Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Vampire Diaries S5, Ep. 16 "While You Were Sleeping"

Important Moments: Show starts with the gang having fun and drinking. Elena is having a Coyote Ugly moment. She starts to freak out that it isn't her. She wakes up in her dorm room. She is alone and walking around, the dorm is on spring break. She sees Stefan. Elena realizes that she has been sealed into the building. Damon is locked up again. Jeremy brings him some blood. Damon and Elena finally get to talk on the phone. They are cute and flirty with each other. Elena wants to fight for them.

Caroline is looking through Maxfield's work to figure out a cure. Enzo shows up to help but Caroline tells him to stay out of it. Enzo claims he has the antidote. Stefan comes by and gives Elena some vampire blood. Elena quickly changes from cute to killer vamp and Stefan proves his point that she is not fine. Elena has a break down when she realizes that she is a ripper. Stefan has to go to the travelers to get the antidote.

Bonnie is with Liv who is proud of the work she has done. Bonnie challenges her to bring her down from her arrogance. Elena sits down and reads the diary and realizes that it is Katherine writing. She actually relives the moment in the motel and is upset when Stefan does not realize that it is her.  In walks Damon and she gets confused by a cryptic statement from Stefan and comes out of the trance. She finds that her nose has started to bleed. Stefan, Caroline, and Enzo go to meet the travelers. The travelers are working on a cure because they say Elena is valuable to them. They need another doppleganger. Turns out there is another Stefan out there. Elena lets Damon know she has been hallucinating her own fears and that she is deteriorating from the werewolf venom. Damon fills in Elena about Caroline and Klaus. Elena begins to cough up blood.

Enzo says the last of the dopplegangers are special according to the travelers. They plan to find the Stefan Doppleganger. Elena goes into another trance and sees Aaron. She notices that his room is empty. She notices that Aaron is dead. She comes out of her trance and some random college student, Luke, shows up and she is about to turn him but instead compels him to go get Bonnie. Elena begins to have a break down while on the phone with Damon. The travelers do a spell to connect Stefan to the other doppleganger. Elena begins to burn her stuff. Bonnie tells her to stop and that they will not drop the spell. Elena stabs Liv and says they have to drop the seal so she can give her blood to save Liv. The travelers find that the other doppleganger is an EMT in Atlanta. Caroline has to pull a knife on the traveler to stop the ritual because it is hurting Stefan.

Elena is out of the dorm wandering around. She runs into Damon. She is talking fast and not making sense. Damon admits to killing Aaron. Enzo shows up with the cure. In protecting Stefan, Caroline and Enzo have to find the other doppleganger and kill him. Luke and Liv are brother and sister. Liv already knows magic and they are planning something. Elena is talking to Damon and says he should have been able to know the difference. They say they should end it and in the end they hook up.

My Thoughts: I wonder when we will learn why the last dopplegangers are special? They need to explain that soon. They did take a bucket of blood from both of them. Now they are going to have a road trip and take out the other doppleganger. You know this is going to go all wrong so I wonder how it will work out. 
Also they should have kept Elena infected longer. I think she should have killed someone and had to live with the guilt. They would have spiced it up. She was healed too quickly. 
What are Luke and Liv up to!!!!
What were your thoughts?

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