Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Walking Dead S4, Ep. 10 “Inmates” Recap

Important Moments: Episode starts with Beth narrating, recalling how great it was at the prison and the need to find a safe place. Beth is on the run with Daryl. Beth is talking to Daryl and notes that they should do something and they cannot be the only survivors. She is trying to motivate Daryl who appears to be in a weird funk. Daryl helps Beth to track and find others. They come upon some walkers eating some of the survivors at the railroad tracks. 

New group. Tyese has baby Judith and the girls (Mika and Lizzie) with him. They are on a constant move. They stop to change Judith’s diary. Tyrese leaves the girls to go help someone who is in distress. He comes upon the group of people at the railroad that Daryl and Beth will later find. Carol shows up and finds the girls. Carol spins a nice story on what happened to her, good thing Rick never got around to telling Tyrese what happened. They find a sign claiming sanctuary called Terminus.

New group. Sacha is with the alcoholic guy, Bob. Maggie is there and claims she will look for the bus and find Glenn. They come upon the bus that appears to be broken down and filled with walkers. They work together to find out if Glenn is on the bus. After killing the Walkers, Maggie searches the bus but does not find Glenn. 

New group. We find Glenn passed out on top of a walkway at the prison with a gun. There are walkers all around. Glen is wandering around the prison trying to find if anyone is left. Glenn lays down in his old cell and finds a picture of Maggie. He begins ransacking the other cells for necessary items of survival. He puts on the combat gear and makes a run for it. 

As he is leaving he finds a survivor and motivates her to get a move on. Tara lets it slip about how The Governor killed Hershel. Glenn admits he doesn't like Tara but he has to find Maggie and she will help him find her. They take on a few walkers and Glenn passes out. A truck rolls up and we are introduced to Abraham. Woohoo!!! 

My Thoughts: Apparently there will be four episodes focusing on small groups as we saw with Carl. I knew they would not kill the baby like they did in the comic. Television is too soft  and people would be all upset. Also look at Carol showing up and kicking butt. I am sure we all cheered when Carol showed up. However I am concerned at Lizzie’s attempt to kill Judith. We all need to keep our eyes on that little girl.

Spoiler alert – in the comic Carl kills one of the other kids because the kid is a serial killer. Looks like Lizzie might have those makings and I guess we shall see if they are honest and let Carl kill her. 

Okay we see Maggie is alive and well but she is acting foolish on this quest to find Glenn. Whatever! 

Abraham!!! All comic readers are I am sure excited for this character and it looks like he has his side kicks with him. I cannot wait to see how they continue with this character! Technically Tyrese was supposed to be the one beheaded but instead they killed Hershel so I wonder how long Tyrese will live and if Abraham will live longer as well. 

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