Thursday, May 8, 2014

Revolution S2 Ep.20 “Tomorrowland” Recap

Recap: The president is still hopeful for a war between California and Texas. Charlie finds Miles. The nano is insistent on maintaining control of Priscilla’s body. Truman orders mustard gas to be released on Miles’s camp. Everyone runs for shelter. Those who don’t get to the shelter are shot and killed by patriot troops. Monroe wants to attack Willoughby. He convinces Miles to go along with the plan. Rachel is clearly unhappy and tells Miles it’s over between them, while Monroe listens in.

Monroe plans to take over the entire east coast; not just reclaim the former Monroe Republic. Truman no longer needs Neville, so he sends Shaw to kill him. Shaw falls into Neville’s trap and his leg is badly injured. Neville suspects his wife is already dead. He kills Shaw. Charlie and Dr. Porter take Truman’s girlfriend, Marion, hostage at gunpoint.

The nano continues to taunt Aaron and contemplates humanity. Turns out Monroe and Rachel tricked Miles with a fake breakup and they really plan to neutralize the patriots’ mustard gas instead of using it against them. Marion tells them that Truman ordered 100 tons of the gas. Miles tells Marion to find out Truman’s plans. Monroe and Miles have different views on how to proceed. Miles does not want to kill innocent people. Monroe wants to win at all costs. Later, Rachel notices Monroe and Connor are gone. Miles tells Rachel that she and Charlie are the only reason he made it out of the hole. Monroe plots with Connor to continue his plan. Neville grabs Connor and puts a knife to his throat. Neville has other plans for Monroe.

Review: I am starting to think Charlie may be Miles’s daughter. It would explain a few things. Looks like the Miles and Monroe bromance is finally coming to an end. Monroe acts like a dumped girlfriend.

Aaron is in hell with the nano. He will never give up on getting Priscilla back, so I’m sure the nano issue will continue into the next season. Neville has completely lost his mind now that he lost everything. What are his plans for Monroe? What does Truman plan to do with all that mustard gas? Can Marion be trusted? She sold them out before.

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