Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Teen Wolf S.3, Ep. 18 "Riddled" Review

Important Moments: Show starts with Scott receiving a phone call from Stiles. He is freaked out saying he does not know where he is and the line disconnects. Calls back and says his leg is stuck and makes Scott promise not to call his father. Stiles begs Scott to find him. Scott alerts Isaac to get up that they have to help Stiles. Lydia hears Stiles on the radio saying come find him. Stiles calls Scott and lets him know that he is in a basement and he thinks someone is there with him.

Kira is at her house and breaks a bulb. She sees her mom shock the bulb and thinks she has powers as well. Aiden and Lydia show up to Stiles's house. Scott and Isaac are at the house and realize that Stiles may have lost it with all the red strings in his bedroom. Lydia decides to stay behind and figure out what Stiles was up to. We finally get to see Stiles who has his leg stuck in a bear trap. Stiles sees a man in the basement who writes the number 5 backwards. Scott tells Mr. Stiliniski who now sets up a search. They find Stiles's car at the hospital. Derek is on the roof and can sense that Stiles had intense anxiety there. Lydia finds that strumming the strings helps her to hear people whispering. She hears the voices talking about a house where she believes Stiles is.

Stiles keeps yelling out who is it in the dark. The person is speaking Japanese to Stiles. The guy starts to speak English and starts using “we”. Who are we and we are not shivering. Stiles says to stop saying we. The creature says we are trying to save your life. Mr. McCall is concerned about the transcript when Stiles saying his eyes are burning. Lydia leads them to the house but Stiles is not there but the number 5 is etched into the wall. Mr. and Mrs. McCall are together. He thinks Stiles is still sleeping. The creature talks about the door in Stiles’s head. Stiles is dragged away. The McCalls find Stiles who was asleep. ‘

Isaac shows up to Allison who is asleep. She realizes that her phone was off. She finds a voicemail filled with Japanese. Aiden says he thinks Stiles has the spirit in him but Derek does not want to believe. Lydia hears something but she refuses to tell Scott. She no longer trusts in her powers. Derek shows up to talk to Kira. Mrs. McCall talks to Mr. Stiliniski about Stiles’s symptoms and they agree testing is needed.

Kira and Derek are back at the electric station. They find Stiles’s bat. Derek asks about fox fire. Isaac and Allison go to Kira’s father and ask about the Japanese voicemail on Allison’s phone. It is about Japanese internment camps and the rules. Kira’s father says it is fake because there were no camps named Oakwood. Stile is going through multiple tests. Stiles says they are looking for Frontal Temporal Dementia. It was what his mother had. Lydia starts to hear the same clanking noises that Stiles is hearing. Derek believes Kira’s fox fire jump started the evil spirit into Stiles.  Derek shares that his mother said that his family protected Beacon hills. Lydia screams and you know that is bad. Scott and Derek return to the hospital roof and believe that Stiles was fighting with himself to stop himself from doing something bad. They find a bag of tools and a compromised wire.

Stiles is having a MRI done and they see that Stiles brain is shrinking. Mr. Stiliniski is heartbroken. Stiles starts to freak out in the MRI. He goes into a trance and sees the creature. The creature says they will let those in his life go if he answers a riddle. The answer to the riddle is a shadow. Everyone has one but no one can lose it. Stiles finds the creature has taken off its bandage and looks just like him. Stiles goes missing from the MRI. The spirit has taken over Stiles’s body. Kira’s mother shows up and she is working with the 5 and threatens Stiles. She says she knows someone who will defeat Stiles. Kira walks up the hospital and sees the lose electrical wire come down. End. 

My thoughts: So the evil guy from young Mr. Argent is the spirit that is now in Stiles. Wow the fox fire caused Stiles to have the evil spirit.  They revealed too soon but with the spirit now in charge I wonder where Stiles is. Also wow Kira’s mother is badass! She is a kitsune as well and says she knows someone that can defeat him. Maybe it is Kira.

I wonder if Scott turns Stiles to a wolf can he save his brain from deterorating further. Wolves are able to heal so can he heal that, right? Oh and Derek’s family was protecting the town and by wiping the family out things are now coming into the town.   

The show is truly tying in Japanese myths and the history. I wonder where they are going with the Japanese internment camps. That is a dark time in history. Turns out the backwards number 5 is a kanji.

We will meet another Banshee during the season! 

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