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Teen Wolf S4, Ep. 1 "The Dark Moon" Recap

Important Moments:  Stiles and Lydia are in a little town in what I am assuming is South America. Show starts with great banter between Stiles and Lydia that we have come to love. They walk into an exclusive party. They visit with a woman, Araya, and say they come for Derek Hale. (We saw her last season talking to Argent) They brought the crew of Malia, Kira, and Scott. All their eyes do a cool glowy thing which was pretty awesome if I must say. They set up those shots pretty well. So with the additional back up to make sure they are not given the run around Stiles tries to play hard ball. I must roll my eyes at the pointless girl on girl dancing between Malia and Kira. 

Deep moment to discuss what a Dark Moon is (dealing with loss). I like that this show always explains why they named the episode, I wish more shows did this. Fight sequence in the middle of the party. Kira has pretty cool rave nunchucks. Unfortunately they end up gassed. Scott realizes that Araya does not know where Derek is right before he is shocked and passes out. Flashback - they find a shell cassing with the mark of a group of hunters from Mexico. Lydia uses the collection of cassings to make a connection to Derek. Lydia cannot tell if he is dead or alive. 

Scott wakes up to find himself with the Scooby Gang. They realize that the hunters still have Lydia. Malia has the response of a coyote and not a human. I love that she is the wild nature child. Lydia is brought in and sees Scott. They use Kira to torture Scott with electricity. Scott goes full Alpha and breaks free and says Kate's name as the person who took Derek. We see Derek wrapped up in wolfsbane being held by Kate. The Scooby Gang is released. It was a test the whole time as they already knew it was Kate. Araya lets Scott know that she will hunt him if he ever bites anyone. The Scooby Gang is being led to where they think Derek is by Braeden (Mercenary chick). 

Scott, Lydia, and Stiles fill in the others on the story of Kate Argent. They Mexican hunters took Kate when they realized she was turning. They gave her the option to kill herself instead she killed a lot of people to get out. (She had green eyes). Scott foreshadows saying a person takes the form that they are inside so we now know that Kate will not be the average werewolf. Awe - cute Scott and Kira moment as the group separates due to car problems that were intentional. 

Bradean takes just Scott to a church that is the only thing left standing after a town was swallowed by an earthquake. The church was built on an Aztec temple (cheesy anyone?).The Aztec temple was for werejaguars. Malia and Kira take off after something odd that they see and are quickly separated. They are reunited and Malia is cut and run back to the jeep when they hear it starting. Bradean and Scott venture further into the church as weird things begin to move around them. They encounter a weird bone creature. Cute moment between Malia and Stiles. Scott does a massive roar at the creature causing it to stop and for a doorway to open. (Very Indiana Jones like) They find the wall that Derek is buried behind.  Stiles and crew finally arrive to the church. They find Derek but instead young Derek is in his place. I guess that is why Lydia couldn't quite sense him. 

My thoughts:  A coyote, a fox, and a wolf walk into a bar. - Sounds like a bad joke right? Yet it works so well on this episode. It was great to see all the characters coming together and its a new Scooby Gang. There were moments that were so well done.  I love Malia so much. She is so much fun and is very honest in her view points. Stiles and Malia together are great as the comedy works so well and I must say even a better dynamic than him with Lydia.
I am speechless about them introducing a young Derek. I am confused about how he became young again. What exactly did that temple do? Hopefully they do not leave us hanging too long in explaining how he is younger. Also we need to know why Kate made him younger.

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