Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gamer Corner: Vikki

Welcome to this week's installment of Gamer Corner, where Fangirl Review interviews a gamer and gets her thoughts on the gaming world and learning what she is enjoying at the moment. Hi Everyone, I decided to make myself the gamer for Gamer Corner starting the next year of Fangirl Review.

Tell me a little bit about yourself? What rig do you currently game on? What kind of gamer do you classify yourself to be? ie. PC, Console, Tabletop, LARP as well as Hardcore, RPG, etc.

I'm Vikki (yes that is how I spell my name). Born and raised in NJ. I have been gaming since I was a kid and have always found it to be fun and love it when I finally beat a game. I consider myself a fun gamer. I am not sure how to classify myself other than I play. I do like to play on consoles and handhelds. I would love to get into gaming on a PC but I do not have the money to invest right now.

What is your first memory of gaming? 

It would have to be playing Atari at my grandmother's house. My Aunt and Uncle had it and we got to play it! Plus my parents would my brothers and I roller skating and bowling. We had to do the activity first before we were allowed to play arcade games. To this day I still love arcade games and I have an addiction to pinball games.

What game are you currently playing right now? Do you enjoy that game, why? How’s the overall game play and graphics?

I am currently playing Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies. I am playing it on my breaks at work. I want to have it done before the Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton makes it to the US. I have always enjoyed the game and I love the extras of the new game that were not present in the earlier ones.

Would you recommend it, why?

If you like games that make you think, then you will like this one.

Are there any games coming out that you are looking forward to?

I am looking forward to Splatoon, Smash Bros, and Dance Central; oh and of coarse Zelda in 2015. Just had the chance to play the Destiny Beta so I am interested in that as well.

If you could design your own game what would it be like?

I mentioned this on a podcast. I would like to combine Dance Central with Rockband. Basically you will have the lead singer, back up dancers, and the full band working together to play through the whole song. There will be times that the lead singer will have to jump into the dance moves just like any singer with back up dancers. I think it would be fun to have all my friends working together to play though Living on a Prayer (yes, that is my Jersey coming through, #dontjudgeme)

Thoughts on this new generation of consoles – Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One?

Okay I am going to share my thoughts and I am sure some people will think I am crazy. I think Wii U was the only console that actually moved forward this generation. The gamepad is a sign of forward thinking. Xbox One decided to do a much needed upgrade to the Kinect. A major issue with Xbox and PS is that they are still too invested in their previous consoles and the new consoles are not backwards compatible. It is hard to jump to a new console when you have so many games you cannot play on the new one.

What are your thoughts on the gaming industry?

I am so over DLCs. Give me a full game not a half game that I paid 60 bucks for and still need to pay more to get the whole game. The industry has become so focused on money that innovation overall has left the building.

10 years from now, where do you see the industry? Are you happy with that direction? If you had the power, what direction would you have the gaming industry go?

10 years from now I see some of the consoles having died out. The PC industry is booming and why pay 60 bucks for a game when you can pay less for a better version on a PC? Or the industry can truly move forward and bring innovation back and people become invested in quality. That is where I hope the industry would go. I guess we shall see.

Favorite Game (can include tabletop) of all time and why?

This is a hard question. Do I say Resident Evil which is a game I love or Ocarina of Time which brought me back to my love of video games after taking a break? Or the classic Mario Bros 3 that wowed me as a kid? I just don't know. I will pick these three for now.

Would you like to share your gamer tag and the system so others may add you? 

Nintendo ID: ProfessorWhite
Xbox Live: ProfessorWhite

That's me in a nutshell. If you would like to be interviewed for Gamer Corner, please send me an email to

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