Friday, June 6, 2014

Smash Bros: Ike

Hey Everyone,

Look a new challenger has been announced. Ike has made the cut for this go round. He is a Fire Emblem character. He is a pretty strong character that has a two handed sword, Ragnell. 

Ike is a moderately heavy character with slow yet powerful attacks. He has a slow ground and air speed. A lot of his attacks have high damage, a great range, and a high knock back. He also does a fantastic job crouch-canceling a hit. He has a far-reaching dash attack which can assist with his overall slow movement. Ike provides a great air-dodge that can be deadly to other characters when followed up by an attack. 

Ike has a short second jump and only two main recovery jumps, Quick Draw and Aether. They have limited trajectory therefore making him an easy target to take out during recovery. Overall he is a strong character when used carefully and with preparation.

E3 is next week what characters are you looking forward to during the big reveal?

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