Tuesday, July 1, 2014

True Blood S7 Ep.2 “I Found You”

Recap: Jason is still dreaming about Eric.  Holly and Arlene try to figure out how to escape from the Hep-V vampires.  They recognize one of the vampires as their children’s teacher, Betty Harris, and try to get her to help them escape.  When the other vampires are asleep, Betty plans to help them escape.  She feeds off Arlene first and then dies.  Lettie Mae tries to get vampire blood from Lafayette so she can see Tara, but he refuses to give it to her.  She later burns herself badly so Willa will give her some of her blood to heal her.  She has visions of Tara on a cross speaking in tongues.

The townspeople start cleaning up Merlotte’s.  Vince tells the townspeople that Sam shape shifted into a dog.  Vince convinces the townspeople to try to rescue the captured people on their own without help from Andy and Sam.  Adilyn goes to the Sheriff’s Department to warn Kenya that the townspeople are coming for the guns.  When the townspeople arrive, they convince Kenya to let them take the guns.  Kenya tries to handcuff Adilyn and Jessica can’t come help her because it’s daylight.  Adilyn uses some fairy light to get away from Kenya, but the townspeople get away with the guns.  

Sookie, Jason, Andy, Alcide, and Sam head to Saint Alice after finding a dead woman from that town.  Everyone in Saint Alice is dead or missing.  While searching for clues in the dead woman’s house, Sookie finds a diary that parallels the beginning of her love affair with Bill.  The diary also tells of that town’s population decreasing as the Hep-V vampires kill them off or take them.  When they arrive back home, Sookie goes to see Bill while Alcide is in the shower.  She asks him is he can still sense when she is in trouble.  Pam finds Eric in France.

Review: Looks like Sookie plans on getting into some seriously dangerous situations, as usual.  I don’t think Alcide will like that she went to go see Bill.  Lettie Mae is definitely a junkie again, but this time on the V.  The townspeople are most likely going to get themselves killed trying to fight the vampires, but it will be interesting to watch.

This episode was better than last week’s episode.  I was caught a little off guard by Jason’s dream right in the beginning, but I knew that wasn’t real.

What is Sookie planning to do?

Will Bon Temps end up like Saint Alice?

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

Veronica Fitzpatrick
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