Thursday, July 31, 2014

Teen Wolf S5, Ep. 6 "Orphaned" Recap

Important Moments: Show starts with a flashback to 4 weeks earlier. Kate is in a car and there is a tape in the deck. The tape talks about learning how to control the change. Kate remembers walking through a blood bath and asking one of the guys who the benefactor is. Kate loses control and changes and finishes her killing rampage. Present Day: Scott is talking to his dad who is upset that he missed the game. Mr. McCall hears about the murder weapon and talks to the killer, Violet. Garret is still on the run. McCall mentions that they are The Orphans and are linked to 12 other murders. I guess we know the basics of the name of this episode. 

Stiles and Derek help Deaton to get the wolfsbane out of Brett but Peter shows up and knocks out Brett to assist. Brett whispers some Buddhist saying and Derek remembers the werewolf from Kira's mother story. Scott searches the Orphans lockers and find money. Scott is home and over hears his mother struggling with bills. He took the money from the locker. Liam is on a run and gets hit by a car by Garrett. He is snatched by Garrett. Malia hears her name being whispered. Derek asks her to track Brett so he can warn that pack. Stiles and Lydia sit down talking to Deputy Parrish. They show him his name. He freaks out but makes a good joke about not being worth 5 million. Garrett calls Scott from Liam's phone Scott meets with Garrett who wants Scott to help him break out Violet. Turns out the car was already flipped. Kate's creatures are at the car and Garrett is dumb enough to take one on. He is quickly killed. 

Parrish, Stiles, and Lydia try to talk to Merdeith about the third key. She says the benefactor will not let her say the third key. Scott is at Deaton's. He had to have a claw ripped out of him. Malia and Derek are unable to find the werewolves. Poor Liam is trapped in a well. I feel like this is the beginning of a bad joke. Meredith does a freak out and screams which results in Lydia's ears bleeding. Scott  and Argent are able to track the Bersekers to a warehouse that Argent used to own. Fight Sequence!!! Scott finds that Violet has already been killed. Malia and Derek find the werewolves finally but they are all dead. Malia says its time to run from Beacon Hills. They find that one person is barely alive and it is Braeden. 

Liam is fighting to get out of the well. He howls as he is climbing and Scott is able to hear him from the warehouse! Yay! Scott is able to save Liam. Great bro moment! Lydia and Stiles are trying to brainstorm how to figure out the key. Stiles figures that the third death may be someone that is not dead yet. Lydia focuses and types in the name of Derek which unlocks the rest of the list. Merdith is on the list. Lydia calls Parrish and hears that she hung herself. Scott makes a promise to himself that no one else on that list will die.
Mrs. McCall is sitting with her bills and appears stressed out. Scott is upstairs with Stiles and the money. They decide to count it but find a tape in the bag. Kate is in the sewer and is confronted by Peter. Peter wants to make a deal with Kate for power.

My Thoughts: 

What is Deputy Parrish? He tried to play it off that he does not know why he is worth money but maybe his power has not manifested yet. Then you have poor Derek being the key to unlock the rest of the list. Derek cannot die. I want to know why he is losing his powers. Poor Meredith is dead which is sad. I love it every time Argent shows up and helps guide Scott. It is almost like he is the father that Scott never had. I find it cool to see Scott really take Liam under his wing. He is being a guide like Argent was to him. 

How did Mrs. McCall all of a sudden have all these money problems? If Mr. McCall is living there why isn't he helping with the bills? Also Mr. McCall just got knocked out by some supernatural crap again, I think he may start asking questions! 

Can we all admit that Peter is evil and Peter with Kate is just down right scary. 

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