Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Game of Thrones S4 Ep.8 “The Mountain and the Viper” Review

Recap: Dany learns that Ser Jorah Mormont spied on her for the crown in order to be pardoned for slave trading. Although he had become her most trusted adviser, she orders him to leave. Ramsay Snow is able to kill in the name of his father, Lord Bolton, and earn his respect by bringing him closer to ruling the north. His father now honors him as a legitimate son and renames him Ramsay Bolton. Grey Worm seems interested in Missandei when he sees her naked while bathing, even though he has been castrated. 

Gilly and her son are spared when the wildings attack. Sansa lies to protect Lord Baelish and herself by saying that Lysa committed suicide. Arya and the Hound arrive in Eyrie only to find out that Lysa is dead. Oberyn dies a gruesome death at the hands of the Mountain. The Mountain gouges Oberyn’s eyes out and crushes his head. As a result, Tyrion is sentenced to death. 

Review: Poor Oberyn… I really liked him. He was just too cocky in his fight against the Mountain. He would have won if he would have fought and stopped all of that talking. His death scene was absolutely disgusting and I was shocked. It looks like Sansa is finally learning how to play the game and survive. The scene with Dany and Ser Jorah Mormont was emotional for me. It’s clear he is in love with her and he made a mistake in the beginning. Now he has to pay for that mistake and be away from Dany.

How far will Sansa go to help Lord Baelish and potentially herself? Will Tyrion really die? Will Dany run into misfortune now that her most trusted adviser is gone?

Two more episodes to go…

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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