Monday, February 10, 2014

Movie Monday: Devil

Random Movie Mondays is here. I finally had the chance to watch the movie Devil. It was released in 2010, directed by John Dowdle, screenplay by Brian Neelson, and story by M. Night Shyamalan. Yes it is one of his movies but relax I think it was pretty good.  

IMDB Story Line: In Philadelphia, Detective Bowden (Chris Messina) is still grieving for his wife and son, killed in a hit-and-run five years ago. When someone jumps from a skyscraper onto a truck, Bowden is sent to investigate. Meanwhile, five strangers are trapped in an elevator in the building where the jumper committed suicide. The communication radio in the elevator is broken but the guards, Lustig (Matt Craven) and Ramirez (Jacob Vargas) observe the individuals via CCTV as events unfold. Tensions run high among those trapped, so Lustig calls the police and Detective Bowden assumes the case. Without being able to contact the individuals, he tries to work out who they are, but he can only account for four of them. Time is running out for the occupants of the elevator, as Bowden realizes he has to get them out quickly.

My Thoughts: First I must share a disclaimer. I do not like elevators. I have been stuck in an elevator numerous times and even had to be pulled out of one by the Fire Department. Being stuck in between floors and having to be pulled out is not an experience I would wish on anyone. So with that said this movie just hit all my freak out buttons for me. 

Every time the lights would flicker and then go out something horrible would happen to a character in the elevator. This movie is a typical Shyamalan movie in which everything is explained and wrapped up at the end. I think some mystery would be great but in the case of this movie I was okay with the ending. 

I enjoyed being freaked out with everyone in the elevator and the deaths in such a small space were done very well. You begin to become invested in the cop and security as the attempt to figure out what exactly is going on. I also like the character Ramirez because he held on to his faith and plus he is Snake from Airborne. I would recommend checking this movie out. You will enjoy the scare factor and think twice each time you are in the elevator.

Share your thoughts about this movie in the comments. 


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