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Teen Wolf S3, Ep. 22 "De-Void" Recap

Important Moments: Show starts with them confronting Stiles. Mr. Stiliniski cuffs Stiles and realizes that Stiles is not there but just the nogitstune. The team tries to attack Stiles but lose so Mr. Argent pulls a gun. Alison realizes that the nogitsune is causing strife among the group. He pulled the group to him to protect him against the Oni. Kira and Scott show up and the battle is over and Stiles is gone.

Kira's mother is back at the the psych ward looking at the body in the wall. She is confronted by Stiles. The backwards 5 is a kangi for self to signify that Reese died as himself. Stiles stabs himself and all these flies come out of him. Stiles has disappeared again. One fly goes into Isaac's room and enters him. Kira is home with Scott because she is not ready to go home. She crashes on his bed and invites Scott to join her. They have a nice kiss and begin spooning while one of the evil flies looks on. Argent and Alison arrive home. She questions if he was willing to pull the trigger. Alison finds Isaac in her room.

Derek and Peter are together. Derek wants to try to figure out what Stiles plans. Peter says there are no rules to it and that he cannot figure it out. A fly goes into Derek's wound. Ethan is talking to Danny and he ends up ingesting a fly. Lydia is with Aiden and they find Stiles. The fly enters Aiden. Alison wakes up and finds Isaac being very creepy. Isaac says the twins do not deserve a second chance and takes a bag of her weapons. He handcuffed Alison to the bed.

Stiles is brought back to Scott's house. They notice his wound. Deaton gives Stiles something that wakes him up and paralyzes him. Stiles is messing with the group. They decide to duck tape Stiles. Mr. Stiliniski is at a review board and misses Ms. McCall's phone call. Mr. McCall defends Stilinski and helps him keep his job. Stilinski tells McCall to tell Scott everything. Argent is leaving when Derek shows up to his house. Derek begins to attack. Mrs. McCall is wrapping Stiles wound and notice Stiles crying. She realizes that the nogitsune is messing with her. He says that Scott would never forgive her if he knew why his father left. Scott, Lydia, and Deaton call Peter for help. Peter plans to get into Stiles's head.

Aiden and Ethan find themselves both shocked and knocked out by Isaac. Scott and Lydia are going to go through Stiles's head to find the real Stiles. Isaac plans on burning the twins. Kira and Alison show up to stop Isaac. Aiden and Ethan wake up and begin fighting Isaac. Scott and Lydia take a trip into Stiles's mind and find themselves strap down in a psych ward. Scott breaks free and gets Lydia free. Derek has Argent tied up and plans to burn him alive but plans to wait for Alison to get home. Scott and Lydia are split up. Lydia finds herself at prom in the school and calls out for Jackson. She sees the nogitsune. Scott finds himself in the closet with Alison. Scott realizes its a trick and both he and Lydia end up in the white room. They notice the nogitsune and Stiles playing Reversi on the Nemeton tree. Lydia and Scott try to get Scott's attention but cannot. Lydia tells Scott to howl to get Stiles;'s attention. Stiles realizes that Scott and Lydia are there and quits playing. All those infected by the flies pass out. Lydia, Stiles, and Scott all wake up and Peter demands the name of his child from Lydia. Stiles wakes up and begins throwing up bandages. The nogitsune pulls himself out of the bandages. Scott and Peter hold him down and take of the bandages and see that is Stiles and notice that Lydia and the other Stiles are now missing.

My Thoughts: So much happened in this episode. A lot happens within this one hour episode. There are now two Stiles out in the world. The question is why does he need Lydia of all people. We still do not know all her abilities with her powers. The Nogitsune always has a plan so we know that he needed Lydia for some part of his plan.

I am happy for Scott and Kira's first kiss. It was so adorable.

It has now been two episodes and we have not seen Malia. We should have seen her by now. The psych ward is not that far away that she could not find her way to Beacon Hills. I wonder if she will have the ability to soften Peter up.

Everyone keeps hinting at why Mr. McCall left. I am tired of this and we now need to hear why he left. I am tired of back and forth. Just reveal it already!

What did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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