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Resurrection S1 Ep. 2 “Unearth” Recap


Jacob has a dream that he is walking around in the cemetery. He sees Caleb Richards walking around whistling. Suddenly, Caleb begins to disintegrate into ash. Jacob does as well. Jacob wakes up from his dream frightened. At Elaine’s house, she and Maggie explain to Caleb that he died of a heart attack. He claims he does not remember having a heart attack and says there must be a mistake. Outside on the porch, Ray tells Agent Bellamy and Maggie that the man is not his dad.

Maggie goes to check on her father, Sheriff Langston. He isn’t buying the stories about is deceased wife having an affair and he isn’t sure Jacob is really back from the dead. Maggie tells him that Caleb is back too. Agent Bellamy approaches Maggie with his idea of examining Jacob’s body in the tomb. Maggie reveals that her mother is also in the tomb.

Mrs. Langston takes Jacob to the park so he can play soccer with the other kids. The other parents are not comfortable with this and start to call their kids off the field until only Jacob is left. Agent Bellamy and Maggie ask the Langstons for permission to open Jacob’s tomb. Henry Langston does not agree with it and storms off. Mrs. Langston says if they need to do it in order for her to keep Jacob, then they have her permission. Mrs. Langston tells Agent Bellamy what happened at the park. He advises her that she should lie about Jacob’s identity; maybe say he is a cousin or other relative. He explains this might make people feel more comfortable. Jacob overhears the conversation. 

Maggie drives to her deceased mother’s supposed ex-lover’s house, but decides not to get out of the car, so she drives off. Henry Langston visits his brother, Sheriff Langston, at the police station. Sheriff Langston questions why his brother would keep his wife’s affair a secret from him. Henry avoids the question and tells Sheriff Langston that Agent Bellamy wants to open the tomb, but also tells him that he told them that they couldn’t. Sheriff Langston tells Henry that they can still try to get a court order.

At the hospital, Elaine accompanies her father for a check up with Maggie. Maggie explains to Elaine in private that he shows signs of having a heart attack 3 days ago, which coincides with when Caleb says he woke up. Maggie asks Elaine if she thinks they may have cremated the wrong man when Caleb supposedly died. Elaine doesn’t care. She is happy to have her father back.

At the church, Pastor Tom Hale tells Mrs. Langston that when she brought Jacob to church service, people told him that they heard her call him Jacob and thought something wasn’t right. He suggests that she should lie about who he is. She is appalled because he was Jacob’s best friend. Ray tells Elaine “that man” is not their father. She tries to tell him to relax, but he is convinced that he isn’t their father. After Elaine leaves for work, Ray notices Caleb drive off. Caleb goes out to the woods and starts digging. He has a flashback of himself digging, then grabbing his chest in pain. When his mind returns to the present, there is what appears to be some type of white cloth in the hole he is digging.

Maggie and Sheriff Langston meet for a drink. Sheriff Langston explains that Maggie’s mother had post partum depression and he didn’t understand at the time, so he wasn’t supportive. He blames himself for anything she may have done wrong. He asks her if she knows anything about Agent Bellamy’s attempt to get the court order to open the tomb. She confesses that she knows about it. Sheriff Langston is angry that she continues to help Agent Bellamy. Agent Bellamy walks in and Sheriff Langston asks him if he wants to tell Maggie the secret he’s been hiding for 5 years. Agent Bellamy stays quiet and Sheriff Langston leaves.

Maggie drives to her mother’s ex-lovers’s house again, but this time she gets out of her car when he pulls into his driveway. She asks him if he is her father. He tells her he is not. He also tells her that he didn’t leave her by river when her mother and cousin drowned. He waited until someone came and found her. She leaves. He enters his home and says, “She found us,” to an unseen person. Caleb finds Ray snooping around in his room. He tells him to stay out of his room. After Ray leaves the room, Caleb opens a bible on the nightstand that Ray was looking at. Caleb finds a note from Elaine addressed to him and tucks it into his shirt pocket.

At the park, Mrs. Langston is watching Jacob play soccer with the other kids again. Agent Bellamy joins her. She tells Agent Bellamy that she has decided that she and Jacob will not lie about who he is. Caleb comes up to the park fence from the woods and Jacob runs over to him. The two appear to have a conversation. When Agent Bellamy runs over to investigate, Caleb leaves. He asks Jacob what Caleb said to him. Jacob replies, “Lie.” Agent Bellamy waits outside of Jacob’s tomb before it is opened. Maggie joins him as it is opened while Henry Langston watches from afar. The tomb is opened, but we are not clued in to what or what isn’t inside.

Caleb goes to a man’s house with his toolbox. He asks the man if “it” is all gone. The man is frightened when he realizes who Caleb is. He falls backwards on the floor as he tries to run away. Caleb begins to attack him with a hammer.


It seems that everyone wants the Langstons to lie about who Jacob is. I’m not sure how much good this will do now since many people in the small town have already heard Mrs. Langston refer to him as Jacob. I find it interesting that Ray does not trust Caleb and is convinced that he is not his father, while Elaine is so willing to believe that Caleb is their father. Ray may have good reason to be leery of Caleb. Caleb is definitely up to something. He obviously lied about not remembering the heart attack. Maybe he was looking for money when he was digging in the woods, but whatever it was, he sure was not happy when he didn’t find it. Caleb’s character is bit creepy to me; always walking around whistling, beating someone with a hammer. What else will he do?

I’m starting to think that Maggie’s mother has also returned from the dead and is hiding out at her lover’s house. I hope that next week, we will find out if that is who he was talking to when he said, “She found us.” I will not be surprised if Jacob’s body is still in the tomb when Agent Bellamy has it opened. I’m not sure how this will be explained, but I definitely have a feeling that his body is in there. The looks on Maggie and Agent Bellamy’s faces when the tomb is opened is priceless. While they are at it, they might as well check to see if Maggie’s mother’s body is in there too. What is this secret that Agent Bellamy has been hiding for 5 years? It seems that Sheriff Langston has been doing a little be of investigating on him.

I definitely enjoy watching this show so far. I was worried that this show’s gimmick would be to resurrect someone new every week, but that is not the case. They may space the resurrections out a bit. I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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