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The Vampire Diaries S5, Ep. 15 “Gone Girl" Recap

Important Moments: Past - Northern Europe 1520, it shows Nadia looking for her mother. Nadia wakes up in present day and Katherine is there. She called Maxfield to help with Nadia because she refuses to call Klaus to heal Nadia. Katherine promises to be a better mother. Stefan informs Damon of Katherine taking over Elena’s body. Jeremy, Bonnie, Tyler, Caroline, and Matt all know that Katherine is fake. Caroline schemes to get Katherine to come to them. Unfortunately Katherine is able to dodge the various schemes. Stefan is feeding Damon his blood in small doses. Katherine figures out they know and Damon figures out that Katherine knows they know (yeah I said it like that). Flashback of Nadia still trying to find her mother. Katherine is determined to take care of Nadia. Damon suggests a locator spell on Katherine. Damon enjoys messing with Tyler and gets him to come close enough to feed on him. Damon now has enough blood to get free. 

Damon has gone to see Maxfield and Katherine is going there as well to check in on him. Damon begins to torture Maxfield for what he did to him. Nadia flashbacks to her time with Matt and Rebekah. Katherine shows up and finds Maxfield's body torn apart. Stefan has Nadia and lets Katherine know she can run or come see her daughter before she dies. 

Matt comes in to talk to Nadia. She is delirius and thinks Matt is Gregor and asks for forgiveness. Matt forgives her. Katherine shows up to see Nadia while everyone watches on. Nadia becomes delirious and does not recognize Katherine. Katherine decides to give Nadia a good memory of Katherine being her mother to her as a child. Nadia dies shortly after. Bonnie is there to take Nadia to the other side. 

Katherine tries to make a run for it but Damon is there to stop her. Katherine asks who is going to kill her once and for all. She walked among everyone and she points out all that she has done to everyone in the room. She actually apologizes to Damon for turning him then turns the apology into something nasty. Katherine turns to Stefan and says she loves him. Stefan is the one to stab her. She falls next to Nadia. Matt takes Nadia’s body to be buried properly. Damon refuses to run like Katherine and will face his mistakes. 

Caroline says she feels bad that Katherine is dead. She finally yells at Tyler for making her feel guilty and walks away. Bonnie is praying for her father. Katherine shows up finally and says she is tired of Elena getting what she always wants. Flashback to Katherine at Maxfield’s place. She infected Elena with the improved ripper virus that is enhanced with werewolf venom. Elena wakes up and finds the syringe. Katherine touches Bonnie and is ready to leave but she cannot cross over. Katherine finds herself being pulled away from Bonnie.  

My Thoughts: I like seeing Nadia traipsing through time looking for her mother and finally seeing Katherine show motherly feelings towards Nadia. Tyler is such a hot head. He has yet to get himself under control and that is why he was fed on. He deserves his stupidity.

Wow so Katherine is pulled out of the church violently and the question is where did she go. Is she in hell of some sort? Uh oh Elena is a ripper now. I am happy that Katherine was able to get her revenge. No matter what you have to respect her tenacity.

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