is yelling at Ward for taking a hit for her. She questions that he is letting his feeling cloud his judgment but he firmly puts her in her place. Skye shows up and May is a jerk to Skye and basically tells her if she cannot put aside the search for her parents then she should leave. Coulson asks Peterson why he hasn't seen his son since the train station. Peterson is afraid to be around his son after the way he acted. Peterson calls his son to realize that Rayna has kidnapped his son. 

The team has to do an exchange of Peterson for the boy. Turns out the deal is to give up Coulson for his Peterson's son. The team watches as Coulson is taken away. Peterson turns over his son to Skye and runs back but there is an explosion and they do not see Coulson or Mike but they see a helicopter fly off. The helicopter shoots Ward as it flies away. Centipede wants to know about the day after he died and that is why they kidnapped him. 

My Thoughts:

Yup, I am still going with the idea that Couslon may be Skye’s father or he possibly knows a lot more than he is letting on. I do not like the need for the show to name drop. It is necessary to make so many references to the Avengers. I want the show to stand on its own two feet and the writers needs to make compelling stories and they will not feel the need to name drop. Can May not be so predictable? So she is burned by Ward and therefore takes her anger out on Skye. This is not necessary and is very predictable in terms of a story. This happens all the time it is called Projection. Despite so many predictable moments, ie. Coulson's kidnapping, it was still an enjoyable show. 

It appears as though we will find out the truth behind Coulson's death in January. 

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