Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Revolution S.2 Ep.22 “Declaration of Independence” SERIES FINALE

Recap: The nano gets weaker, as Aaron and Rachel try to wake Priscilla up from her dream world. Priscilla finally wakes up crying for her daughters, then she passes out. Miles and his crew enter the court house to find the mustard gas. They find that Marion has been killed. Everyone starts evacuating when they hear gunfire. Truman takes the president and General Carver to a safe room, then kills General Carver. The next day, the president tells the Willoughby townspeople that Miles, Monroe, and California killed General Carver and plotted to kill the townspeople. He declares war on California.

Miles, Monroe, and crew plot to kidnap the president to prevent the war. Connor and Neville plan to kill the president instead. Connor wants to include his father, but Neville is insistent on doing it without him or Miles. Miles and Monroe get to the president before Connor and Neville do. The president is gagged and tied up, but he seems to recognize Rachel. The Patriots attack Miles and his crew. Miles tells Monroe to take the president to the rendezvous point, while everyone else deals with the Patriots. 

Connor catches up with Monroe, with Neville and Scanlon watching from afar. Connor wants to know why Monroe is keeping the president alive. Monroe explains that he can’t kill the president because Miles trusted him to keep him alive. Monroe pleads with Connor to come with him, but Connor feels betrayed that Monroe would pick Miles over him. Connor walks away as Neville and Scanlon open fire on Monroe. Monroe traps Neville and Connor and gets away with the president.

Monroe and the president meet up with Miles and the crew at the rendezvous point. Rachel is surprised Monroe actually showed up. Rachel reveals that the president used to be her boss’s boss. She blames him and Randall Flynn for everything she has lost. The Patriots barge in and free the president, while holding Miles and his crew at gunpoint. The president reveals his war plan. He orders the Patriots to kill everyone. The Patriots that barged in are imposters and are actually on Miles’s side. Texas Rangers come take the president into custody.

Everyone goes to the Texas Ranger camp in Austin. Texas Rangers start shooting every Patriot in sight. The Texas Rangers declare war on the United States. Truman is nowhere to be found. Charlie gives Miles her blessing to be with her mom. Priscilla finally wakes up and tells Aaron that she saw what the nano was thinking. The nano wants to control the whole world and it will find people that will help it. The nano finds the president, Truman, Connor, and Neville and presents itself in the form of deceased loved ones. It tells them to go to Bradbury, Idaho because God has chosen them. The show ends with a crowd of people gathering in Bradbury, Idaho (The Wasteland), with electricity flickering on. 

The End

Review: Apparently, I’m slow and I just realized this was the series finale; not just the season finale. Silly me. In my opinion, moving this show to Wednesday nights at 8 PM EST killed the ratings.

Favorite quote of this episode: “Lady, I am America.”– The president

I was unhappy with this series finale. I assume that this was meant to be a season finale, but the show was cancelled at the last minute. Priscilla came back, only to unleash the nano into the world to find others to help in its plan for world mind control. The ending still leaves the series open to be picked up by another network. Maybe Netflix or Hulu will take a stab at it.

What do you think would have happened in a season 3? This was not the explosive ending I was hoping for.

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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