Monday, January 13, 2014

Sleepy Hollow “The Vessel” S1, Ep. 11 Review

Episode starts with Captain Irving trying to figure out what happened in the park when his daughter was threatened. The spirit is now in the police department and let him know that they want Crane’s bible or he plans to take his daughter. George Washington’s bible is supposed to help against evil but they team has not cracked how. 

Abbie comes across a video that Sheriff Corbin had which is a recording of Jenny who was possessed by a demon. Abbie and Crane meet with Jenny and they agree to watch the whole video together to figure out how to destroy the demon. They are shocked to see that Demon Jenny plans to kill Abbie. Jenny understandable becomes freaked out and runs.

Irving moves his family to a safe house but turns out the demon is with them in the extra detectives. Jenny remembers how she used to lose time in her childhood. Jenny was purposely having herself arrested whenever she would get thoughts to destroy her sister.  Back at the safe house, Morales kills the other detective and is now in the house with the family. They find the demon is Angitif and they need a special lantern to cast out the demon. Crane remembers the lantern as being gifted to Benjamin Franklin. Macey is now possessed by the demon. She kills the minister very easily and then threatens to kill Cynthia (Macey’s mother).

Abbie plans to steal the lantern from the doomsday preppers. Crane tells Abbie how Jenny would go to jail to protect her. Abbie and Crane end up surrounded by the doomsday preppers in their attempt to escape. Crane tries to reason with the preppers about letting them have the lantern but they do not agree. Jenny shows up and saves the day and gets them free. Irving appeals to Macey inside the demon to fight and be strong but he fails. Abbie and Jennie stand together against the demon inside Macey. They trap it in a circle of salt and use the lantern to send it back to hell. Macey is free of the demon and Abbie and Jenny have their first true hug as sisters. 

Crane uses a concoction to find the invisible ink in the bible. December 18th, 1799 and it is in Washington's handwriting 4 days after he died. 

My Thoughts:

The demon possession thing is very scary. Smart move on Irving moving his family but sadly he did not do enough. I love how quick they are all able to reason out that Macey is possessed. I understand that they are all smart but come on lets be realistic.  

Is Morales still alive? How to they explain all the bodies? Now you are going to mess with history and when Washington died. Oh and how did it take so long for them to look for invisible ink? Crane is able to deduce all kinds of things but not to the possiblity of invisible ink until the last minute. Really? 

Overall good episode and a strong set up for next week's 2 hour season finale. 


  1. LOL " I love how quick they are all able to reason out that Macey is possessed" -Hmmm could it be that she was able to run with the speed of Bugatti Veyron? Or maybe her natural hair needed some product - or her skin was so jacked up not even uber proactiv could cure ... Heh, heh heh :)

    1. Abbie, Crane, and Jenny did not see or hear Macey, nor did Irving tell them Macey was possessed. They just automatically knew which is pushing the logic scale too far.

    2. I remember them saying they were too late... Oh yes - they were all warned... I'll watch it again and report back. :)

    3. Check it out. You can see that they jump to that conclusion.