Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SDCC 2014 - San Diego Comic Con

First and foremost SDCC 2014 was AMAZING! Some hiccups here and there, but overall a fun time! I got a few photos with celebrities along with some autographs. For the most part I was also able to pickup the exclusives I had my eyes on. (My little Pony Manehym figures, and the Frozen POP! set).  After my general intro of prepping for SDCC, ill post my day by day events, and of course some awesome pictures!

If you plan on attending SDCC 2015, there are some things to keep in mind. IT GETS CROWDED!!!!! The dealers exhibit is massive, and you still have to fight/bump your way through. Although you never know who you will run into! If you want an exclusive get there EARLY! You normally have to obtain a pass to get back IN line to purchase at a specified time, or get a preview night pass. Many items sell out with in the first hour of the con opening. Many vendors will stamp your badge after purchase so you cant go back and buy again, as many popular items have limits.

If there is anything special you would like to see in the magical HALL H......good luck! :) I personally have never been lucky enough to get into Hall H yet. Most people have to camp out over night to get in, even with the wristbands.

PLAN PLAN PLAN your days out. There is so much to do and see, you just wont get it all done, no matter how hard you try! If you cannot obtain a badge at pre-sale, you can still go as there is plenty of free activities across the street and in the Gaslamp district. Petco Park is home of The NerdHQ, where they have special photo-ops, signings and panels! These do cost money, but it goes to a charity. They also have parties, video games and so much more to check out!  The trolley gets VERY packed, so expect delays and longer wait times!

Friday's Events

Honestly Friday.....all I did was wait in lines to purchase items. HASBRO, Entertainment Earth (ToysRUs), etc. By the time I was done with all my allowed time slots, it was close to 3pm. As we were walking out we saw a Hello Kitty booth, and her creator was there signing/drawing autographs! KAWAIII! I was also able to pick up a medal from CN/Adventure Time from LSP (Lumpy Space Princess). Each year they hold a treasure hunt via txt where you have to answer riddles and visit certain booths for answers. When they txt you that you're completed, you are able to pickup your hero medal! VICTORY! I then decided to go home and pick up my minions, I mean kids and bring the goodies home and grab some foods!

Headed back downtown later that night and attended "The Walking Dead Escape" at Petco Park. Luckily our wave had Batman to keep us safe from all those Zombies! whew! On our way out, we decided to take some pics with the props they had available. As I turn around, who do I see? Walter, the original Black Power Ranger!  He also did the event that night! SCORE! :) He was nice enough to take a few photos before heading out.

 Saturday's Events

Saturday was pretty crowded with lots of Cosplayers. My daughter and I went as the My Little Pony Rainbow Rocks (Rarity and AppleJack), and it was a big hit. HASBRO staff took some pictures, so hoping I can hunt those down soon! We even got into the John Barrowman "Anything Goes" panel. If you're a fan, I recommend attending one of his panels, you will not regret it!  

I had purchased tickets to get a photo-op with Matt Smith, but due to massive mayhem and the vendors employees giving out wrong information we missed this event. All of the photo-ops and autographs are located in the dealers exhibit, and due to fire codes and massive people, they do not allow many lines. This happened to cause the vendors to give people ticket stubs and a time to go back. Of course caused more confusion and people missing their events. SDCC really needs to plan photo-ops better, and out of the dealers area where they can line people up so this doesn't happen again. Ive done photo-ops at other cons, and they went very smoothly with no issues. I do not understand how they didn't plan this out better. All I can say is I had 1 very sad 4 yo boy.

A bit later the kiddos were able to meet a few of their Power Rangers! Another going as a guest showed up as well and even preformed a flip for the boys! It's always refreshing to see celebrities do things for the kids and be genuine about it!

Saturdays major event is the Masquerade Ball/Cosplay Contest. We got to watch it from another room with giant TVs. The line for that event fills quickly, and you have to obtain a ticket to enter. Saturday night is also the major HALL H event. This years was Marvel. I have not seen any footage yet, but heard AMAZING spoilers about trailers shown there.

 Sunday's Events

Sunday turned out to be a much better day. Things had slowed down a bit and there weren't as many people as previous days. Today was our Adventure Time Cosplays! We had: Finn, Jake, Marecline and PB.

JDF (orginal Green Ranger) was also at SDCC signing items and photo-ops. I was lucky enough to also get to meet him and snag a picture!

I was able to go back to the vendor from yesterday and get into a different Photo-Op Session! I was lucky enough to get a photo (and autograph) with John Barrowman (Torchwood, Doctor Who, Arrow)! While getting his autograph a memeber in my party mentioned they missed the photo-op, as the line went quickly and I was rushed in and out (with kids in tow!) He was oh so very kind to welcome us back after his autograph sessions to re-do the photo! When we went back to see him, is where magic happened. We had joked about costumes and speedos, and John acutally put on our Jake the Dog costume for a photo! I;m 90% sure I almost died laughing over this whole event. This totally made up for Saturdays massacre in so many ways! This will be a picture I treasure forever! Not sure if John will or not! 

Sadly that was the end of SDCC, and I cannot wait to come back next year!



Important Links:

  • http://www.comiccon.com
    Don't forget to download there app for your Andriod or iPhone.
  • http://www.facebook.com/nerdhq
    Keep an eye out with their app as well. They will alert you when they have panels and photo-ops! 

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