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Once Upon a Time S3, Ep. 17 "Jolly Roger" Review

Show starts with knights in the Enchanted Forest being robbed of gold by Hook. He has his small crew including Smee. Hook finds himself knocked out and held at knife point by Ariel. Present day Emma says she is ready to learn magic from Regina. Hook and Smee are together. Smee asks why they cannot crew up again and take the high seas. Hook says the Jolly Roger is not here and he does not plan on leaving the town. Emma asks Hook to look after Henry while she learns magic. Emma wants to take Henry back to his old life but Hook lets her know that it cannot be done. 

Snow and Charming find Ariel has washed up on shore. Ariel has been searching for Eric this whole time. She has yet to find him. Snow suggest talking to Hook to help her find out what happened during that missing year. Past - Ariel accuses Hook of kidnapping Prince Eric. She realizes that Hook did not take him but the person in charge of the Jolly Roger. Hook asks Smee to use the knife from Ariel that has the initials BB on it from the Jolly Roger. Hook says it is Black Beard's knife. Ariel demands to go along in Hook's quest to find the Jolly Roger. 

Present Day - Snow and Charming bring Ariel to meet with Hook. She asks him if he recalls Prince Eric and Hook acts as though he never met Ariel and he never heard of Eric. Emma says she cannot learn the basics so Regina decides to push her to the edge and transports her to a bridge. Hook refuses to help but Charming makes Hook do it anyway. Past - Hook, Ariel, and Smee are walking through the woods. Ariel points out that there are stories of Hook reuniting Snow's family and him being a hero. Present Day - Hook takes Ariel to Gold's and meets with Belle. They find the cloak that Ariel was wearing in the past. Ariel is more hopeful that Eric is in Storybrooke. 

Regina plans to push Emma's instincts so she has to use her powers. Regina pulls apart the bridge. So Emma has to save herself. As Emma starts to fall she constructs the bridge and saves herself. Belle puts a locator spell on the cloak and it floats away to find Eric. Past - Hook, Ariel, and Smee board the Jolly Roger. Hook is faced with Black Beard. Sword fight ensues. Ariel comes on board to look for Eric. Hook is about to kill Black Beard but Ariel tells him to stop. Black Beard says if Hook surrenders the ship then he will tell them where Eric is and prove that Hook is no longer a pirate. 

The cloak floats into the water and goes under the water. Ariel becomes upset because she knows that Eric is gone. Snow and Charming are determined to be cooler than Hook. Charming takes Henry driving in a truck. He crashes into a few things. Ariel and Hook are staring into the water. Ariel says she wished she knew how the story ended for Eric. Past - Ariel is pleading with Hook not to kill Black Beard. He pushes him over and Ariel is upset with Hook. She smacks him and says she feels sorry for him. Ariel dives into the ocean and says she is determined to find Eric. 

Present Day - Hook catches up to Ariel and lets her know their past. Ariel smacks him again and he swears on Emma's name due to his guilr. Turns out Ariel was not really there and Zelena set up Hook. Turns out Ariel actually found Eric. Zelena cursed Hook's kiss that if he kisses Emma she will lose all her powers. Hook realizes that Zelena can not kill Emma. Zelena says Hook has to kiss Emma to remove her powers or she will kill everyone Emma holds dear. Hook shows up and tells Emma he was helping Ariel. Regina teaches Emma how to use a mirror to look between worlds and they see Ariel is happy with Eric. Everyone is together. Emma knows that Hook is not telling her everything. He does not kiss her. Emma, Regina, Snow, Charming, and Henry head out to eat. Hook is out on the streets by himself and spies on Emma being happy. 

My Thoughts: I am so ready for Ariel to find her Prince Eric already. It looks like she will becoming sea foam and dying alone how this keeps going. I also agree with Emma it is time to go on the offensive when it comes to Zelena.  She always wants to cut corners when it comes to magic so I am happy that Regina had Emma on that bridge. Poor Hook he is so determined to show everyone that he is still a pirate that he is faced with a hard choice. At this point I do not believe Eric is dead even though the cloak went into the water. I am happy to see that I am right but sad to see that Hook just cannot catch a break when it comes to Emma. Great move by Zelena. She set Hook up. He fell right into the trap. She is determined to change the past but that does not necessarily mean she will get what she wants. Does she not know how this whole system works? Changing the past does not make things better. Oh well, until next week. 

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