Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Finale

Sleepy Hollow S1, ep. 12 “Indispensable Man” & S1, ep. 13 “Bad Blood”

Indispensable Man: Crane is trying to figure out the date in the Washington’s bible. Andy shows up to talk to Abbie and tries to warn her and make a deal with her to serve with him. Andy admits his love for Abbie which makes you sad for him. He is torn between the one he serves and the woman he loves.  Washington drafted a map of how to get to purgatory and Crane wants to use it to free Katrina. Raise your hand if you are concerned about what else may come out. Crane and Abbie ask for Mr. Parrish’s help to lift the prayer beads that resurrected Washington. Sadly there is a hex on the beads that hurts him but he did see some of what happened with Washington.

Abbie questions Crane about how opening purgatory may bring about the end of the world. She asks if Crane is willing to give up Katrina for the greater good. Andy was wrapped up in a cocoon and reborn into a creature for Moloch. Crane, Parrish, and Abbie set out to find the grave site of Washington. Crane’s wedding ring is the key to opening the tomb of Washington’s coffin. They find the map in Washington’s hands. Andy shows up, uh oh.

Parrish touches Andy which causes him to remember and begs Abbie to kill him and destroy the map. She sadly is forced to kill her long time friend and they are able to get out. Abbie asks Crane to destroy the map. Crane burns the map and chooses Abbie. Captain Irving confesses to the murders at the safe house in order to protect his daughter. Crane sits down and begins to reconstruct the map from memory. Frankly that is a huge betrayal.

Bad Blood – Crane finds himself in a war reenactment. Parrish walks into the cabin and tells of his premonition of Moloch raising a creature and seeing the horsemen rising. Crane comes clean about drawing the map and admits how he needs a witch to stop the second horseman. They plan to use Katrina to help them. They are warned to be careful to not let themselves want to stay in purgatory.

Abbie wakes up and sees Andy and Corbin and questions where Crane is. Corbin lets her know that she is in the FBI academy. Crane wakes up and is welcomed into a celebration where his father welcomes him home. They are both trapped in their dream life in purgatory. Abbie realizes it is fake and breaks out of the cabin. Crane realizes that it is a dream and leaves his father behind.

Crane wakes up and in a weird land with odd creatures that have no faces. He finds Abbie. They are able to find Katrina who is in the church. She says she cannot be released until she is forgiven. Katrina says that her soul can leave the realm if another takes its place. Abbie realizes that it is her that needs to stay and she needs to face Moloch. Crane swears he will be back for her.

Abbie finds herself face to face with Moloch. Crane, Katrina, and Parrish set off to find the place where Moloch plans to raise the horseman. Jenny is on a mission to find the Saint’s name. The headless horseman guns down the car and Jenny is knocked out. Abbie finds herself in a the place where she feels safe. She sees the younger version of herself and Jenny. The memories were removed by Moloch so she will forget the truth. Parrish betrays them. As a teen Abbie saw Moloch pull out the second Horseman who is actually Crane and Katrina’s son who is Parrish. Abbie was sent there to stop the rising of the Horseman but she was too weak at the time.

The name of the church was St. Henry Parish. He took that name after he rose. The headless horseman arrives as Katrina and Crane are tied up. The horseman grabs Katrina and rides off. Crane is trapped in the box his son was originally trapped in. Henry breaks the second seal. End. 

My Thoughts: There is a prophecy saying that Crane will give Abbie’s soul to Moloch. I think he would do it if he had to choose between her and Katrina. The relationship between Abbie and Crane is stronger with the map being destroyed but I do not think they should trust Parrish anymore. As I continue to watch the show I realize that my hunch was right. The beads burned Parrish because he was the horseman and not because there was a hex on the beads. If Crane or Abbie had touched the beads they would have realized it. 

I must admit I do feel that I am lacking since I do not have the ability to quote from the bible as I quote from movies. Am I the only one feeling this way as I watch this show? Everyone in it can quote the bible like they quote lines from The Simpsons. 

The show overall was done well. The season finale was great and we now have to wait until Fall 2014. Cliffhangers – Abbie stuck in purgatory, Crane trapped in a grave, Jenny knocked out in a car accident, Katrina kidnapped by the headless horseman, and Irving going to jail. I look forward to seeing where this show will go next. 

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