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Resurrection S1 Ep.8 “Torn Apart” Season Finale

Recap: Rachael, Pastor Tom, Sheriff Langston, and Agent Bellamy view Rachael’s dead body. They still don’t understand how she came back again. Many of the “Returned” are gathering at the church. Maggie’s mother Barbara tells her she has been back for a week. She explains that she didn’t want to see her husband Sheriff Langston. That is why she didn’t go to Maggie when she came back. She also tells Maggie that Sheriff Langston was a cruel man. Maggie tells her that she has to tell him that she is back.

The family the Langstons took in explains that they died by drowning, but their son Robert has not turned up. At the church, Pastor Tom and Rachael try to help the “Returned” find their families and offer them food. The church gossip queen, Helen, finds one of her loved ones has come back, so she seems to not be upset about the dead people coming back anymore. Barbara Langston finally goes to see her husband Sheriff Langston. She tells him that she is not coming back to him, but she is staying with Sam. She tells him that she has been with Sam for the last week and she only came back because Maggie found her. Sheriff Langston accepts her decision. Later, he has his wedding ring back on.

Over 75 people have returned. Some died as long ago as the early 1900s and don’t have any families in the area anymore. Military troops show up at the church, even though Agent Bellamy asked for them not to be called. Fortunately, they show up only to offer aid. Sheriff Langston privately shows the colonel Rachael’s dead body. He tells him that the “Returned” don’t die and they are dangerous. Sheriff Langston thinks that the “Returned” are not who they say they are and that the townspeople need to be protected. The “Returned” are directed to go the high school gym for disaster relief. Agent Bellamy and Maggie drive to the high school together. On the way, Maggie explains what happened with her mother.

The Langstons head over to the high school. Jacob is apprehensive, but Henry assures him that he will keep him safe. Agent Bellamy tells the Langstons not to go into the high school. He tells them they already have all of their information, so they don’t have to go in and he sends them home. It is apparent Agent Bellamy is concerned about what is going on in the high school. He tries to take the Thompsons (the family that was staying with the Langstons) outside, but the deputies don’t allow him to because of Sheriff Langston’s orders.

Agent Bellamy tells Maggie that her father has ordered all the “Returned” to be contained in the gym. They, along with Pastor Tom, realize that the cell phone signals are being blocked. The fire alarm is pulled and everyone runs out of the gym. Sheriff Langston and his deputies attempt to get them back inside. Many escape the building, but many others are able to be contained after the deputies shut the doors. The deputies realize that they are actually containing the “Returned,” not protecting them. Sheriff Langston gets Gary out of jail and gathers others to help contain the “Returned.” Maggie convinces Eric to destroy the list of the people that are still in the gym to protect them from her father, even though the decision could prove to be detrimental to Eric’s deteriorating health. 

Carl has been watching the Langston home and is instructed not to let anyone leave. Agent Bellamy disarms him, locks him in his own back seat, then warns the Langstons about what’s going on at the high school because of Sheriff Langston. They convince Agent Bellamy to take Jacob to protect him. When Sheriff Langston arrives, Jacob and Agent Bellamy are already gone. He explains to Henry and Lucille that the “Returned” are just going to be sent to a camp somewhere and that Jacob is not really Jacob. Lucille slaps him. The deputies search the Langston home.

When Sheriff Langston return to the high school, he finds that the military have the “Returned” contained at gunpoint and his deputies are tied up. The colonel changes the plan to keep the people quarantined instead of taking them to a camp. About 60 people escaped when the fire alarm was pulled. Maggie is taken away in cuffs because she won’t produce the list of names. Pastor Tom and Rachael take the Thompson wife and daughter to hide out with Tom’s wife and her sister. On their way out of town, Agent Bellamy and Jacob find a bunch of dead bugs on the ground. A helicopter shows up and Agent Bellamy holds Jacob in his arms.

Review: Wow. So, Sheriff Langston obviously didn’t accept his wife’s decision to leave him for Sam. Did he really think he was going to be able to maintain control over the situation with the “Returned” once the military got involved? He’s a bit crazy.
How uncomfortable was that when Pastor Tom and Rachael show up at his sister-in-law’s door??

I couldn’t really tell how old their clothes looked, but could Agent Bellamy be the Thompsons lost son Robert? Not sure how old Agent Bellamy is supposed to be, but maybe that’s why he feels tied to Arcadia.

I can’t believe we have to wait until next season to see what happens. I will definitely be waiting.

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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