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Teen Wolf “More Bad Than Good” S3, Ep. 14

Peter and Derek are being tortured and questioned about “La Loba”.  A little old lady is asking about a she-wolf. She cuts off one of Peter’s fingers. Scott and Stiles are running through the woods and find a coyote den with all the items from the little girl. They believe she is trapped inside the body of a coyote. Kara brings Scott some research and her dad embarrasses her. Poor thing. Stiles is called to the front to read aloud but the words literally melt off the page. Stiles has a panic attack. Scott has to convince him it is not a dream. Kara goes to bring the boys their book bags and sees a coyote. It traps her in the locker room and it was after the doll in Stiles’s book bag. Luckily Scott was there to scare it off.

Derek and Peter are  freed by a lady who was hired by Ducalean. Stiles father does not want to believe the coyote is a girl. Mr. Tate shows up and has a gun. He wants to kill the animal he believes killed his family. Isaac asks how to turn the girl back to human. They go to meet the twins to learn Alpha stuff even though they are not alphas anymore. They start to beat up Scott.

The twins are purposely beating him up and try to force him to turn. Sadly it does not work. Allison goes into one of her states again and almost shoots Isaac. The Scooby gang gather to get the coyote but it has actually made it back to the Tate house. Now everyone is out in the woods, there are bear traps, Tate with a gun, and Allison with a gun. Isaac ends up getting trapped. Allison is able to shoot Tate with the tranquilizer gun.

Lydia has stepped on a trap. Stiles has figured out that the coyote wants the doll to return it back to the car wreck. Stiles now has to figure out how to disarm the trap. Scott finds the coyote. Lydia motivates Stiles to figure out how to disarm it since he cannot read the instructions. Lydia is freed. Scott has changed and does the roar which helps the coyote change back to human. Stiles father is able to return the missing girl home to her father. Stiles father is still the sheriff and Stiles is able to read again.
End Sequence:
Derek and Peter find something within mountain ash that has a symbol on it. I believe we saw that symbol before. Someone pulls a little tree that has grown from the Nemeton stump and out comes lightening bugs that become people.

My Thoughts: I wonder what is so important about the she-wolf. Who is the she-wolf they refer to, Derek's sister?  Okay so the coyote had blue eyes in last week’s episode and now it is some crazy swirly eyes. It looks really scary now. I wonder what made her turn into a coyote in the first place. There is that question that needs to be answered.

I am ready for Scott to move on with the new girl.

I wonder if now everyone is able to function again. I do not think everything is going to be so cut and dry. There will be more that they have to deal with.

Okay I need more story of what is going on with Derek and Peter and why Ducalean is helping. Lets see.

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